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By: frankmac
New Life Auto Sales
These folks are not your typical used car dealers. With out going into all of the details of this and other experiences with this business, I highly recommend that you consider them for your next used car purchase. Remember, you are buying a used car, not new. My daughter needed a vehicle and we found what seemed to be a nice one in her price range. After going over the car a few items that needed correction were promptly corrected. Nice. We didn't feel like we were asking too much and they responded in like fashion. Car bought as is, and drove it home. Before we received the permanent tag for the car we had a problem. Large enough to upset my daughter and create second thoughts on my end. Without skipping a beat, Dan stepped up and assured us that he would do the right thing to resolve it. Unlike most dealers presented with the issue we had, he took care of it. He didn't have to, but he did. Something pretty rare with most businesses these days. He could have made his sale and said sorry, too bad for you. I believe that Dan and his crew are looking for future business and they demonstrated the qualities required to earn that. I will buy cars again from this group and recommend them to my friends and you. Frank.
By: shellinsc1
Northwoods Automotive
We all know if you go to a buy here pay here lot you did not have good luck at a Dealership. I bought my truck back in 2006 and I still have it. They were very nice. When the sale of the said vehicle was to be completed they thoroughly went thru everything to be signed. They explained how much the vehicle was and the percentage I was going to pay. Also that I had to keep full coverage insurance until I paid it off. I bought a 99 Chevy truck. I financed it for 24 months. I had to maintain getting oil changes and brakes etc. They were more than fair on prices for me to go to them for repairs ect.. remember you are not buying a new vehicle. So I have no issues with Northwood Automotive. My next vehicle will probably be purchased through them. I am Happy Happy Happy!
By: missallboutfashion
Absolute Auto Sales
hello my name is shatiea ,, i just finish paying my car from absolute auto dealer ship now i have my title being with this company was awesome experience this my first car that i bought myself an im happy to pay it off . they were kind patient and honest with me showed great auto sales and didnt beat around the bush with anything i needed to know that concered my car i would recommend any one here to purchase a car and i know for a fact that you would get your money worth ,,, they treated me like family not like a coustmer ,, awesome experience i would love to due busniess with them and again
By: Lorea G.
Southern Motor Company
Chris at Southern Motor Company treated me like an old friend, offering me lunch, returning my rented car for me, giving me a car cover (which I'll be returning) just to protect my car seat from a piece of luggage, etc., but more importantly, he treated me extremely fairly on price - showing me evidence of the only $200 profit on my $54k+ purchase. And that only confirmed my country-wide search for this great deal. Couldn't have had a better car buying experience than at Southern Motor Company!
By: kelliecrosby
Absolute Auto Sales
As for Absolute Autos, of North CharlestonI did NOT have a bad experience what so ever, I bought a 1995 Mitsubishi, Diamante, over a year ago, I am in sales that car did NOT give me one ounce of trouble, I just traded it in on a 2003 Toyota Corolla here in Augusta, Ga...I would recommend anyone to Absolute Auto Sales.... And YES I would Drive all the way from Augusta GA again to buy a car....
By: tobiasguarino
Mcelveen Economy Cars
I purchased a nice, pre owned vehicle with a warranty. My credit was terrible but they worked with me and helped me get approved on a vehicle without a cosignor, when nobody else would even try. they treated me with respect and helped me across the board from beginning to end. I have even brought two more people to buy from them asnd they paid me 100 for each one that bought
By: Ali E.
Southern Motor Company
Southern motor company is one of the best car lot I have been to in along time, great service, friendly,and let me not forget they work real fast to get you in a vehicle of choice I would recommend people if your looking for a car tha has low miles and run excellent,go to southern motor
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By: Victoria R.
Northwoods Automotive
I would recommend this place to all my friends and family. Got a car back in November of last year and same day I got it something broke and I took it back up there and they fixed it and helped me get into a rental until my car was done. Low down payments. Wonderful staff.
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By: Teria J.
New Life Auto Sales
I was looking for a cash buy car and went here and bought one..and had just some minor things I got to get fix but what I expect a car in its age but they were willing to help determine the problem and on top of that they were super nice so I would recommend them
By: blturnr
Absolute Auto Sales
Definitely a comfortable and easy car buying experience. I did not feel pressured in any way, and once I had made a decision, the support was absolute. They stand behind there vehicles, and will put a smile on your face : )

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