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By: Telly H.
Ruddy's Rental & Party Supplies Inc
I recently rented a trailer from Ruddy's and the customer service is very poor and there rude!! I picked this trailer up when it was dark out so I didn't know what kind of shape it was in till I got it home and they were already closed otherwise I would have brought it right back and I was in a pinch on time so I had to use it. It's lights barely worked, the fenders were rusted through, one fender was almost rubbing the tire and I bent back by hand because it was rusted so bad, and no spare tire!! Worst part about this experience was I had my wife drop it off Monday morning because they are not open on Sunday's and it was on her way to work. I told her to just pull into the lot with the trailer and the would assist her. She told the lady working the counter that she does not know how to back up trailers and the lady said she had too so she tried and got stuck. The lady said well we have to unhook the trailer and push it back into it's spot. My wife was in high heels and her work clothes trying to push a 8x12 heavy trailer back by hand and know her backs hurts also!!! I wish I would of read other peoples reviews before going there and putting my wife through this...were both so upset and disappointed!!
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By: Eric A.
Ruddy's Rental & Party Supplies Inc
We used this company for our son's graduation this past weekend. We rented tables, chairs, a keg cooler, 20 by 20 tent, and a 6 ft tow behind grill. The employee at the North Branch location as very rude on Friday. They are closed on Sundays so on Monday when we went to return the equipment the same employee was rude and he had terrible hygiene issues. We helped him put all of the equipment back into the warehouse, stacked as he requested. The tent bag, listed all of the included items, we placed everything back into the bag. The rude employee stated. "You put the spikes and the tent rope in the bag like I told you NOT to do. This is going to cost you $20.00" I asked him, why he was going to charge us when he just dumped the whole bag out to count all of the items anyway? He stated I have to dump them out to count the items and your going to be charged. The manager will not call us back. This is a very poor operating company.
By: B.s. B.
Ruddy's Rental & Party Supplies Inc
The only reason this place stays in business is because it is the only option. Frankly I am nervous writing a review on this company because of the fear of being found, murdered and chopped up into small pieces and made into chili at a later date. But that's just the feeling you get when you walk through the door. It gets worse. I reserved a trailer the day before, even payed in advanced to make this go as fast as possible since I was renting on a Saturday at 12:00 and HAD to have it back by 4:30. Other wise they would figure out a way to max out my credit card and drain my bank account with late charges and fee's. No option for a return on Sundays. So trying to give myself extra time with the rental I show up I could wait....and wait...and wait... I was behind one couple who was renting a truck,trailer and lawn mower. I listened to him explain how they enforce their gasoline policy. " it takes 5.9 gallons to get the truck to half a tank, so if you're at a half a tank when you leave it needs to be at least a half a tank when it comes back, so don't put 5.9 gallons in it, put 6.9 to make sure". " Otherwise you will be charged $5 a gallon and a $30 service fee to get it back to a half tank" After they got finished with their paperwork the man looked at me and said " I'll be with you in a second". He then walked out of the backside of the building, got a pickup, hooked it up to a trailer then came back into the building to pull out the lawn mower. Yes. Fired up a large lawnmower 20' from the front desk filling the building with carbon monoxide. In trying to get this lawnmower out he is running into another mower next to him and hitting large banquet tables that are stacked up for rent. When he finally realizes that he can't make it out he stops (leaving the mower running) and goes to move the walk behind skidster that's blocking his path. It's battery is dead. He sits and tries turning it over for a couple minutes and then goes over to the running lawnmower and turns it off so he can hear the engine not starting. He then goes and gets a battery charger for it while saying "it started fine this morning" (bull$hit). He hooks the battery up, gets it charging, starts the skidster and moves it. He then finally gets the mower out of the building. Then I see the truck and trailer pull to the front, right out side of the building, then he pulls the mower up onto the trailer and proceeds to strap it down for the renter. As this is happening another customer walks in, I share the fact that I have been waiting for over 25 minutes and he says "yeah, when I rented this car trailer from him I didn't get help for a half hour". Jesus. Finally, after all of that he comes in, no "thanks for waiting" or "sorry about that". nothing. I do my paperwork and he explains where the trailer is located and says he will be out there in a minute to help hook it up. Being that I have hooked up trailers a million times I proceeded to pull back there and do it myself since I was running short on time now. I backed up to it, hooked it up and left. Did my job and brought it back at 4:10. He was standing outside when I got back and I backed the trailer into the spot I got it. He was beginning to unhook it when I got out of the truck. "Where's the pin?" He asks. I reply "There was no pin" . He then continues to tell me that it was there this morning and I continue telling him that there was no pin there. We literally went rounds about this pin. I would have had to have physically removed this pin and stole it for my trailer pin collection for him to be right about this. I look over at the exact spot it was parked at before, about 2' away, and see the pin in the dirt. He then tells me a must have took it and knocked it off into the dirt. Yeah. That's what happened. You moron. If you have to drive to Mexico to rent from somewhere else, do it. I would give 0 stars if i could, actually I would do negative stars.
By: A D.
Ruddy's Rental & Party Supplies Inc
Do not rent from this company. If you need another rental place go to Frankie's in Chisago City. We needed a trailer for 24 hours on a Saturday. They said it had to be back by 4:00 pm on Saturday. We were charged the same amount as a full day rental even though it was six hours not twenty-four hours. Then they charged another day rental because they were not open on Sunday. We could have had it back by Sunday at 9:00 no problem. This is against the law. They either need to have someone there to accept returns or as long as the item is back by Monday morning at 9:00 there are no further charges. I also needed to leave work on Monday morning to return the trailer. I do not drive, backup, or park large items such as this. I dropped the trailer in the parking lot and they charged me an extra ten dollars. They are ripping people off!. DO NOT rent from them.

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