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  • Rebecca L.

    I firmly recommend not doing business with CMS.

    Unless you are healthy and know as a matter of fact that nothing will happen during your pregnancy, but even then I would never give my money to them if I had it all to do over.

    They refused to cooperate with a BBB investigation and now I am left with no recourse because we do not have the money for a lawyer. I encourage anyone who has had a poor experience with them to complain, get a lawyer, and let people know.

    CMS left me without a doctor, because the one they told me they had retired before I even signed the contract. I have spoken with the doctor directly, who has so far been the only person associated with CMS to give me an apology. I was very sick during my pregnancy and was only transferred to a doctor after an ER doctor decided he'd had enough and went over CMS to get me the care I deserved, after the deadline for a refund, even though I asked for a transfer at 18-20 weeks pregnant. My third appointment with my doctor ended in an emergency induction.

    After a bit of research, I've found many, many other families who were put in the exact situation I was by CMS. Check out OSCN for one such family. This family was threatened with a counter lawsuit because they decided to defend themselves.

    I only want everyone to make an informed decision, I know many people have had good luck with CMS, but they have put others in great dangerous, and have yet to apologize to any of us.

    The only thing they have said to explain themselves is to send complaints to the OMA board, which is primarily made up of the women of CMS and not an unbiased way to resolve such a situation as this.

    If you'd like to read my entire complaint, you can find it by typing "Community Midwifery Services, LLC" into the Better Business Bureau website.

  • Jane D.

    I had my first child with CMS two years ago. Planned on a homebirth but due to complications I had to have him at the hospital. A midwife was with me for 36 hours straight and this was worth the price alone. These women are knowledgeable, kind and are more concerned with the health of you and your child than they are with profits and rushing the birthing process to fill beds. As for the reviewers that stated the midwives "worship trees", I believe this to be an ignorant statement and would dare to call those reviewers ethnocentric (also, fees and costs are up front at the first visit, CMS isn't trying to trick anyone here). Going to a midwife is nothing like going through the standard process of birthing in our society and just because something is different doesn't make it wrong or weird. I am currently two months pregnant and will be using CMS again and couldn't be more excited. I would highly recommend these ladies and hope more people begin to see the benefits midwives have to offer.

  • 09/02/2013

    I have had two homebirths with CMS and have had a wonderful experience each time! These women are professional and caring, and have a great understanding of nutrition and health for mommy and baby. They are always available and able to answer questions that arise. Each birth is attended by a midwife, who has attended close to 1000 births, as well as a monitrice, who is highly competent and well-trained. There is a contract you sign when agreeing to their services, and it spells out very clearly the terms of payment as well as what may make you ineligible for their services. The fee is exceptional!!-- as explained to me, it is kept to what an insurance deductible would be for a hospital birth so that as many women as possible can afford their care. For 9 months of prenatal care, consultation, and nutritional advice that should last a lifetime, being on call 24/7, and being present in your home for as long as the birth may take, the fee is nominal! The professionalism, friendliness, and genuine care from all who work at CMS cannot be beat!

  • Total Mess
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    Tara M.

    I have never in my life done an online review. That pretty much says it all! As another person pointed out I also think they worship trees. I was willing to overlook this the first few visits but to be real honest it got really old! I also paid up front & was then released AT 37 WEEKS! Luckily I had 2 Drs opinions & a midwives on

    hand to pick up immediately so I still had a beautiful home birth but no thanks to CMS!

  • very happy with CMS for past 7years

    I've used CMS since my 1st pregnancy 7 years ago. I now have 4 children, all with CMS.
    I have been very happy with the way I've been treated, and with the midwives that have attended my births. I feel confident and safe in their knowledge and would not want to go any where else!
    They are always honest with me. They are very flexible with my schedule and wishes for carrying and birthing my children. They are respectful to me as the mom and decision maker for my care and births. THANK YOU CMS!

  • I had three of my four childre...

    I had three of my four children with community midwifery. Best experience I could have asked for ALL the midwifes were caring and extremely professional! I would highly recommend them!

  • Ripped us off

    Paid entire fee in advance (what a mistake - just don't ever do it!). They terminated care in middle of pregnancy. Kept all of our money. Refused to refund any of it. An unbelievable rip-off of > $2000.

    Good/knowledgeable talker/saleswoman. I think they worship trees or mother earth or women or whatnot, so if you are a Christian person, don't expect any genuine love. It's all hypocritical fakery. You don't need that icky filth when you're trying to carry and have a baby. It will show up in absolutely every thing they do.

    You don't need to be scammed, either. I personally can't stand liars, including pathological ones.

    Find a midwife with knowledge and genuine love, and you'll find one with honesty and integrity as well. If you can't find one, there are still doctors working in hospitals who will respect your wishes for a natural childbirth. We found such a doctor.

    The joy of having a beautiful new baby helped mitigate the dishonesty and crap we had to put up with from these people :)

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