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By: Keaton Z.
Commons On Oak Tree
In response to all the negative comments, I can't help but wonder what they were expecting. The Commons claims to be a simple and affordable apartment complex that specializes in accommodating college students who attend the University of Oklahoma, but I can vouch for the fact that they are so much more than that.Housing ~ A Clean Slate! What more does a college student need besides a (really) comfy bed, a desk, and adequate storage for his Ramen?? Sure, the refrigerator here might not be the newest Whirlpool model, but who cares? I love cooking and find no trouble whipping up delicious meals! In fact, I frequently host friends on Friday nights and prepare elegant feasts with ease. As for the rest of the apartment, the carpet is like new, the bathroom is sanitary, the walls are clean, and the critters are nowhere to be seen.Facility ~ Well Kept! I lift weights regularly at the gym, and although this is no Gold's Gym, all the fundamental tools for building a better body are at your disposal. The business center is very convenient for printing assignments before class, and the media room that boasts a 60" HDTV is a great for getting all the friends together for a fun-filled movie night! As for the hot tub, it is open all year around and feels great to soak in even when it is 16 degrees outside.Amenities ~ Make Life Easier! The free shuttle to and from campus is a must for any student who doesn't have a car in Norman. I ride the shuttle five days a week and always look forward to chatting with the super safe and friendly drivers. The maintenance is very prompt and friendly. Every request I have placed was taken care of within 24 hours. The internet isn't Google Fiber, but I have never had problems getting my work done, even during high traffic hours. Parking is a breeze. The lots are well lit at night and contain more than enough spots. As for safety, I wouldn't leave my car unlocked overnight, but at the same time, I don't feel as if the security of my property is threatened here.Staff ~ Outstanding! I have saved this section for last because I feel it is the icing on the cake. Every employee, from the maintenance man to the manager, treats me like a valued guest and does everything he can to ensure I am well taken care of. The "desk-dwellers" are always looking for opportunities to throw community parties, host social events, give away neat prizes, and serve yummy free food. I can't stress enough how much their wholehearted willingness to serve has positively impacted my stay here and made me feel welcome.In conclusion, I would like to warn prospective tenants from being swayed by the ominous reviews. I almost passed up The Commons after reading the appalling feedback online, but after living here for more than six months, I realize that the outspoken criticism came from the disgruntled minority and that missing out on living here would have been an awful shame! Furthermore, it is with great pride that I call The Commons on Oak Tree my home away from home!
By: h.manning
Commons On Oak Tree
There are a lot of bad reviews for the Commons, but personally, I had a decent experience here. The apartment I moved into was very nice. It had a new coat of nice, light brown paint on the walls in the living room, comfy furniture that didn't look bad, and everything worked pretty well (there were a few things, like our quirky shower head, missing screens for the windows, and a broken porch light, but nothing big). We never had any problems with bugs, but there was a pidgeon who made its home outside our apt. I was only ever charged for overages once, and that was right after the lease of two of my roomates ended, so we had the electricity of four people being charged to the two of us who remained, but a simple walk over to the office fixed that problem and they waived the charge. My experience with the management, while brief, was always good. They are friendly and quick to fix any complaints. The ammenities for the apartments however, aren't all that great. The pool is very shallow (so good for the parties they host, but not swimming), the hot-tub is usually pretty grimy, and the gym isn't worth going to. The few times I went to the tennis courts the outside light wasn't working. Another negative for this apartment is that the walls are pretty thin. Not enough that you can hear coversations going on in the other room, but enough that you don't want a sexually active roommate, or someone who constantly blares their music. Safety and Security have never been a problem for me here. Just be smart and don't leave the appartment unlocked when no one is home, and don't leave valuable things in plain site. Overall I'd say this was a good place to live. And more importantly, it is cheap.P.S. I'd recomend that you know the people you're going to live with before you move in. Potluck didn't work out the best for me.A word for Management: I would suggest hosting fewer parties, and not wasting so much money for renewal give-aways.There are better ways to spend your time and money. Also, something should be done about the burnt buildings, whether you fix them or tear them down and re-build.
By: Harlan H.
Turnberry Apartments
Turnberry Apartments are not as bad as the previous reviews have stated. Management is stable, strict, and professional. The maintenance crew is one of the hardest working groups of individuals I have ever seen at an apartment complex. As far as the buildings go or the quality, it's as good as any apartment complex as old as it is. Plus it is in much better condition than it was years ago thanks to the current manager working as hard as she has in order to clean up and renew units that desperately needed it. At night it is quiet, and there are NEVER shady or sketchy people walking around or hanging around randomly during the night or day. It's the best complex in Norman that offers all bills paid. They do not shut the water off every few days. If they do shut off the water, they give notice. Otherwise it's for emergency maintenance, and that's very rare, and it's never longer that two hours. As long as you pay your rent, follow the rules in the lease agreement, do not cause trouble with neighbors, living here will be a happy and peaceful experience. I never hear parties or fights in the parking lots like I have in other apartments I've lived at. There's no crazy college party activity like the rest of Norman. There is zero theft. There's on site security. They have pest services spray routinely, so the mice or bug issues that I've read about make no sense, unless you are unclean and choose not to keep a tidy home. Not once have I heard my neighbors complain about the issues mentioned in these previous reviews. Its not the Ritz Carlton, but it is a quiet community with kind neighbors, and super kind and hard working management as well as staff that make sure to keep the place clean and in working order. At the end of the day, when it comes to affordable living, that's all that matters. I have lived here for almost three years and I will happily renew my lease when the time comes.
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By: Cody B.
Renaissance At Norman Apartments
Absolutely LOVE this apartment complex!! I had visited every apartment in the Norman area close to campus (I am a student) and this places is by far the best I have been to. I love living here, it is always quiet and just a refreshing place to be. I have never had problems parking and I keep student hours so I am back and forth between 7 a.m and 6 p.m. I also come back pretty late on the weekends around midnight and 3 a.m and have never had problems parking. The people in the front office are some of the nicest respectful people I have ever met. They even remember me by name, they are absolutely tremendous people.I feel completely safe here, I look forward to coming home after a long day at class and work. I wanted to write this review because I searched for reviews for apartments in the area to look at, and this place didn't receive the greatest review, but when I came here I knew that I couldn't believe them. After living here I just want everyone else to know this place is terrific and I highly recommend anyone looking for a safe, well priced, and quiet place to call home the Renaissance at Norman is the place to be!
By: chrissy1154
Turnberry Apartments
Honestly, this is the best apt complex I've ever lived in for a lot of reasons. It's quiet (at least to me), but you can still turn up your movie sound and your neighbors don't get upset LOL :) and that's pretty cool!! The apartments themselves are nice, too. The one bedrooms are little, true, but it's not too awful crowded for a couple. I have good friends here in the complex with a three bed, and they're huge and really nice!! They've been really doin' a ton of work on the plumbing, and the overall appearance of the complex, too. If you talk to the manager about whatever problems you might be having she's very reasonable and willing to help with whatever your difficulties might be. I can say with no reservations at all that you couldn't MAKE me live anywhere else!! :) I've lived here nearly two years and I don't intend on going anywhere.
By: ray n.
Renaissance At Norman Apartments
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS COMMUNITY! Perfect for any family! It really has that down to earth home feeling! The staff here is awesome. We've never had a complaint! I'd say this is the best complex in Norman. Nice pool area and large courtyard with beautiful landscaping and dog park. They have a few gazebos throughout the property. It is gated and gives a nice luxurious feel. The balcony is quite the get away after a long day. If you need a nice workout then I recommend the gym here. It's a little small, but I'd say it's perfect for this property. It's a very friendly place to live. They do a lot with the residents here and make you feel apart of a family. We live in an updated one and love the stainless steel appliances and look of the apartment itself. It feels like a small house almost and it's very cozy! I recommend living here!!!
By: pollypocketgirl
University Greens
I have not lived here long and I will move when my lease is up. I have seen the maintance guy's out on the grounds and a younger one and a older one looks like they deal drugs all they do is drive around on the cart. The younger one I have seen what looks to be like dealing drugs with some of the other students. I can't prove it but it looks that way to me. The older one just smokes his cigs and doesn't do much at all. Where do they find these guys. My parents pay good money and you would expect a place a nice as this to screen their employee's. The office help is not helpful they do not return your calls and don't seem like they care about any of your concerns
By: Megan B.
Renaissance At Norman Apartments
My husband and I have lived at the Renaissance for almost 3 years and have loved it! The apartments are very spacious and offer great features such as 9-ft ceilings, crown molding, and walk-in closets. Some units have been recently renovated to include granite counter tops and hardwood floors! The apartments are also pet friendly and there is even a gated dog park at the complex. In addition to the luxurious apartments, the staff at the front office is amazing. They are very professional and truly care about their residents. I highly recommend living at the Renaissance at Norman. We have had nothing but great experiences living here!
By: Amy M.
Brookhollow Apartments
I moved in almost 2 years ago and overall its been a nice place to live while finishing my degree. I pay my rent on time so I don't have any problems with the office. I've called in to have the handyman fix a few problems and its always been repaired. I carry 21 hours and work pt so I'm never home! The ladies in the office sign for my shippmemts and leave them in my apartment which is a HUGE help!! It would have been nice to have a washer and dryer,covered parking or hardwood floors but the trade off is cheap rent and i like my neighbors So I cant complain.
By: mustang-mike
Hillcrest Estates
I used to live here a few years ago. The apartment was nice and clean and a decent size for 2 people. 2 problems we had were people partying all the time and the maintenance people were real slow in getting to our apartment to fix something. Sometimes they never even showed up and wed have to go back to the office and keep asking for a maintenance person. We eventually gave up and moved. The rents expensive but the apartments are nice.

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