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By: Addie W.
James, Andrea, MD
I was referred to Dr. James 3 yrs ago by a Therapist/Counselor that I was seeing for severe anxiety and depression due to childhood sexual abuse. My Therapist's duties were to care for my emotional state of mind & recommended that I get on medication to help ease my anxiety, b/c most all Therapists/Counselors are not certified to prescribe medications so I went to Dr. James right away to get an accurate diagnosis and the proper doses of medication that I had tried and failed many many times before to get from my Primary Care Dr. The reason that never worked in the past is b/c PC Doctors do not specialize in Medication Management for Psychiatry Disorders and they are the one's wrongfully prescribing anxiety/antidepressants to their patients. Dr. James is extremely knowledgeable about the proper dosages of meds to prescribe her patients; she was a prayer answered for me in my situation. As I read some of these negative and uneducated comments on these websites, I can't help but wonder, are you aware that she is NOT a Therapist/Counselor that sits w/ you for hour long sessions while you lay on a couch to work out your problems? She specializes in "Medication Management!" It's in the title of her specialty! I suggest doing your research before you choose a Doctor; everyone should know this already. Finding a good Therapist/Counselor to work through your issues is the first step & if that Therapist/Counselor determines that you need medication, then Dr. James is an excellent Doctor to help you. Some have said they feel like cattle being herd through her office and dismissed by her demeanor. I have never felt like "livestock" being herd through just so she can take my money. I'm very thankful that my visits are speedy and to the point with Dr. James, that means I have to take less time off work for appts! Also, I have seen Dr. James literally put her own self into dangerous situations, like having an office in downtown OKC in a not so good area, just to be available to help her patients. She used to have several offices all over the the Metro, just so that her patients have easy access to her services. I commend and respect her drive and determination to help patients/people/human beings of every sort of background, social status, etc. You get my point. That is what a good Doctor should be doing!! She actually cares for PEOPLE, and that is hard to come by these days with Doctors. I want to personally thank Dr. James for all that you do!!!
By: carla.czuba
James, Andrea, MD
I want to begin by saying that I completely get what the others are saying regarding this doctor. The first time I met her I was frustrated. I was told that once I got there that we need to take our daughter to a counselor because she (Dr. James) is a medication ONLY Psychiatrist. Psychiatric/counseling services are done with another doctor that should communicate with Dr. James. I was shocked as well because we are not from Oklahoma. I also use Tricare and I think the miscommunication is with most medical insurances. Dr. James was a bit hard to get to know. We seen her once a month for about 10 minutes. She did communicate with the counselor and got the information she needed because I requested it from the counselor. I do agree that the communication should be WAY better. It took about 5 months of visits to get to know her a bit. We love her now. She has an office in Norman, Moore and works also on contract at an office in OKC as well as the hospital and she has FINALLY started getting the weekends off. She is a great doctor and her office is VERY relaxed. I do think that she should have them dress in scrubs and that some Black/white noise fans should be used. There is obviously room for improvement but she is a very nice person. Seems shy but she really cares about us. She is also VERY lenient with missing appts and so on. I hope this helps~
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By: meliscool72
Labor Ready
This Labor Ready seems to be just fine as far as my recent visit and phone calls. I have always gotten ahold of Rachel, she seems very nice and helpful. She tries to answer all your questions and tries to get you into a job. She is nice, but makes sure that you know what is exactly going on. I tried asking her about job openings and she told me that there is no guarantee today, but keep on calling. She was polite and courteous, but she made sure that you knew what all needed to be known. I called her 3 times one morning and she never got irritated or angry, she kept an understanding about the situations and the knowledge I was looking for. I cannot say anything about the other person who works there because I have not ran into her yet, but I have read reviews saying she is rude sometimes, but you have to make your own opinion about people. So as soon as I form an opinion about this other person working there, I will update.
By: Brandi B.
Betty Harmon MD
I've been taking my children to Dr. Harmon for 13 years. I have the upmost trust in Dr. Harmon and her PA. However, the office staff is always rude and make it very difficult to schedule appointments. They won't schedule an appointment more than one day out at a time! This makes it almost impossible to accommodate any one's working schedule and is the least patient focused practice I have experienced. Every time I speak to a front office employee I tell myself I am finding another doctor based on the unprofessionalism of the staff. I wonder if Dr. Harmon realizes how many people her staff have run off. Wait, you can't email or tell her because the front office won't release that information! VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!
By: Johnny M.
Justiz, Alina C
in a nation where the govt knows no peace and soldiers return home to no jobs and Veterans can easily die before being treated by the Veterans Administration trusting the US govt with your health care when they label US Veterans as 'terrorists', govt health care performed by a government which kills every entity they encounter sounds much like suicide. Dr Alina Justiz is an exceptionally well qualified and courteous physician and every encounter at her place of business has been a pleasure - very professional, clean, courteous and respectful. Dr Justiz far exceeds any other physician I've ever encountered
By: dannyc1
James, Andrea, MD
I've been with Dr. James for the past 3 years and have seen the ups and downs of her practices. When I first started seeing the doctor it was your typical office with long waiting times and generic staffing but after the years the offices have developed well with efficient scheduling times and short waiting periods. I'm sure everyone else just LOVES waiting for 30 minutes to an hour just for a follow up with the doctor but now i'm able to be seen and rescheduled in just under 30 minutes. Definitely recommend her if you are looking for a hassle free doctors experience.
By: Destani J.
E Z Tires & Wheels
When my tire went flat I thought I needed a replacement because I thought I ran over a nail or something. every shop I called new and used tires alike were going to cost $48 and $70 after balancing, mounting, and changing. I'll admit I was sceptical when I called and they said the whole deal was only going to be $40. When I got there they showed me I just had a seal leak. They fixed and changed my tire in 5 minutes and it only cost me $7. Any one else would have taken advantage and sold me the tire but ez tire treated me with respect. I know where I'll go from now on!
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By: Linda T.
Dr. Lubna L Mirza, MD
Dr. Mirza treated me for high calcium in my blood which I had been experiencing for 4 years with none of my other doctors able to find a real solution. I had severe osteoporosis due to the calcium not getting to my bones. When I was referred to her, she ran the necessary tests and found it was a tumor on the parathyroid. She called me personally during the CHRISTMAS Holidays to give me the report! I love her! I had the necessary surgery and now have normal bone density!
By: Alston I.
LWM Enterprises
LWM replied immediately when I asked about OE GMC wheels. I live in Guthrie, one hour north. Jaime Merrell, Mgr., was all helpful. When we arrived, I saw the wheels he sent me. The wheels were 18", and I had 17" tires on my OE truck. Jaime instantly helped me by showing me his stock of tires that would fit the "new" wheels. What a guy. Thanks Jaime. We left LWM, rode home, and thought we were in a Cadillac. The ride was great. Thanks Jaime.
By: angela.tidmore.9
Classen Family Medicine
Great bunch of Drs & PAs dedicated to giving top notch care. They are compassionate & take the time to listen their patients. Appointments are in a timely manner & knowing you can always just walk in if needed is something not many practitioners do anymore. I won't be seeing anyone else! Highly recommend this great bunch of guys
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