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By: tinae1984
Long John Silver's
I came in one day recently, and there was only one person up front doing both drive thru and front counter. It was just a little after noon, but not terribly busy. The lady seemed a bit busy and a bit flustered, understandably. It seemed as if she could have used some help. She took the order of the person before me, and an order for the drive thru came up. She had already told me she would be with me in a minute, but seemed unsure if she should really let me wait while she handed out the order or go ahead and take my order. A young man from the back seemed irritated with her that she wasn't handing out the order, and came up front and (somewhat irately) helped her catch up. I assume he was a supervisor or something. When he came up to help her, she took my order. When my order came up, he called my number but tried to hand it to someone else at the counter. I had already put my purse at a table, and didn't quite hear the number he called out, and when I saw he was handing it to someone else, thought it was that person's order. When the other customer didn't take it, the young man called the number again, very quickly and not very loud, but I realized it was my order. The food was fresh and good.
By: missamandahoots
Taco Bueno
Your review doesn't really make much sense... Sorry to be "grammar police", but sh*t, don't write reviews if you can't make any d*mned sense! Any ways.... T-Bueno is great. And even the 12th ave location has NEVER screwed our order up, and we go there about three times per week. They're very fast and friendly. Food is sooooo much better than T-Bell. And the salsa bar is an awesome added bonus. Muchacos, Mexi dips & Chips, and the new Empanadas are some of our faves! Try the Bueno... You won't be disappointed!
By: ike-arf
Chipotle Mexican Grill
This location was really amazing. Now, the food lacks flavor and portions are very small. One time I received undercooked beef,another time my friend received undercooked beef, and another time I was given burned chicken. More than once I've gotten chips that were very stale and starting to be limp. Twice I've gotten rice that was either undercooked or not cooked enough; it was hard to say the least. As I said, this restaurant USED to be good. I will try the other location and hope that it is better.
By: tinae1984
It's just not as good as the one in the OU Memorial Union. The chicken tastes as if it's been sitting in the warmer for an hour or two, as do the fries. Everything else is ok, but since chicken is one of my favorite things to get at a fast food place, it is kind of a big deal for me.
By: mustang-mike
I come here when i need a quick bite to eat. The people that take your order are real nice and patient if you need time to decide on what you want. The food is good. Double drive through menus. The line can get backed up but normally it moves quickly.
By: Eawesome320 P.
Panda Express
The food was absolutely wonderful, from preparation to presentation, very pleasing, the food was fresh , properly prepared, and great value of the price, we highly recommended it. a very friendly and good service and the servers were kind
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By: harrygoens
My family and I had arby's twice. The first time they shorted me cheese. The second time they screwed up my entire order and the manager, who did take responsibility, didn't really seem to care.
By: Heather W.
Firehouse Subs
YES. Always great food. Friendly Staff.
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By: zoomcity323
Best Fast food burger out there!

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