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By: Bella R.
Discount Tire
SKIP IT, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! THESE GUYS ARE INCOMPETENT! I had to take my car to the dealer instead & after re-balancing my tires & documenting what they took off & put on they said ALL 4 HAD THE WRONG WEIGHT! After paying almost $90 TO CORRECT IT I called Discount Tire & Joey (no longer there) was kind enough to tell me to drop by so he could refund my money - no questions. This happened almost all the time. I was lucky to get a person in May '17 to balance them correctly & had NO problems until it was time for a rotation balance. Everything was perfect up until the time I drove into their parking lot & parked. Again, I get it back, HORRIBLE, the weights/balancing is INCORRECT. I get this new douchebag unfortunately, because Alexander is working in the bay. This douche tries to tell me that the tires & driving doesn't feel right because I'm "running big tires on the Jeep". I let this moron know that the Jeep is 6 yrs old, I bought it with big tires, that's the way it comes & I've been driving it for 6 "f"ing yrs. BUT I'M A WOMAN & THEY TREAT WOMEN AS IF THEY ARE STUPID & DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!! The NEXT thing this douche tries to tell me is that I put on several miles since my last rotation/balancing & THAT'S the reason for the lousy driving & wobbly issues. AGAIN, I have to let this jackass know that it wouldn't matter if I put 500,000 miles on it since my last rotation/balancing, the fact of the matter is that IT DROVE PERFECTLY UP UNTIL THE VERY SECOND I DROVE IT TO THEIR BUSINESS & PARKED IT IN A PARKING SPACE!! They try to LIE to get you to buy stuff and spend money! The only people who have been honest was Alexander, Jordan, Joey, Parker and Fernando. JOHN, TY, DEFINITELY TONY - DO NOT TRUST THEM!! THEY HAVE LIED TO ME ABOUT MY TIRES, THE SERVICE AND THEIR POLICIES. I have also sat there and listened to some of the guys talk to each other about customers and then LIE to customers. Occasionally, I've pointed out to a customer or brought their attention to what was being said. THESE PEOPLE ARE DISHONEST & WILL TELL YOU THINGS ABOUT YOUR TIRES THAT ARE NOT TRUE SO THAT YOU SPEND MONEY IN THEIR STORE. I put a $500 DEP on tire on my DEBIT card & went in for a refund nextday bcuz I decided to get different tire & not just "settle" for a cheaper tire. The tires I decided to get are about $100 MORE PER tire ($500 extra for 5 tires) including my spare, than what I selected before. The 1st ones would've cost me only $830 for 4 tires. "TY" took over AFTER another guy started the transaction. Then he tells me it's going to take 5-7 days to refund my money. I told him I used my DEBIT & the refund should be immediate. He argued and said CREDIT cards are immediate, DEBITS take a long time. It was obvious to me, this jerkoff was trying to "F" w/me. He processes the refund & what does the uneducated douche do? He processes it as a CREDIT, simply bcuz he wants to be a jerkoff & make me wait for my money! The reason I wanted a refund on that DEBIT was simply bcuz I wanted to use a different DEBIT card. But That's ok. The $830.00 plus additional $500.00, for a total of $1,300.00 plus taxes and fees will go to a competitor that sells the same tire & I don't have to deal w/this POS again!I even called corporate office &was told that THEY DO have the option & THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO refund payments according to the same transaction they made the original purchase. I also spoke to one of the staff that I trust at the same location & was told that he personally has given refunds & never had a problem processing a return to the customer in the same manner, either Debit or Credit. Additionally, I was told it was purposeful in the manner TY refused to refund my money immediately. I was told that after I left, TY, TONY & the guy that originally started the transaction were laughing about it. If I had been a man, they certainly would not have done this. What I SHOULD have done was have somebody go back and "straighten out" TY after he got off work.
By: Curt M.
Team Automotive & Tire Inc
Longstanding customer of 20+ years who asked for a courtesy 1 week extension for an oil change on a Car Care Club that was already paid for. I've spent a small fortune (way into 5 digit territory) over the years maintaining 2 vehicles of my own and my 3 sons. They would rather lose 4 customers then cover a $20 oil and filter change when I let them slide on replacing a $400 rim they damaged on my SUV back in 2005. I'm never going back.
By: jaypark
Team Automotive & Tire Inc
Horrible price, charge 26.99 for alignment check where compare to tire barn and tire plus they are free. Also horrible price 84 an hr? serious? most shops don't charge over 70 an hr. what makes you guys so special?. Horrible price they gave me an estimate for 1300 and charged me for my alignment and i got everything changed for 400 at else where. Don't go to this place if you have another option. i recommend going to tire barn or tire plus or any where else to get your alignments done.Overall rating: SCAM SCAM SCAM OVER Priced
Tips & Advices
Yes. New tires purchased online can often be priced lower than ones at a tire dealership. Buyers can often avoid state sales taxes and locate hard-to-find tire styles and sizes, but will still have to locate a local tire installer and pay sometimes high shipping costs.
The average cost of a set of new tires is $637, with a range of between $525-$725. In addition, installation includes mounting and balancing, alignment, and disposal of old tires.
The vehicle is raised and the old wheels are removed, then the old tires are removed from the wheels. The lug nuts, wheels, and valve stems are inspected and replaced as needed. The new tires are mounted and sealed, then inflated and balanced. The wheels are then replaced on the car. The average installation takes approximately 45 minutes.
Agencies such as the Tire Industry Association promotes tire safety through advocacy and education to the industry including: manufacture, sales, repair, service and recycling. Seek a full-service tire dealer who carries a wide variety of tire types and brands and asks about the type of driving you normally do.
  • Move your car to a safe location.
  • Turn on your car’s safety lights, apply the parking brakes and remove the hubcap if there is one.
  • Loosen the lug nuts with a lug wrench (but do not remove them), raise the vehicle with a jack and then fully remove the lugnuts.
  • Remove the flat tire and replace it with the spare tire.
  • Tighten the lug nuts by hand, lower the car and then tighten them fully with the lug wrench.

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