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By: carl.orrell
Marlin Motors Wholesale, Inc
Selling the truck was undoubtedly going to be an emotional process, so the smoother the better. We had been talking to Jeff Fox at Marlin Motors for a few days before we actually made it to Virginia Beach. He was very motivated and extremely personable and accommodating. We had an uncertain timeline for when we could make it to his lot, but he made it very clear he was flexible. When we finally did link up Sunday afternoon, Jeff was wonderful. We were a little early, so we waited in his…um…”eclectic” office. Don’t get me wrong, it is interesting with the aquariums, sports memorabilia, fishing gear, AND a couple of pictures of his State Record catches. Apparently, he is commonly known as “Fishbone”…a name well-earned. Down to business. Jeff was meticulous, but efficient with the paperwork process. It was very noticeable in conversation he really strives to do good business. The Virginia Beach area is known for having some shady businesses that take advantage of military due to the large concentration there. It felt great knowing Jeff and Marlin Motors were not only on the up and up, but made every concession to make this process beneficial to us. Marlin Motors is a family-owned business with a history in Virginia Beach servicing customers from all over the States. Jeff’s customer after us was a man from upstate New York flying down just to buy a car from him. In addition to his on-lot stock, he can find you what you’re looking for if he doesn’t have it. Jeff will go the extra mile for his customers. You can find Marlin Motors online at or you can contact them by phone at (757)417-8600.
By: Jeff F.
Marlin Motors Wholesale, Inc
I just bought a 2005 Honda Civic from Marlin motors Inc.. I have had several bad experiences before with other dealerships, not with Marlin Motors. They are professional and reliable. They allowed me to take the vehicle that we were interested in to a mechanic and have a completely checked out, which he did check out except for a small problem. Marlin motors corrected that problem and sold me the car. I also got a 90 day warranty with the purchase. We were so happy with the purchase, I referred my niece to Marlin motors. Jeff Fox took supreme care of my family. She bought a 1998 Honda Accord. She also had her car checked out, and it did check out. She also got a 90 day warranty. We got our hard tags one week later after the purchase in a very timely fashion. We highly recommend Marlin motors for anybody to buy a used car. They will not pressure you, but they will educate you about buying a used car. They strive to make you happy and comfortable. Our car buying experience was a very pleasurable one!!!! They were also very knowledgeable about navy federal credit union and their procedures. We got our loan approved within minutes and an hour later we went to the navy federal credit union branch and picked up our navy federal credit union draft. If you go to Marlin motors, you will not regret it!!!
By: dalesimcox
Marlin Motors Wholesale, Inc
I went to Marlin Motors on June 9, 2012 to buy a car. I wasn't really sure exactly what I wanted but I had heard good things about them from other people so I decided to give it a shot. When I first arrived I was greeted warmly by Brian, one of the salesmen. He quickly got me started with figuring out the financing aspect of it while he left me to look at the cars. NO HASSLE!!!!! Man, that was great. Afterwards I decided on a beatiful Dodge Intrepid that just happened to be the Internet special at the time. The paperwork didn't go through in as timely a manner as I had wished(to no fault at all of Marlin Motors, it was Navy Federal that held it up), but as a gesture of good faith and confidence they actually let me take the car off the lot for over a week, knowing how desperate I was, until they finally got me financed through someone else. They went way above and beyond what they needed to do!! I have since met Jeff, Glenn, and Paula and am happy to say that they all are just as pleasant. They even threw in a free oil change for later. When my daughter gets to be 16 this is where we will be going to buy her first car because I know they truly care about the customer. All in all it was a wonderful experience from start to finish and I am so happy that I decided to go there that day.
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By: busymom30
Marlin Motors Wholesale, Inc
In response to the reviews below, every dealership has (and by law has to post- I have been in Marlin Motors, it is on the door) the administrative fees.... this dealership is no different, even new car dealerships do that. Also each state has their own DMV procedures and it is the sole responsibility of the owner to know their own DMV law, for instance VA doesn't require title tranfers be notarized and NC does. If someone purchases a vehicle out of state, it is up to the new owner to make sure they know exactly what to request of the dealership, as each dealership is certified and trained to their own states DMV laws, not others. In addition, this company asks every single customer to leave a review, hence why they have so many, good or bad. I have done business with Marlin Motors for the past 2 years and have never had an issues. If you bring something to the owners attention and it is something you can fix, he will jump right on it. Clearly, based on the reviews below, this company not only has a good reputation, which is why I went there, they are not written by fake people, or there would not be negative ones.
By: karen.frazer.35
Marlin Motors Wholesale, Inc
I had visited several dealers in the area looking for a used vehicle in good condition for my son built between 2000-2005 and found plenty to choose from At Marlin Motors. The no pressure sales staff allowed us to browse the lot and were ready and available for any questions or assistance. They worked with us showing us several vehicles, giving us car histories and test drives. The two we test drove were in good to moderate condition and within our price range of up to $8,000, via our pre Approved Navy Federal Credit Union loan. We ended up purchasing the 2nd vehicle we test drove, a very clean, very well kept 2001 PT Cruiser limited edition with low mileage, fully loaded for only $4,900! When it came to the paper work they were very knowledgable regarding Navy Federal Credit Union policies. Having all the appropriate contact numbers for NFCU made submitting the required paperwork flawless. They went out of their way to accomodate our needs and wants, we could not be happier with our choice nor with the service we received at Marlin Motors, both were excellent!!!
By: Natosha M.
Calvary Cars & Service Inc
I have always loved the service at Calvary Cars, I have already purchased 2 cars from there and recommended them to my Daughter and her Husband and they also purchased their vehicle there......I found them in the Yellow Pages after visiting and calling quite a few places, desperately searching for a car, my credit was less than perfect and what was worse I was broke! Calvary Cars took my information over the phone and I thought when they called back the answer would be the same as all others (Sorry Ma am, we cannot help you) ...I was very wrong because when they did call back they had one for me!...AND it was beautiful, in great condition (never left me stranded once) with leather interiors!.....I had that car until I paid it off and passed it on to my daughter...then of course, needless to say, my next car came from them!....everyone there is kind, considerate, committed and all around great to work with! They go out of their way to assist you and make you feel at home. I was not disappointed..not the first or second time!
By: jhb04jhb04
Marlin Motors Wholesale, Inc
In September 2013, my wife and I recently purchased a 2005 Nissan Altima from Marlin Motors. Our experience with Marlin Motors was positive. My wife and I were interested in a small second car that was affordable and fuel-efficient. We initially found a Mitsubishi Eclipse on their website. However, after a test drive, we realized that it wasn’t suitable for us. Jeff recommended the ’05 Nissan Altima, we test drove it and loved it! Looking back, we appreciate that there was no pressure to buy or try to steer us. Jeff allowed us to look and test drive different vehicles without hovering over our shoulder unlike traditional dealerships. In fact, he offered to let us take the car overnight to ensure we would be happy! Throughout the whole buying process, Jeff and Glen were both friendly and eager to help. Jeff even called a few weeks later to follow up and see how the car is doing. I know this review is late (sorry, Jeff!) it’s been over a month, the car is great and my wife and I are happy!
By: Dave J.
Marlin Motors Wholesale, Inc
My name is Jon and I'm in the military and I just flew in from San Diego. Im new to the area and i didn't know where i could find a good respectable and honest dealer. I went on the internet and searched reviews and found a lot of good things being said about marlin motors. So i thought i would give them a shot.I picked out a 2005 Honda accord ex, and bought it for $4,990 Plus taxes and tags. They faxed off my purchase order to navy federal credit union, and they had an approval within 15 minutes. I drove down to the local branch in norfolk and picked up my check. I immediately returned to the dealership and was on the road within 30 minutes. Included in my purchase i got a 90 day warranty from a national warranty company. I didn't have to come out of pocket with any cash because they included everything in my loan. My experience at buying a car at marlin motors was a great one! I highly recommend Marlin Motors! Especially if your in the military or a naval federal credit union member!
By: Stame C.
Calvary Cars & Service Inc
From the moment we walked into Calvary Cars we were treated like we have been dealing with them for years. Calvary Cars was the 7th dealership we'd been to in 3 days. We should have stopped there first. From the sales person all the way up to the sales manager - they went ABOVE AND BEYOND to help us get the vehicle we needed in the payments we could afford, and our credit score is no where near perfect. The vehicle was in great shape minus it needed to be detailed which we were informed to take it back any time this week and they will do that for us. I've not been more satisfied upon purchasing a vehicle in my entire life - and we've owned a few. Where no other dealerships would take the time to try to finance us or ever cared why we had to purchase a minivan (my son has a disability) Calvary Cars cared and they worked hard to accommodate us. Thank You Calvary Cars for going above and beyond to help us, you've put our faith back into humanity.
By: wiznerd123
Marlin Motors Wholesale, Inc
Ihave been looking for an inexspenive car for my daughter for 3 months. I've been to 15 or more used car dealerships, most of them had cars priced $6000 or more. FINALLY, we found MARLIN MOTORS!!!! Marlin Motors has a selection of 50 cars priced from $2500-$6000. Better yet, they come with a 90 day WARRANTY.....WOW. MARLIN MOTORS also offered to let me take the car overnight to have it checked out by a mechanic, so I did. Jeff, Bryan, and Glenn are friendly....NO PRESSURE. My car buying experience was great!!!! They also have a 20 year realationship with NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION, I called NAVY FEDERAL on their hotline, got approved in 30 minutes, on the phone, and picked up a check in 15 minutes from the Lynhaven branch. MARLIN MOTORS has it going on!!!! They also took care of my title , tags, taxes!!! If anyone says anything negative about Marlin Motors, it's probably the competition.

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