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By: Serena O.
Love Bugs Learning Academy
I have identical twin boys that are enrolled in Love Bugs Learning Academy. I must stress that I am a very loving mother who only expects the best out of care for my children. I have had my boys in Kindercare and one other day care. I was very displeased! They implied that I was a new Mom and overly worried about little things. When in fact, I have a 22 year old Daughter and a 3 year old Grand bundle of joy! So, NO! This is not knew to me! I do not ask for anything outrageous! Kind and courteous, nurturing, loving staff, structure, cleanliness, diapers checked and changed, accidents to be reported to me asap and for them to be fed properly... Also, they wear glasses and although it is a frustrating task to keep them on one of my two adorable 18 month old boys, it can be done with persistence and creativity! At home, we all put sunglasses on and refer to them as "Super Power Vision Goggles"! It is all about making it fun and praising them! My twins also have therapists that come once a week. One for each child. Love Bugs Learning Academy and their staff have been nothing less than wonderful in accommodating our sons, us as parents and the therapists as well! They always look clean and fresh, happy and content. I have been there once a week and observed hands on how the staff treats the children and I am very inquisitive when it comes to my boys safety and care, as well as any other children!!! I have nothing but good things to say about this daycare. I am not speaking for any other Love Bugs Learning academy, because this is the only one I have experience with.. But, this one is wonderful! I have an unusual situation with my boys and they have bent over backwards to be as helpful as possible! Hats off to Love Bugs and their staff! I wish you all of the success in the world! still in awe at how you get all of those kids down for naps at one time!!! LOL! Thank you! You are appreciated!!! Derrick and Dustin's Mommy!
By: hisprettygirl
Love Bugs Learning Academy
Okay so my child has only been enrolled at love bugs for 4 months. At first, I wasn't too sure because I thought the manager (Christy) was mean. I must say everyone else was very nice. Also, I wasn't used to their rules. Long story short my first week I was on the fence. Oneday, the owner walked by and said hello, how are you. I replied I am fine and I was good. Then she ask'd something that I have never had someone ask before (IS EVERYTHING TO YOUR LIKING, WAS EVERYONE TREATING ME RIGHT, AND WAS THERE ANYTHING THAT SHE COULD HELP ME WITH). I took that opportunity to express my concerns and she was very informative. You could tell that she really cared. She explained the whole handbook to me and even gave senarios to assist me in understanding. I spoke with her about my concerns regarding Christy and turns out Christy just doesn't have a bubbly personality but she is very sweet!!! She is also the person that draws all of those beautiful murals. After our talk Christy made sure she smiled everytime she saw me and even made a few jokes saying "Hey Mommy my heart is smiling but my mouth hasn't caught up". I would like to add my child loves her and talks about her everyday. The center is beautiful and very safe. The center is loaded with camera's and no one can get in the center with out a code and you have to push a button to get out. The center always smell fresh and by far one of the cleanest daycares that I have ever been too. I RECCOMMEND THIS CENTER AND HAVE NO PLANS ON MOVING MY CHILD ANYTIME SOON!
By: shelly.tennyson
Love Bugs Learning Academy
I absolutely love this place. When I saw this review I was floored because I have had nothing but good experiences with this daycare. The staff are very helpful and friendly. My daughter has learned so much! When I first started it took some getting use to because we came from a home daycare; but my daughter has now been there for almost 2 years. I am more than pleased! The daycare is very clean and as with any place that there are a lot of children your child has the risk of being sick. However, you can't fault the daycare because most illnesses are brought into the daycare and then spread by children being close to one another, the same as a big brother or little brother being sick in the home and then the whole family getting sick. Although, in the almost 2 years of my daughter being there I have never had a problem with illnesses and or have I heard of any virus as the previous person wrote being so bad that children were hospitalized. That sounds like to me your just trying to be hurtful, mean, evil and discredit the business/owner and that it awful. It saddens me to see other people intentionally trying to bring down another person. The owner is very cool and will do whatever she can to assist you!! Remember God is always watching and I am sure he's not too happy with you right now!!
By: ejordan
Love Bugs Learning Academy
I am absolutely in love, love, love with Love Bugs Learning Academy. My son, who is now 2, has been attending Love Bugs for almost 6 months. As far as I am concerned, he will be attending until he is ready for Kindergarten. As a teacher myself, I am always so pleased when I pick him up from school and he is able to talk about what he learned about that day. Yes, I said TALK! For example, we were on the way home from school and he pointed at a yield sign and said, "Look! A triangle!" He only turned 2 in March and is now starting to speak in clear and thought out sentences. As a working mom, I do my best to work with him myself, but the teachers and staff at Love Bugs have been able to accomplish so much with him in the time he has been there. I love walking into the academy and seeing how the staff work with the little ones. My son runs to his teachers every morning and I know he is loved, taught, and treated as if I were there myself. I would definitely recommend Love Bugs to anyone looking for a clean, nurturing, and academics based program for their child. Thank you to Miss Kyra, Miss Marci, Miss Christy, Miss Dee, Miss Leah, Miss Tasha, Miss Kandace, Miss Amber, Miss DeShauna and everyone else who has a had a hand in turning my shy baby into a confident learner.
By: mrssbarnes
Hunnybear Home Daycare
Greatest daycare around! My children loved Hunnybear Home Daycare. The environment is totally catered to the children. They learned so much with Ms Combo and her staff. They some how manage to perfectly combine a home-like atmosphere with a professional environment. I felt like I was dropping my kids to a family member. As a military mom, having that feeling of security during the day while I work is priceless. I had to go through two other daycares before I found Ms Combo. Ms Combo and her staff really go the extra mile to make sure everyone (including the children) has exactly what they need during the daycare experience. They helped potty train my two year old and my four year old was taught to tie her shoe! The latter was such great surprise! I wish I could of taken her with me when I moved out of state. We still keep in touch to this day. There is no one like her and no other daycare like Hunnybear.
By: greg.francion
Love Bugs Learning Academy
I am a single father of 3 and I have had 2 of my children in 7 different daycare centers prior to finding this center. I found Love Bugs Learning Academy the second month they opened and have been very happy. My kids already had gone through alot with the separation and move. I just wanted a center that would truly care about my kids in my absence. They have taught my children so much. All of the staff has always been very helpful and the owner has gone out of her way for me. I got custody of my 3rd child 6 months ago and they welcomed him in with open arms. He has had a very rough life already and they were very patient with him and sometimes when I drop them off they run into the doors happy. No matter what the owner is doing she makes time to say hello and ask if everything is ok or if I need anything. Gregg Francion
By: kiara.beckett
Hunnybear Home Daycare
Hunnybear Home Daycare is the first and only daycare my kids will attend. Ms. Combo is by far the best daycare provider I've come in contact with. Hunnybear Home Daycare is like an at home environment were my sons are not only comfortable but are welcome there.My sons at 16 months can clearly say names and words that make mommy so proud; along with the abc's and counting songs. This was all done with the help of Ms. Combo and her two wonderful assistance. I, Kiara Beckett give Hunnybear Daycare all five stars and I also thank Ms. Combo for being such a wonderful daycare provider.
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By: Temeika M.
Happy Daycare Center
Best place to bring your children. The teachers and management are so patient and work very well with the kids who are more Troublesome. Not mention if your child has mental issues like adhd or anything are great working with them. There is so much love from them with your kids of any age. Great teachers and staff
By: Chynell G.
Curious Learners Academy
If you are looking for an in-home that is very affordable, you need to enroll at Curious Learners Academy! They know how to get the children excited about learning. They have monthly field trips and payments are only once a month. You do not have to remember to pay every week which is much better!
By: jeanetta.freeman.5
Love Bugs Learning Academy
This daycare bas been great in caring for my little one. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a place that cares for your most valuable possession.

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