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By: Sean C.
Port Alliance Federal Credit Union
I have two vehicle loans with PA & their rates are great and if you NEVER have to deal with the actual bank in Norfolk Va, you would be fine. They are in the dark ages in all aspects, their website is informational only, nothing can be done. I misplaced my pin for ATM card as I mainly use for loans, I had to message via site since no one ever answers phone, you have to hit 0 for operator 25 times if someone does, then they FORWARD ME TO VOICEMAIL! You can't request new pin or request open account or anything on site! Then it took 3 weeks to get new pin. Very user UNFRIENDLY! I was going on a trip and needed money from Savings and was unsuccessful since they ignored me on phone call because it is Friday & 20 minutes before closing.... Then automated answer comes on, useless as well! If I had the money to pay off and move to new account I would IMMEDIATELY!
By: bobcastellow
Port Alliance Federal Credit Union
The loan interest rates are very good at Port Alliance, especially on their motorcycle loans. The loan officer and tellers are friendly, professional and helpful. If you are doing business in the branch, life is good. I would actually recommend joining this credit union to anyone who lives across the street from one of their branches. If you have a problem with the online banking site, you not only get to listen to their computer recording, you get leave a message asking for a returned call. Lucky you. This is extremely helpful if you are on a schedule and check your account on your lunch break, or on a Saturday morning before leaving for an appointment. I am less than happy with the Port Alliance online site and their customer service.
By: Arthur J.
Jp Morgan Chase Bank
is there an atm at this location where i can use my visa bank card from Chase Bank. I am having problems being able to get cash at other banks. Ordered a new pin # but that still does not solve the problem.

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