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By: Cecilia C.
Metro Pcs
Tonight I went in the store and was immediately received with a smile. The girls were very nice. Angie and Alejandra very sweet. I was going in to switch phones, I was receiving my warranty phone. They called the day prior but I was unable to come in. So I did tonight, and the phone was there. The girls set up my phone. The manager was on the phone helping the close the store it was closed at this point I was transferring contracts. She heard my husband in the background and immediately started screaming at the girls on the phone. Apparently the phone was not mine. I believe it was because I asked for my phone since before the weekend, I believe she gave it to another customer. I could here her through the phone saying vulgar,rude comments towards the girls. I even heard her say, "don't let her leave!". I know who she is because she has been disrespectful to my husband one because English is his second language she kept trying to sell him something he didn't wanna buy. She is very rude and should not be able to treat her employees so horrible!! This women need to be supervised and evaluated psychotically before running a store.

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