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By: Autumn B.
Botanica Mystic Visions
Armando is an extremely talented and down to earth psychic and healer who delivers information in a very direct but gentle manner. He is the real deal- he is a genuine, honest, and caring person who makes clients from all walks of life feel comfortable. So you can bring your Grandma, a celebrity, or a homeless person and he could tell them how to make their life better and what they truthfully need to work on- while also helping them walk away feeling inspired and happy. Know that he will always tell you the truth- but he will do it in a way that you can handle and that's good for you. He might even make you laugh, because he has a good sense of humor : ). He's kind of like a wise mentor or guide who is helping you improve your life. He just happens to be a psychic who can predict the future too- so you get the benefit of all of his gifts!The thing that is very different about Armando is that although he has this down to earth quality he has trained all over the world in the shamanic, psychic, and healing arts. He's done this since he was a young child, apprenticing with a family member in his home country- and then took that training further to other countries like Columbia and beyond. You just don't find that in Atlanta, Georgia. There are other good psychics but he really takes it a step further than that with his mix of experience, intelligence, and humor. You won't get any new age "fluffy" talk with him. You will get results. He also has an astounding accuracy rate- so for those people who are wondering if his predictions are accurate- they are EXTREMELY dead on and you will be shocked by how much he knows about you and the precision to which he predicts what will happen in the future. I have seen him do it time and time again and it's impressive. I'm very picky myself because I am also a psychic and a healer- and I don't often find people who can match the level of accuracy, honesty, skill level, and professionalism that I'm looking for- but Armando has it all. You won't be disappointed if you decide to do a session with him! - Autumn
By: niagarafalls
Botanica Mystic Visions
Armando Cisneros who was formally at Inner Space is now at the Botanical Mystic Visions. I had been looking for him for some time because he is one of my favorite readers. I was told he had gone back to driving trucks. I'm very please to have learned that he is out at a little place off Buford Highway and Jimmy Carter in Norcross. I LOVE the shop, the energy is fantastic. Very relaxing atmosphere. It is tucked away but that makes it even better. I love Armando's readings because he will tell you the truth. He is nice and gentle with his delivery because that is his nature but there is not much sugar coating. There have been times that I've wanted him to say one thing and he said another but my purpose in seeking out spiritual advice is to gain insight and direction. He is dead on and he has gone as far as telling me what I was going to ask before I did. That doesn't happen all the time but it has happened. Over the years I've consulted with him for an array of circumstances and I would say he is VERY VERY good. Don't let his humble nature fool you. He is by far one of the most talented spiritual readers I've encountered. I am certainly biased but I met him at a psychic fair. There are lots of readers in Atlanta but only a few good readers. Armando is one of the great readers. Hopefully you will be as pleased as I am!
By: E K.
Botanica Mystic Visions
I made a visit to the Botanical Mystic Visions and had a wonderful reading with Armando durning one of their psychic fairs a while ago. He was very good accurate and told me about a guy I had been seeing and confirmed that my suspicions about him having another woman were true. This isn't the news that I was seeking but my reason for getting a reading was to find out the truth. It wasn't what I wanted to hear but what I needed to know because I put a lot of trust in this person. I felt that his delivery was gentle and he is a very compassionate person. He also gave me some incredible in sight on my work situation and revealed some things that I did not know but later came to pass. I highly recommend him. He is very talented. The shop is nice and I got some really great candles and oils. I have been back since and his follow up was as good as the first reading. If looking for a great reader I would check him out. I also got a reading from Darrin during the psychic fair and he was very good too although I think he is only there during the fairs. Certainly reliable readers who know what they are talking about.
By: pilarco
Botanica Mystic Visions
I was excited to find Botanica Mystic Visions and Aramando. I had been looking for him at Inner Space. I was told he was no longer with them but it turns out that he has opened a place of his own. It is very nice, relaxed atmosphere. The readings are done in the back and the front is a shop with books, crystals and other supplies. Armando is absolutely amazing. He is a very talented reader who really cares about his clients and ensuring that they get on the right path. I was blessed to meet him several years ago and very glad to have found him again! He is awesome and everyone who I've referred to him have liked him equally as muchNote: His shop is in a plaza on the second floor in a plaza with a Subway. It is kind of tucked away. The candles and products are very reasonably priced as well.
By: Marcia O.
Botanica Mystic Visions
Armando was amazing, he knew certain things about me that no one knows. Not only that, he is very kind and really gives the guy's view point in a relationship, which have turned out to be true. He pointed out certain things to me, that I need to work on, that I have taken to heart. Additionally, Armando is accessible and has flexible hours. Very psychic and kind person, I will be back.
By: Carol E.
Botanica Mystic Visions
Where is Armando and what happened to Mystic Visions? I've been looking for him and was wondering if he is now somewhere else or how I can find him? I need his spiritual guidance.

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