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By: robthemachine
Atl Taxi
I had a last minute meeting to attend, my car wasn't starting and to make matters worst getting a taxi in the area where I live is practically impossible. So I went down the list of taxi in my area getting outrageous waiting periods or plain "we do not serve that area" responses.Luckily I called ALT Taxi, the dispatcher took my address down my phone number and fifteen minutes later I had a taxi at my driveway. No hassle or excuses just straight business and delivery. I love the kind of organization that understands what they are doing, cause frankly I do not want to know how far is my house from your office or how the traffic is coming this way.Anyhow I go a cab at my door step, the driver was clean cut and polite I give him my destination address and off we went. No unnecessary cattery or nonsensical turns. I am a customer for life.. BTW I made in time for my meeting and it went well...
By: pierbaker
Atl Taxi
I had a problem and was solved by Peachtree Taxi!! So here is the scenario, i had a day off (finally) so I let my roommate use my car for the night to go to his girlfriend's house. Well it turns out that he never made it back on time for me to go to work... Since I'm new in town i don't have any friends to get a ride from, ( well i didn't until I met the guys at Peachtree Taxi) I had to call a taxi and of course coming from DC I was expecting delays and horrible taxi customer service, I was happily surprised the taxi got to my place on time and guess what? Now, I'm not kidding the taxi was CLEAN and so it was the driver.. Nothing but good service here!! Peachtree Taxi is the company to call!! So I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you need a ride give this company a chance and get ready to be treated as you so well deserve it.....The happy Baker....
By: sojazi
Atl Taxi
I recently found a full time job and had a situation where I could not pick my daughter up from school. I had no one I knew that could pick her up as well. I had to call around looking for a taxi service I could trust and depend on to pick my daughter up from school. I spoke to Diego at ATL Taxi and he was very nice and helpful. He understood my situation and knew where the school was and where I needed my child to be delivered to after the pick up. He also worked with me on the daily fee because I needed to use their serivce indifinately. He eased my mind in regards to entrusting them with my daughter. Since then, we have stayed in contact. I am still using the service and my daughter has been safe and happy with the serivce. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ATL TAXI!!!!!
By: keithdarrell
Atl Taxi
Calling a cab is kind of an iffy situation? When you place the call, you cross your fingers and hope they come and get you. (It's strange how this industry works.) However, if you live in the Metro Atlanta area or you are visiting the metro Atlanta area, you need to put the number for ATL Taxi in your cell phone's speed dial. They WILL surly pick you up with in 10-15 mins. Very dedicated fellas!!When our driver showed up we were kind of unsure about this fast an courteous service, we where waiting for the backslash to this pleasant situation, but gladly it never came. The driver (that for the life of me can't remember his name, sorry buddy) was super funny and got us to perimeter mall in a flash... Hands down the best taxi ride ever had....
By: sammyrah
Atl Taxi
I have been in the area for the last 5 months and been depending on taxi for transportation, to be completely frank it has been an ordeal or at least it was for the first couple of months until I found Peachtree Taxi. I have been thought all that a customer to a taxi company can be, I have been left stranded for over an hour, over charged, mistreated by the drivers and so on.... But as I said, all this ended when I started using Peachtree Taxi, this guys treat me right and are for the most part on time... I use them at least five times a week to go to work and do my errands. I felt like they deserve a review as a thank you note for all their great service.. I Highly recommend them..
By: Josephine O.
Atl Taxi
I Needed a ride to the airport early the morning so I made my reservation online in the middle of the night. It was only 6 hours before my flight, but they were up, responding to all my emails and ready to provide a quote and instructions once I agreed to their services. I contacted 4 other companies that night, ATL Taxi was the only one to respond BEFORE my flight.They were on time, freindly and called me to let me know they were waiting downstairs. The cab was clean, driver was very friendly, and got me to the airport on time.The price was fair considering my last minute need, the time of day and traffic expected. I Would definitely use them again, if I'm ever in a bind.
By: sarahozk
Atl Taxi
I have an internship in Duluth and as such I need to get to and from the Doraville Station twice a week with a super early pickup time. Needless to say without these guys I would be stuck. The cars are all very clean and every driver is amazingly nice and very helpful, even very early in the morning. And not to mention the price is right-It. There new website is also great and a lot easier to navigate than their old website. I would recommend that anyone looking for a cheap and easy way to get home. I will definitely use ATL Taxi in the future (I am actually taking them again tomorrow).
By: Jonathan K.
Atl Taxi
Gave them a call, and less than 15 minutes later, a van was outside of my house, ready to drive me to my destination. Our driver was friendly, but didn't try to force conversation. He got us to our destination quickly and without hassle. They accepted credit cards (and will email a receipt? NICE!), which was a plus. A tad pricey, (all taxis in general) but all things considered, not too bad for the prompt service. When it's been one of those weeks when no one wants to be D.D., not to mention finding (and probably paying for) parking, to its just convenient.
By: kenyaahh
Atl Taxi
Os!! here is my experience with Peachtree Taxi this past weekend we went out to Ocean Bar and Grill on jimmy carter had some beers and shots, fun fun fun. The restaurant called them for us and they were there before we could finish our last drink at the bar (maybe I should deduct a star for that ;-) !). It was a new Nissan Altima clean and free of odors usually associated with taxis. Our driver was friendly, got us back to the hotel quickly and safe while even saying thank you for his tip. What more can you ask for? I suggest you add them to your contacts.
By: sweet32
Atl Taxi
These folks are quite courteous; however I've experienced a misfortunate incident with them last week. I have requested a quote for a ride to three different destinations and have agreed upon the flat price. During the ride I have requested to add another destination and have asked the driver if it would cost me an additional fee. The driver said he wouldn't charge me for the extra destination. By the end of the trip I have been instructed to pay the driver for the extra ride or else he wouldn't drive me further.

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