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By: nicholasville
Rebecca Turner - Allstate Insurance Company
I loved dealing with All-state for the most part. I never had an accident or even reported an incident, however my rates went up 20+ dollars. I was told auto insurance was going up across the state, however everyone I asked including my parent who were also insured with allstate said they did not receive any rate increases. To support my family I had to go with another more affordable insurance. When I canceled my insurance with Allstate, the representative stated "They would take care of it and cancel it." One month later my bank account was drafted for a policy I had canceled. It really put my family in a bad bad situation and now I can't get any answers on when they can refund my money. I was really disappointed and very stressed at the moment because of this situation. I felt like I am getting the "Run around".
By: missmissy
Rebecca Turner - Allstate Insurance Company
That it seems like a great company at first,but they make promises they will not keep.My insurance was promised to stay the same unless there was an accident.Nothing changed,but my rates.They went up 3 times within a few months.I was told the same "were raising everyones rates",but no one elses in my family were raised. Also when I cancelled my account,they took my money as well out of the bank and refused to deposit it all back.They decided to return what they wanted to.Then sent me a bill for inquiring about how much it would be to add a vehicle! These people are crooks! STATE FARM
Tips & Advices
Yes, they can cancel policies and also choose not to renew policies once they expire. This can happen for a variety of reasons:
  • Failure to pay premiums
  • Giving false information to an insurer
  • Failure to meet fire or security codes or other recommendations
  • Failure to meet established safety guidelines, like removing pools or trampolines
  • Filing too many claims
  • Failure to repair home damage that protects from needing to filing claims
  • Increase in criminal activity within your neighborhood area
No, homeowners insurance is a nondeductible expense. The only case in which it’s not is if part of the home is used home for business, then the square footage used for that purposes could be deductible.
Without homeowners insurance, you may be fully responsible for the costs of repairing damages to a home and for replacing belongings that get damaged or stolen. Also when applying for a home loan, most banks require that borrowers have home insurance. Banks treat these loans as investments and home insurance acts as a protection of these investments.
Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and other natural disasters are not typically covered by home insurance--there are separate insurance coverages for them that can be purchased.
It does not cover anything dealing with vehicles or items within vehicles. Protection from natural disasters is also rarely covered automatically.

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