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By: Mike E.
Papa Murphy's Take N Bake Pizza
I found myself over in Oyster Point Newport news/ Yorktown area needing some gas and food from a long trip back from Washington DC and somehow found myself at Papa Murphy's Pizza. I thought at first it was a typical pizza takeout place but was surprised to find out it is a new concept pizza house where you come in, order a pizza and take it home ...put it in your own oven, forget the wait , delivery and tip for a truly deluxe creation that you can call your own. Make it anyway you want it, the toppings and cheese they use are superb. I ordered a deluxe style with basically everything and it was great.
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By: Richard S.
Zero's Subs
I love zeros subs but today it took over 30 minutes to get my order. 4 orders that came in after me received their orders before I did and when I questioned them they said they must have thrown my order ticket out by mistake so the cook didn't have my order so I had to wait until after I brought it to their attention to start my order again. The only thing that they said was sorry about that it happens. The food is great and normally have no problems with ordering but I guess today was a bad day for me. I ordered this at the Yorktown location but could not find a direct link to that store.
By: Lionelnjasmine B.
Sal's NY Pizza
Highly disapponted. This used to be one of my favorite places but they have gone down over the past few months. Just left and service was SLOW. Then my sub was wrong and the man tried to tell me the deluxe only comes with lettuce and tomatoe. I have eaten here a bunch of times and have always been told the deluxe comes with the peppers onions and mushrooms. So either he or the staff dont know the menu.... We waited 35 minutes for 2 slices of pizza and another 12 for the sub to arrive. Seemed like it was only the cook and the server. Wont be back anytime soon. Needs better staff.
By: Zack C.
5 Bucks Fresh Pizza
This place has it all, they have fresh lamb gyros and the freshest wings I've had from anywhere around here and not to mention the 25 different sauces to choose from and I was pleasantly surprised they fry they're wings and don't just send em through the oven! Their pizza is phenomenal they've got so many toppings to choose from aswell and I've never been to a takeout pizza restaurant you could get a burger from but like I said this place has it all the best food Ive had in a long time
By: Anthony S.
Top Cuts
Excellent Customer Service. The environment nice and quite. The Barber there I would recommend her to anyone very professional. And the price what got me. only $12 for both haircut and facial. I just moved from Hampton to Denbigh. And other places was charging $20-25 for both. But she only charge $12. and she do an excellent job. Now this business have a new customer really like this place.
By: Malika A.
Bravo Pizzeria
I have no words that could describe how pleased I was of bravo's service, hospitality, and delivery! I love how they treat their customers and how they have such low prices! I recommend this place to anyone looking for the best service in town! I will be coming here often!
By: Mike H.
Sal's NY Pizza
Ordered Sal's tonight and it was AMAZING! Pizza, wings, and knots - all good. Had to be the LARGEST pizza on the Peninsula - all delivered free for less than other places, chain AND family owned. I will definitely be back and you should too! You won't be disappointed!
By: Serinia W.
Sal's NY Pizza
love love love sals! This one is right by my house so it is always hot when they deliever or when I pick up! I love the garlic knots! the resturant is clean and the staff is friendly. This is the go to place for good pizza with a great deal! GOOOOOO
By: sim.guy.39
Pizza Amore
This place is amazing.the pizza is great the best pizza I have ever ate in my entire life. Hate the owner he is rood but the black guy who cooks there is the best. I highly encourage any pizza lover to try this place, you will not be disappointed .
By: Shelly M.
Sal's NY Pizza
If your looking for some authentic Italian food or some NewYork pizza Sals Pizza is the place for you .. They have great customer service and very clean.. Was very impressed with the quality of the food also they do free delivery . A must go !!!!
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