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By: Justin T.
American Truck Group
long time customer. I had several issues with my truck when I first got it. Then yes, one day I just broke down, didn't understand why. what was I doing wrong. had to be the truck, not something I was doing, right? !! Wrong, people. I'm not too good to admit when I make a mistake. The one guy answering the breakdown line told me a secret about my dpf that has completely changed the way my truck runs on a day to day basis. I use to sit in my truck idle for hours waiting for the time to drop or pick up my load, listening to tunes or napping in the cab. But this guy explained how when you sit idle like that in these newer model trucks, the DPF filter does not get hot enough to work properly. He explained it in detail why and it all started to make sense to me what I was doing wrong. After heading his advice for some time now and turning off my engine if I know I m going to sit longer than a few minutes, I haven't had one flipping issue with my truck. It is crazy the technology is suppose to be better but DPF can cause more harm than good if you like to chill in your truck like me. so I have to say, you think you know it all but u never do.
By: Haden S.
American Truck Group
This was my first experience with the breakdown team and probably the quickest fix, so got a good thing there. They made the arrangements and understood what was needed to keep me going. The first shop we were going to hit up had ridiculous pricing and wait time so they worked with me to get me in Gulfport. People think because I'm young I don't know what I'm doing, especially the mechanics, they learn better, I been around diesel trucks since I was a teenager I'm 36 now and I'm makin more money than half the old timers. I told them exactly what was causing my computer to throw fault code I know this truck by now it has become a part of me. Bought this truck in 2013-been with American Truck Showrooms 3 years now --2 more to go before this thing is mine. between me and the 50 50 every part of this beast that has needed servicing has been worked out. deferred payments when in the shop and half off on the repair bills helps. Running clean now, Gulfport shop is on point
By: Lewis J.
American Truck Group
The one time I stopped in Newnan, it was on account of green engine light on the 2nd truck throwing a code after having the truck for like a week. I am in that area during the mid-afternoon so I took the exit while I still had a load on and came unannounced. The GM there is a very animated, chirpy blonde who knows trucks. She blew me away after 5 minutes of conversation the way she effectively pin pointed my problem and her guys in the shop were quick to help. I unhitched and got in without a problem. Well it was a small fix I just wasn't aware of all my truck's little quirks this was my first T7. I currently have 3 trucks with this company and have been with them for 2 years now, if I wouldn't have come here, there is no way I would be making the money I am today. I only have good things to say because this is just one experience but they have been there thru all my ups and downs with these diesel suckers and everyone I have encountered treats me with respect .
By: Sean F.
American Truck Group
They were ready for me when I arrived in town, I let them know I was off the plane and they sent their guy to give me a lift to the dealership. Real nice building and set up. I got to drive my truck right when I got there, I was greeted by the lady who got me approved originally. She brought me the keys and said, you ready? you are going to like it. During the test drive the sales associate guy showed me around the dash and helped me familiarize myself, also getting used to a 10 speed. So attention to the sale really made this a special buy and getting such a great product at low cost, it is not often I am happy to leave a review but it was a great experience and if I knew it was so easy I would have done it a long time ago.
By: Derek G.
American Truck Group
They have a blue and white 379 EXHD on the Atlanta lot that is the truck of my dreams. It has a dash full of chrome dials, a long boss shifter and leather seats. I have 2 trucks already that I have been paying on for almost a year and it is time to make another addition to my fleet, so this time I am going with a classic. Everytime I have used the warranty on my newer trucks I have thought about how it would really pay off if it was older and would normally be out of a warranty due to miles. Because they split the bills, in the long run it is going to pay off for me to get this older model. Last time I went by the Atlanta lot it was so quiet and tidy for a trucker place. Can't wait to get back and try out my new office.
By: Rocky F.
American Truck Group
The manger had my parts drop shipped to the repair shop in Texas, actually saved money on parts and saved me time. The shop said they could order the part but it would take up to 3 week to get it. With it being this close to Christmas, I can't be down 3 weeks. ATS in Georgia had the part in-stock, overnight-ed the part, got me back on the road faster. I am completely satisfied with the breakdown service and also thankful they have the people there to work with you when you get into a situation like this. I didn't think it would have gone this way, but very happy it did to say the least. That being said, don't want any more engine trouble this season! lol.
By: Dwight H.
American Truck Group
Sam in Newnan was really sweet. She helped me be quick, so I could make it back home before the 1st. I spent the entire new year's day on the road. I was near Louisiana on I10 when the steer tire caught a flat. I did inspect the flat and it was a nail I must have picked up on the way. The nail was in a place where they couldn't patch it. So that s***. I hate having to get tires aligned and all that bs that comes with it. It is just time consuming. That was the last problem I had. I did stop in Gulfport on my way thru just to see if they had a better selection of trucks available, I might want another truck, I do have another possible driver.
By: Robert J.
American Truck Group
I am a new customer as of June. I was a little concerned about the assistance I would get during a breakdown. On June 25 the Breakdown Team answered my call in the middle of the night. They got a tech the line that was able to determine that this would be a minor repair and it was safe to drive into shop. This saved me a high tow bill. Dawn went through my repair options with me to be the most cost effective They found shop options for me. I ended up deciding to get it fixed that night. Cost $58 Thanks to the team for helping me make an informed decision that could have racked up a bill on me. Glad to be able to count on such good people.
By: Corey T.
American Truck Group
I was very pleased with the fast and friendly service of the breakdown team. William stayed on the phone with me on three way until he could find me help for my repair. The truck was in and out of the shop within 2 days. My truck was finished after hours. William told me to pay the bill and credit it to my account in the morning to keep me rolling. That's a great improvement from my previous experiences with shops. I am making a special trip to gulfport, MS to meet William and Dawn. They made me feel important as a customer and I want to shake their hand and put a face with the breakdown team. Keep up the good work.
By: Franklin S.
American Truck Group
Gulfport has a very clean facility and friendly staff. The dealership is huge. They have a large wing that is all garages, they have a body shop on one end and offices on the other. The office area is nice and cold for a break from the heat outside. My saleslady walked around with us around the truck lot and showed us other inventory they had available. It only took us a few hours to finish the closing paperwork and from that point we were just waiting on out tags and insurance to get finalized. This took half the time as I expected and I am very happy to give a good report back on them.

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