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By: Paul S.
Gold Lincoln
If you want a cab service that doesn't Understand a word of English this is the one for you. I am surprised my driver made it out of the house without using a GPS. They are called gold "lincoln " and the car that pulls up.... a four door Toyota. Terrible. You see these cars out trolling like vultures everywhere. They harass you as you walk the streets. A real despicable company.
By: Viol M.
Pizza Hut
It' I do not know why people believe they can provide poor service in inner city areas. I ordered one large pepperoni pie for my kids and I was told 15mins. We waited for 40 mins. They didn't accept credit cards and we had to pay using cash. There was nothing posted outside stating no credit card accepted. we made the following observations:1. The floor was wet from ppl coming in from the rain. There was no wet floor signs and no mats. The employees who were not busy stood up and socialize.2. The tables were dirty and no one cleaned after them when other customers left. We had to pick up the garbage where we sat and wait. 3. We needed to wash our hands and one bathroom was out of order and it had a sign stating"if you go inside, you will be locked inside". That was pretty scary for my kids ages 10, 9, and 7. The other bathroom was locked and the the person inside it opened it while they were handling their business. 4. This is the disgusting part. A delivery guy eventually came in and started to empty the garbage bin. He removed boxes off the table which a family left behind. After touching the garbage he went behind the counter and started to open the pizza boxes to see the orders and pack food in the delivery bags. He did all this and not once wash his hands. After waiting 30 mins and seeing how disgusting this place was, I asked for a refund. My kids didn't want the pizza and left to go sit in the car to go to Blaze Pizza in downtown Newark. The "acting manager" tells me they don't do not do refunds and I need to wait another 10 minutes. That's 40 min for 1 pie. I waited the 10 mins and it was still was not ready, I asked for a refund again and they refused. Eventually they came with the pie but after everyone I have seen, I feared someone may have spit or used fecal matter hands on my food. I didn't take the pizza and I didn't get my refund. Horrible place overall! they wouldn't take my phone number down for the manager to call me back.
By: Matinah J.
Pizza Hut
One of the worst restaurant experiences ever. Food was delivered cold, I had to personally drive to the store to return it. Only to find out that they have no refund policy. I was so disgusted. Will nvr go there again.
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By: Allen W.
Pizza Hut
Never been inside but very speedy delivery service and the pizza is good! Gotta try it out if your in the area
By: haganehakushaku
Gold Lincoln
Stood in the rain 15 minutes, called to check on cab, was told he'd be right there. A few minutes later the driver called me and said he was waiting. I said I was standing by the street and I didn't see a cab, I was waving, did he see me? He asked if I were on a different street, and I read the street signs at the corner to him. He said I must be on a different street, shouted at me loud enough to make my ear ring for minutes afterward, finished with "You are in the wrong place!" and hung up on me.I promptly turned around and took two photos of the printed addresses on the business signs on either side of me. I was at exactly the address I gave. NOT RECOMMENDED.
By: Belinda B.
Pizza Hut
Extremely unprofessional! This place does not even deserve to have the name "Pizza Hut" associated with it in any way. If the owner of this franchise cares anything about the way the staff makes them look they will do some serious firing and rehiring. There was a discrepancy with my order and the so called manager was totally unprofessional. To the point that things could have gotten physical. Instead of her trying to fix the problem and accommodate the customer she began yelling and told the cashier to deal with me. It's not what you say, it's how you say it. Someone needs to teach them simple manners. Not to mention the conversations that were taking place behind the counter as if I wasn't standing there. The staff was discussing other managers etc.. I will never spend a dime in this establishment and be sure to tell others. I should've just gone to west orange because this type of treatment is expected in the hood! Welcome to Ratchet Newark Pizza Hut! Enjoy
By: katherine.altreche
Pizza Hut
This has been the worst service I ever got from this place we ordered at 3:50pm we still waiting on our food is 5:06pm the delivery guy didn't even get the correct address from the girl at the store he doesn't know where he's at every one in the night shift is young you can't even get a supervisor on the phone at all this is a joke specially when you hungry I will never order from pizza hut again this is such a shame
By: Karen M.
Green Taxi
I have used green cab for a while now. Wasn't always pleased with their service nor the attitude of their dispatchers. I don't drive and need transportation back and forth to work and really wanted to support them but am considering using another cab company. The service and personality of most of their drivers is pleasantly social but the cab conditions of a few cabs is ridiculous and the smell is seriously bad. On several occasions my clothing was messed up due to wet, soiled, dirty seats. This is a service that gets paid for transporting and I feel that the conditions should be more pleasant. I do understand that it's more than likely the fault of some passengers for the back seat conditions but some things should be maintained by the the company. As a service that deals with people I also feel that the social skills of the early morning dispatcher is extremely poor at times. Hope they get it together and step their transporting skills up but in the mean time I'm going elsewhere.
By: Sonja S.
Taxi Cab Svc
Called them 30 min in advance to when I needed the cab. They showed up 15 minutes late but very nice and fare was very reasonable.
By: Dave G.
Gencarelli's Pizzeria & Restaurant
well do not expect high quality here. you get what you pay for. still pretty damn good pizza. Dave.G

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