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By: tomikous
Computer Overhauls
Just after the expiration of 3 years warranty, the computer screen became black with a message of HDD Hard Error. At first, I didn't know what happened. I called Microsoft. The operator told me that I had 3 choices first go to a repair shop, second go to Internet and research what the message means, third pay $59 to talk to a technician in Microsoft. I selected the third one. The technician asked me to turn on again. I told him what the message was and I tried that twice before I called. But anyway I turned on. My computer boosted up. It seemed my computer ran again. In one second, I spent $59 without no instructions. As soon as Internet was available, I researched a HDD Hard Error. Apparently it was a hard disk problem. Microsoft said that they would help until the problem was solved. I sent a message to Microsoft, of course no reply. I am idiot. That why I went to Computer Overhauls. Actually they did a really good job. Not only did they handle my desperate emotion, but also they fixed my computer in 2 days with perfect service. I truly appreciate their effort. Thank you so much. I am very happy now.
By: joeralph
Computer Overhauls
An incomplete iphone software update, performed by my computer knowledgeable husband resulted in the loss of all my data and photos on my phone.(I had no back-up) Several specialist shops told me that my only option was to restore the company settings,loosing all data - a diagnosis I was not prepared to accept. Apple directed me to a place in California or Computer Overhauls. Computer Overhauls was reassuringly small, staffed by calm young people focused only on getting the job done efficiently. No fuss, no extras, no selling, no hype- fixed cost told in advance. The complete data recovery came at a price that I could afford and that seemed appropriate to the task-under $100. The service was smooth, with several reassuring email updates and on time. (2 working days) I was so impressed and grateful that I chose to buy a reconditioned older model phone from them, because they had proved so trustworthy.
By: johnus
Computer Overhauls
My wife bought me a brand new laptop for my birthday two months ago and I was so excited because I've been on a desktop forever! As I was carrying my laptop in the city, someone bumped into me and I dropped my laptop. When I opened my laptop I found out that my computer won't turn on anymore. I was freaking out because this was a brand new laptop that cost more than a grand and it didn't work anymore. This is when I found out about computer overhauls and I brought it in to them. They repaired my laptop within two days and I was good to go. It seemed like my battery got disconnected from the drop to my laptop. They made everything run smoothly good as new at a ridiculously low cost! I would definitely recommend them to all my friends!
By: peterfrommidtown
Computer Overhauls
Bottom LIne: This is the best place to buy a laptop in NYC. The prices are unreal and they stand behind their product. I've bought three computer here now for myself, wife and son. All at least 50% less than what I would have paid anywhere else. We've had a few minor issues over the years with viruses, small spill on the keyboard etc and they have always take great care of us when we come in. The keyboard need to be replaced and they only charged us $30 for everything. Just out of curiosity I called a few other places about keyboard replacement prices and the cheapest I got was $90. I'm a lifetime customer!!!
By: petermidtown
Computer Overhauls
Girlfriends Mac stopped working. just a spinning wheel forever. I brought it in to Computer Overhaul for her and within just a few minutes Daniel confirmed the drive died. It was an older computer so he suggested possibly going with a used replacement drive for $79 otherwise a new 500GB was $199. Since it was a 2006 Macbook which we just used as a spare we went with the used one. Later that done its done and ready for pickup. $79 +tax out the door. Love iT! Even if I get another few months I plan on getting her a new one for Christmas but this will work for now.
By: jennaus
Computer Overhauls
My ipod kept shutting off on me and I was not happy. Although my ipod was a first edition ipod nano, so roughly, 4 or 5 years old, I expected it to work. I took my ipod the Apple Store 14th street and another customer on line told me about Computer Overhauls. They are currently running a fix your ipod for free special. When I got there, they looked at my ipod and told me that I needed a new battery. I was more than willing to spend the money for a new battery than have to go out and buy another ipod.
By: mikatralinski
Computer Overhauls
Looking to sell my laptop I found these guys online. After wasting time trying to sell it on Craiglist I decided this place seemed a lot safer. I stopped by and was helped right away by Daniel. He did a quick check of the computer, looked up the value and gave me a fair offer. They pay in CASH and I was done in about 10 minutes. They require photo ID so make sure you've got it if you stop by. Quick, fair & safe place to sell your tech!
By: thomasdileo
Computer Overhauls
I'd give this place 6 stars if i could!!! Any iPhone problems GO HERE!! Talk about service, I go on their site and 'buy' a screen replacement for $99 and they send the courier to my office to pickup the phone. I don't even have to leave my desk!! A few hours later its back in my hands before I leave for the day with a brand new screen in my iPhone. $99 for everything including pickup & delivery?? FRICKKKKING AWESOME!!!
By: Manuel C.
Computer Overhauls
I had a old laptop that didn't work anymore and was just collecting dust in my room. I heard about computer overhauls from another source (yelp) and how they buy computers from people. so i gave it shot and went over, since it didn't work the laptop it was sold for part for a fair price and i was satisfied with that cause i was able to put my bike back on the road. I would recommend them to anyone because the staff is really nice :)
By: allinus
Computer Overhauls
I thought that my USB memory stick was destroyed beyond any data retrieval but Computer Overhaul proved me wrong! Within the tImeframe agreed upon, they contacted me and ALL data was recovered. I rerturned with a USB memory stick and within minutes all data was copied to it and for the price what a bargain and a nice Christmas gift. Excellent technical expertise. I will recommend Computer Overhaul to any and everyone. Thanks so much!

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