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By: Ryan M.
The History Channel
First, I'd like to say i love your normal programming. My family and i watch daily. That being said, on July 5 2015 we were watching America: The Story of us. I am horrified that you would put a racist like Al Sharpton on your network. Sheryl Crow and Sean Combs is bad enough, but i will tolerate them. I WILL NOT support a network that wants the American population to listen to that self serving, racist, public nuisance that is Al Sharpton. I cannot believe in today's political climate, that you would try to have Sharpton educate a country when he's trying to burn it down. He is a KNOWN Afro American agenda maker that doesn't care about the rest of the country. Please, in the future, refrain from putting racists on your network. If i cant watch Dukes of Hazzard because of that guy, i dont want my family to watch ACTUAL RACISM at work. Where are your standards?
By: Martha J.
Technology Data Group
my experience ? a fair one . reason ?? Customer Service . They take a considerable long time to respond to our queries . I had a doubt in the email list that I had purchased . when had made the query they didnt get back to me asap , instead got back after a week or two. But the data they had provided was atmost to its accuracy . since i could reach the correct customers in my business with the help of that list , i don't mind in recommending this to others . but only who can bear with the customer service like me .
By: Denise G.
The History Channel
Not happy with it and when I sign in and there is no season 4 E 11 all the way up to Jan 17th and I miss all the show Vikings even I pay for the cable and they don't keep all of the seasons that is sucks!!!!!!!! please make the people happy it not right to deleted by one and by one no way. Please full of season 1 to 4 not just five of them it not right and it has to be from seasons 1 to 4 ok Please do this if not then you will lose a lot of customer . Please fix this !!!
By: William R.
The History Channel
I give it a 5 and that's being honest! Every documentary that has ever been shown on the History Channel or the History 2 Channel has been great!! Especially those that address The Dark Ages, The Plague, The Real Vikings, Special Presentation: The Real Robin Hood...Which goes with the movie: Robin Hood with Russell Crowe, 300: Rise of an Empire which goes with the movie: 300, Etc!!! William Reed.
By: Clara C.
Technology Data Group
I don't know how many of you have bought Hardware mailing list from Technology Data Group but I did last week and now I am happy for my decision. I had a great deal with them that we got around 80 percent good lists compared to other companies and we are all happy that we are Getting Good Results hope for more and more listings
By: Dave A.
Wholesale Shelf Corporations
I had a two month old business. I can’t apply for credit loan since most lenders require that a business should at least be 2 years old. So I bought 4 years old aged corp. They delivered the documents within 24 hours and got approved for the total amount of $97,000 a month and a half after I purchased a shelf corp from them.
By: Hassan B.
Wholesale Shelf Corporations
I needed to expand my business but lacked funding. I applied for credit loans, but always got rejected, so what I did I purchase an a three year Old corp. from WholesaleShelfCorporation.com. Their funding program helped me get approved in a matter of four weeks a total of $67,500 from different lenders.
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By: Fred F.
The History Channel
Watching "you don't know Dixie" well evedently they don't know Dixie because they said open heart surgery started in Louisville key.1960 TRY AGAIN!! first open heart surgery was in Minnesota oh my God and he was BLACK !! 'MAGINE DAT!! GREATshow though
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By: Max R.
Technology Data Group
Satisfied With Technology Data Group ... I run a networks based business hence at the initial stages my business was very low . i chose to try this email list service which said would help me target my exact customers . Yeah !! it worked ..
By: jamesth
Before connecting with Cartoozo, my business was falling down, but now my website’s ranking is good in all search engines. Due to which my business has also reached to good condition. They have provided exceptional professional service.

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