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By: Liz C.
Panam Equities
I've read plenty of negative reviews about Pan Am on yelp and so to share my opinion, I added my own review about PanAm on Yelp, and it was hidden under "reviews that are not recommended." So here's hoping this will be seen?I don't understand the majority of the negative reviews on Yelp. On second thought, I do. But none of these issues relate directly to them. These are issues every New Yorker has unless they're paying 5M+ for their apartment. And even then I've heard similar stories or different but far worse...I've had nothing but the best experience with PanAm in my last 4 years. Most of the negative reviews are all things that people deal with in ny, no matter who the landlord. I've been living in Manhattan for over 25 years now and have moved around a lot. Probably 15 apartments total. I've had the experience of several different landlords. Maybe 3 or 4 that I can think of off the top of my head that were as responsive to my needs as PanAm. My super has always helped me out whenever I need it, and if for some reason I can't reach the super, I contact Pan Am and if I'm emailing late at night I always have an answer the next morning or latest early afternoon. They've even addressed some of my issues with tenants by sending out flyers to the entire building.Mostly, I've been angered by the reviews on yelp because I've recommended PanAm buildings to friends and family, who then always stumble across their reviews and second guess themselves and my opinion. I've typically been able to sway them since they've all spent time at my apartment and don't have anything but nice things to say. I don't want my friends, family, and coworkers to think I'm making poor recommendations when I know that its the opposite.Anyway, maybe one day my review will be approved by Yelp. Who knows, since I've always had issues with reviews showing up for restaurants, my laundromat, my dog groomer... they pick and choose as they see fit. I don't really get it.
By: Pascal B.
Cooper & Cooper Real Estate
Cooper & Cooper was such a blessing. Jordan Cooper (one of the principals) contacted me himself in order to set up an appointment and really took the time to understand my needs, requirements, and deadline. Even though we were moving in about a month, we had to find an apartment that specific week due to other work commitments, which would only leave us one week before our scheduled move. Jordan set me up with one of the firm's managers (Genevieve) and we met the next day. Genevieve met with us at our hotel and took us from the Upper East Side to the Lower East Side. We saw about eight apartments, all ranging in sizes, prices, and amenities. She was friendly, professional, organized, efficient, right on spot with the timings, and responsive. We made the decision to go with a wonderful complex in the Upper East Side, steps away from the subway station, within blocks of Central Park. Although it was on the higher end of our budget, we could not be more happy with our choice. Genevieve even managed to negotiate our monthly rent down and include two years of free gym membership in the building (savings of $1200!). Jordan personally attended the lease signing in order to answer any question we might have had and show support. Cooper & Cooper even offered to oversee the movers if we were too busy!In any case, our experience with Jordan and Genevieve could not have been any better. My wife and I felt like they really cared about us and about their reputation. Every firm has good agents and bad agents. But we thank Cooper & Cooper and know we would've never found this complex without them.
By: Richard S.
Brusco Realty
In View of some recent derogatory comments made about the Brusco's, I thought I would offer my insights about my experiences with the family business after 30 years of residency on 92nd Street.In all that time, I have basically found them supportive, reasonable and responsible. They have carried me through lean periods when rent was over due and my funds were low. They have made repairs promptly and professionally. When I call the office for any matter, large or small, I am always treated respectfully and usually with a swift response to my issue.My acquaintance with Paul and Joe Brusco is strong and I find them to be stand up guys with little or no agenda except to satisfy their tenants needs. I have been able to argue loudly and strongly with no repercussions and when all is said and done, we quickly return to a genial friendship. I enjoy my apartment, they take care of needs in the apartment and sometimes even offer a faster or more efficient route to solving any problems.Landlords are generally perceived as "the enemy" with their only agenda being to raise the rent." I have found, in my experiences with the Brusco's, nothing could be further from the truth.Thanks for reading and if you have problems with your building or apartment...instead of taking to social media to air your issues, call the office and talk to them. They are available and ready to do the right thing.
By: Mallory S.
Brusco Realty
I believe I'm the exception to the stereotypical landlord/ tenant dynamic.I've lived in a Brusco building on the Upper Westside for many years. All in all, I can only characterize my experience as extremely positive.Whenever there's been a problem in the apartment, it's been tended to in a timely manner. In fact, I've often scheduled a repair on the same day I've reported it. Also, once a work order is generated, I can contact the plumber, electrician, painter, or contractor directly,without having to deal with a middleman.Though I live on the ground floor directly facing the street, I've never felt unsafe. It has also given me many advantages: heat is immediate from the boiler directly below my apartment, water is from the city instead of the tank on the roof, a vintage elevator is not a concern, and being right off the lobby means the area around my front door is presentable.My dealings with the office staff are courteous and easygoing, and while my contact with the Bruscos has been limited, it has always been cordial and respectful.I appreciate the ongoing responsibility of upkeep and repairs, and I love the fact that the responsibility isn't mine, but the benefits are. In short, I consider this my home, and I'm very grateful to be living here."
By: Dan B.
Cooper & Cooper Real Estate
HANDS DOWN THE BEST!! I know what you're thinking. How is it possible for a real estate brokerage in New York City to have so many 5 star reviews? I am here to echo 100+ reviewers that these guys are the real deal. From the moment I called them, I could tell they were different. They were friendly, responsive, made sure I was prepared with my documents (letter from my employer, bank statement, pay stubs, etc) and willing to meet me on short notice (I had been left for dead by one of the big agencies, and running out of time to find a place). Cooper & Cooper came to my rescue, thank goodness! They have tons of access to great buildings across the city. I looked in a few different neighborhoods with my agent before settling on a fantastic 2 bedroom. Approval was quick, I signed the lease and done! Finding an apartment can be super-stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Give these folks a call, they won't disappoint!!
By: Jim C.
Cooper & Cooper Real Estate
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By: tom80th
Brusco Realty
Being a long time resident of the upper west side and living in the same apt. for over 25 years (thanks to the compassion and understanding of the Brusco's) I can only rebuke anything negative about the entire Brusco Family. For years I felt like I had to apologize to anyone coming over to my apt. for the first time as the entry and hallways were atrocious! Soon after the Brusco's purchased the bldg. the improvements began and they continue....and I am talking major improvements from a new boiler to all new stairs and flooring. As for the Brusco office staff especially Orchid and Celsa, they are ALWAYS courteous and professional. It may not look like it here but I know many, many happy Brusco tenants!!
By: Alan S.
Brusco Realty
ABOVE AND BEYOND CUSTOMER SERVICE! Joe Brusco was wonderful as my realtor. He took time to listen to my needs and found multiple apartments that met my criteria. He filtered the choices after questioning me about what I liked and disliked about the apartments we had just seen. He was responsive by phone and email. He was always punctual and I felt he never wasted my time (it was obvious that he prescreened each apartment he took me to.) In fact, even after the lease was signed (when other agents would never be seen again) Joe was helpful to me by securing professional services and furniture. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone looking for a professional, caring realtor.
By: Greg L.
Panam Equities
Renting from Pan Am Equities is so easy and stress free. I was able to quickly lock something in with Mirador and moved into a gorgeous renovated building. I even requested an additional cleaning before moving in and they actually accommodated my request. I have had such trouble with small asks from management companies in the past. Everyone who I have communicated with via Pan Am's resident relations has been pleasant and wonderful. They even have a super cute email newsletter that features building pets! This is a company that actually cares about making people comfortable. So hard to find that from a real estate company in NYC.
By: J C.
Ny Living Solutions
I worked with Delroy Bodley twice; first when I moved to NYC in 2013, then again when I moved to San Francisco in 2014. Delroy helped me find a place in the neighborhood I wanted even though I couldn't be on site to see it. He had backup plans and everything, which helped because my first choice fell through. When I moved to SF he helped me find a subletter and worked TIRELESSLY. Weekends, holidays, and nights. Even for a puny 2 month sublease. He always kept me updated and even sent me my mail after I left the apartment. We hit a few roadblocks along the way, but he always kept pushing forward. 10/10, A+

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