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By: jerry.m.nci
David Shafer, M.D. - Shafer Plastic Surgery
I am very active male. I work out several times a week and do my best to strong and in shape. I have a large neck size and that doesn't bother me one bit. I am 5'11 and weight varies from 230-240lbs depending on time of year and work out regimen. Over the past few years I began to notice that my neck became a Fat Storage facility. From my jaw bone to my neck line just got fat and it was driving me crazy. Sure it bothered me cuz it made me look a fat around the facial area. Worse than that was the way I felt about myself. Laying down and watching TV or looking down while driving or sitting at a desk etc... It was very annoying and I needed to fix this.Dr. Shafer did an Amazing job. I had ZERO Bruising and some normal to be expected swelling. Everything Dr. Shafer promised was an understatement. Dr. Shafer is a very down to earth, friendly, likeable person with an ability to perform as a surgeon up there at the very top of all the plastic surgeons around (coast to coast).Let me add that Dr. Wade is the Greatest Anesthesiologist ever. A super nice/sweet and kind person, very caring and professional. You will feel right no worries with her. Relax, Trust them and let them to their magic. I drifted off for an hour and woke feeling no pain and clear minded... I had no need for any pain medicine. Sure I had a script but I didn't even need it. I took Tylenol and prior to the procedure I loaded up on Bromelain and Arnica to reduce swelling and minimize bruising (which there was none). I also put Arnica Gel on my neck for the first 48 hours.I highly recommend using Dr. Shafer and Dr Wade as a team. If you are considering having any procedure done. Please call Stacy in the office 212-888-7770 and make an appointment to meet and consult with Dr. Shafer. Stacy is very friendly and welcoming. When you meet Dr Shafer's surgical coordinator Eileen you will agree that she is a Sweetheart... Extremely knowledgeable and professional with such a friendly persona. It has only been one week and I feel Great.... THANK YOU DR SHAFER & DR. WADE, You are the BEST!!!! Jerry M.
By: stanbrennan692
Dr. Steven Pearlman
I had a Septoplasty with a Rhinoplasty back in September of this year. I was just doing research online and looking at reviews that were given online. It was great. You know, he went through the options and set the proper expectations which they thoroughly explained everything, answering any question I've had. They were great about laying out what the process entails from initial consults to wanting to get a follow-up consultation. They were good about answering all the questions I had over the phone and providing process in it, and the other part of the process entailed getting an MRI I had done previously. And they gave me a calendar that laid out the timetable for when you start taking if you got medications and so on. So, it was very organized and I thought it was helpful that they gave me materials that you could refer to. So, I think all the doctors were really good and they were great about telling you what to expect, what you should be doing to prepare and how you should plan to recover.It ended up being really great. You know, I had expected to be out for, I don't know, one to two weeks. And I think after about three or four days, I was basically not back to normal but able to go about my day and everything except the cast on my nose. But when the cast did come off, there wasn't very much bruising at all and it wasn't very noticeable. So, it was a very quick recovery and I was really pleased with that. It’s definitely a huge improvement. I wouldn't say it's perfect in every way, but I think I'm definitely satisfied with it and wouldn't really consider doing any follow-up work. So, in that regard, I think I am happy.
By: Sarah G.
David Shafer, M.D. - Shafer Plastic Surgery
I am an actress and solo performer in NYC. I am writing this review because Dr. David Shafer has changed my life -- and now I want EVERYONE who is contemplating plastic surgery TO THEIR FACE to know that Dr. Shafer is the doctor to trust. Firstly, as a surgeon, this man is a miracle worker, as he combines supreme surgical expertise with exquisite artistry. This, I'm sure, is the main reason why he is rated as the TOP in his field. But also, Dr. Shafer listens. He will sit and hear your concerns. He is extremely unusual in this way, as it is clear by spending time with him that he is one of the most open-hearted and empathic human beings you will ever meet. And these character traits are evident, as well, in his entire staff. His coordinator Eileen is gifted at making you feel at ease and anxiety free -- and her kindness is palpable. I have suffered for several years with a double chin. No matter how thin I was, I couldn't get rid of it. This PLAGUED me while onstage, and finally I confided to my friend who was in show business that I needed to find a surgeon, and her face lit up and she screamed, "Dr. Shafer! He's the best in the business and all of my actress friends and model friends go to him!" I remember thinking that her reaction was quite over-the-top and theatrical. AND NOW...I GET IT COMPLETELY. I HAVE BECOME THAT WOMAN, SHOUTING THIS MAN'S NAME FROM THE ROOFTOPS! Dr. Shafer performed liposuction on my neck/chin/jawline and for the first time in ten years, I feel NO SHAME about my appearance. And people are telling me I look ten years younger. His work is flawless. Thank you, Dr. Shafer, for this gift.
By: archiedonlad
Dr. Steven Pearlman
It was my third time getting Botox done with Dr. Pearlman. I was motivated to get Botox basically when I turned 41, I've decided that maybe I take a little Botox just to keep my skin not to, you know, get those wrinkles off of my face. My forehead was getting a little bit of those expression marks on it. I wanted to erase those if I could so I did. He's done an incredible job doing that for me. It feels like a little bit of sting on the skin basically but it's nothing horrible feeling. It's just a little bit of a sting like a bee sting. I think after the next two, three days I see really great and incredible skin. It just rejuvenated back to when I was 25 years old. I love Botox. If it is done correctly, people will keep getting Botox, so it just depends on where you go, what you get done and I think with Dr. Steven Pearlman it will be incredible. He knows exactly where to put the Botox for your face. I would recommend him 100%. I would start having some friend go here and do a little once every eight, nine months because, you know, they say you're supposed to get Botox in about three to four months, but I find that I can get mine done just twice a year. It is fine. It does react to different skin. It depends on how deep are your wrinkles. So, you get it at the beginning. I think there's less maintenance to maintain.
By: ggsopinion
David Shafer, M.D. - Shafer Plastic Surgery
Dr. Shafer has changed my life. A mother of two small kids. A body that looked like I had 5. I use to be in shape, thin with a cute frame however things changed after the babies that no exercise could make better. I had a herniated belly button, stomach still looking as if I was 5 months pregnant, breasts almost down to my belly button and lop sided with stretch marks on my stomach. OH I was not happy for a long time and then I made the decision that it was mommy time. I researched several different docs and decided on Dr. Shafer. I went with him because he is double board certified and has a background in trauma and he's honest. His demeanor was friendly, knowledgeable, easy to talk to and OH did he do a fantastic job on me. Eileen also made the decision very easy - what a great balance. He was also referred. I am healing beautifully. I can't even begin to tell you that it hasn't been a month yet but my results are so noticeable already that it is mind blowing. My friends and family cant believe the difference and if you saw the before and after photos you would be saying the same thing. I got a reduction, lift, full tummy tuck which fixed my herniated belly button and took away all of my stretch marks. I feel brand new and I look it too. I would highly recommend him - I mean highly.
By: buddynorm
Dr. Steven Pearlman
Dr. Pearlman did reconstructive surgery on my nose after a sports injury. That was probably about over a year ago. He was very helpful. I had a brother that recommended me to him. He is very professional. I like the way he operates. He makes you feel very at home. My brother had a Rhinoplasty, and he loved everything about him and his experience so I had to try him out. He was very helpful with everything including the staff. Everybody was very helpful with the process. When I got my injury, I went to an emergency room to re-fix my nose and re-set it right away. They completely messed up my nose and it was crooked. So, basically, I came to Dr. Pearlman about a week later, and he took me the next day as quickly as he could which was great. I dont think he would do that. He took me the day after I had a consultation with him. Everything about him, I just liked and the result came out perfect. I like everything about the way my nose looks now. I would recommend him to anybody. Its probably one of the easiest procedures that I ever had done. Also, they are probably the best staff that Ive ever had to deal with, and if I ever had anything that has to be done in the future, he is the first person that I would call.
By: josephhh
Edmund Kwan MD
I had an incredible experience with Dr. Kwan. He is located on 5th Ave right across from the Met (a perfect location). His staff was super friendly, especially the anesthesiologist. I went in for rhinoplasty and a chin implant. I had a really weak chin and a big nose that I was very self-conscious about. Dr. Kwan removed the hump from the top of my nose, narrowed the bridge, and chiseled the bone down so it didn't protrude as much. In addition to my follow-up appointment, Dr. Kwan called me after my surgery (over the weekend!) to check in with me. We even exchanged several emails back and forth when I had questions. What I valued most about my experience with Dr. Kwan is that he recognized that every patient is different. He understands that plastic surgery is personal to each individual, and every individual has different needs. He not only met my expectations, but he far surpassed them. I think it is essential to be able to sit down with your plastic surgeon and not feel like you are being rushed out the door. Dr. Kwan was calm, thoughtful, and insightful. He took my concerns seriously and acted with care. Definitely recommend.
By: donnagrahamnyny
Dr. Steven Pearlman
I had Botox and Restylane. I find that Dr. Pearlman really takes his time to determine what is needed, and he has a very conservative approach. I've been happy with the results. I like the fact that he has very strong credentials and he is with Mt. Sinai. That was important to me. During the consultation, he explained various different procedures that might benefit and to get the results that I was looking for, but the use of Botox and Restylane, I have been able to get the results that I wanted in keeping a very natural look. The results are long lasting. This was my first visit since May of this year, so that's a longer period of time than I've experienced with other doctors. Normally, the Botox does wear off after a few months so it lasted me longer than usual. My results are definitely natural looking and would recommend Dr. Pearlman. He has very strong credentials and you'll get the results that you're looking for. When it comes to his office, the environment is very comfortable and very professional and the staff is extremely attentive.
By: Michelle Y.
Michelle R. Yagoda M.D., P.C.
I brought my daughter in for a rhinoplasty and correction of her deviated septum. We picked Dr. Yagoda because she takes care of singers, is an ENT doc and a facial plastic surgeon. She couldn't have been nicer, more patient or more thorough. It was my daughter's first endoscopy and Dr. Yagoda explained everything in advance so my daughter (and I) would know what to expect. Dr. Yagoda listened to what my daughter wanted to achieve cosmetically and she explained how she was going to do it by drawing pictures and showing us real life before and after photos. She told us what to expect in terms of my daughter's singing and the special precautions she takes during and after surgery. We felt so comfortable with her! Surgery was at Manhattan Eye and Ear and everything was top notch. The recovery went uneventfully and my daughter had virtually no pain or bruising. Surgery was 7 months ago and the results are beautiful and natural. We made the right choice with Dr. Yagoda!
By: esterja
Dr. Steven Pearlman
I've been going to Dr. Pearlman for almost seven years, so I had Rhinoplasty. I had a Chin Lift. I had Botox. I've had Juvederm. I've had Restylane and a Neck Lift. But, it started when I got my Rhinoplasty back in '06, and I've been coming to him ever since. Your look is natural as possible. No one knows that I even had my nose and chin done. Normally, you could spot them a mile away. So, that was the first thing. I mean that was unbelievable. I've just been coming for years because honestly I don't trust my face to anyone else. I wouldn't go to anyone but him. I've never even had a problem. The staff has always been fantastic. I talked about Dr. Pearlman constantly. I've had a lot of friends that get these procedures done with dermatologist and also they may be wonderful dermatologists when it comes to the face. No one understands the face like he does, and he is very conservative. He doesn't want you looking over done. I think that's the best thing.
Tips & Advices
Plastic surgeons can be affiliated with hospitals, but it is not a rule. There are hospitals that have comprehensive plastic surgery wings that some surgeons are affiliated with, but affiliation tends to align more with private plastic surgery clinics than with hospitals.
There are variables on an initial consultation, but expect the doctor to review your medical history and discuss the procedure, , its pros and cons of the procedure, surgical and non-surgical options, risks, cost, insurance coverage, and recovery time. Some provide computer imaging of what you will look like pre and post-surgery.
Many doctors provide free consultations for clients, but it is not required.
A plastic surgeon does not have to be board certified. Board certification sets the minimum competency requirements to treat and diagnose patients.
To become a plastic surgeon, one must earn a medical degree, gain a medical license and enroll in a residency and fellowship programs. A plastic surgeon is highly skilled and trained in surgical procedures, but their training has an emphasis on tissue transfer, body contouring and laser surgery, skills associated with plastic surgery.

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