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By: Don P.
Economy Best Vision Inc.
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By: Migdalia A.
Wizard of Eyes Optical
Went to get a 2nd pair of glasses. Paid cash in full ahead of time. I was told I would be called when lenses were available. I was never called because they took down the wrong number. When I went to pickup my glasses the staffer was too busy having a personal conversation with a guy and left me waiting. She acted late he I was bothering her. They gave me the glasses but did not offer to adjust them. The lenses were damaged in the side. They were chipped. I was told that the machine did it. They did not seem to see anything wrong with them. I paid for a product and it was given to me damaged. After complaining, they said they would re-order the lenses. I went to get my lenses replaced and when I went back to pick them up I was informed and showed that the machine had cracked my lenses. They did nothing wrong it was the machine. The on site supervisor Karen has no clue about customer service. She cut me off and has asinine answers for posed questions. No one cares that she has 17 years of experience because all her experience has not gotten me the glasses that were ordered a month prior. No one cares thR the store is busy or how they manage their store. What matters is that they provide individual and quality service to their clients. On this, Karen gets a "F". Mind you when I went inside the store, there was another unsatisfied client raising her voice T her. SHOCKER
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By: Rönny B.
Gallant Eyewear
Great service! Great glasses nice prices! Staff was well educated and great to me and my sons. I really love the doctor to. Nice and she knows how to treat her patients well.
By: Sally C.
Studio Optix
I highly recommend Studio Optix. All the Doctors are excellent, knowledgeable, patient and kind. The front of house staff are outstanding, friendly and helpful. For selecting frames I work with Dawn and/or Sandy who are exceptional in helping to find unique outstanding frames that not only look fabulous but also suit your personality. You are not likely to find another place like this anywhere else in NYC!
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By: Cesar V.
Sam & Anna Optics Inc
They are fantastic. I send them my ophthalmologist's prescription from Brazil by e-mail and they had the glasses made for me in less than a week. Their service is excellent, their prices are great.
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By: Sarah A.
Pildes Optical
Wonderful group of people. Felt like going to an eye doctor in a small town! The examining doctor was very attentive and gave good advice.
By: Christina P.
Chelsea Eyes Associates
I went into Chelsea Cosmetic last year for a consult regarding a little pouch on my lower abdomen. They recommended CoolSculpting. Boy do I regret ever doing it. Two weeks after the procedure, the areas GREW in size to three times as big as before! I had no "fat" on my upper abs, and just a little on my bra roll before, but afterwards these areas all looked like I had gained 15 lbs! They said I had "paradoxical hyperplasia", and that the only solution was lipo. They then recommended a lipo doctor, and 9 mo later, I still don't have my original body back! I work out every day, but those areas make my entire torso look bloated! And the doctor says he is afraid to take out more fat because the fat could be changed from the freezing and might leave me with indentations! I wish I had never let them do CoolSculpting or trusted them.
By: susarath
Gruen Optika Corp. (All NYC Locations)
I ordered two pairs of glasses at the Lexington Avenue store, and thought better of it within the hour. I was told that I could not return them, within one hour, because that was the policy. I asked where the policy is written and they said it was on the receipt and on a sign. My glasses had broken and so I couldn't see anything. When I went back to the store the manager showed me the sign: 3 inches by 8 inches with silver letters on a silver background. Really? I think the store should say upfront that you are stuck if you make an impulsive purchase, and before you sign your receipt they should tell you verbally that there are no returns.And then, the glasses are not well made and I will have to bring them back to have the lenses refocused. I can't read in them. The training of sales people should include giving the buyer fair warning that they are on their own. Susan Micari
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By: Sheila D.
Sam & Anna Optics Inc
Lovely Experience on 72nd St.So I'm walking west on 72nd St., and I see this green awning and it's an Optometrist shop which looks quite nice. The glasses in the window are calling me to come in. I did and for the next 45 min. I tried on at least 30 pair of glasses. (Sam's patience was abounding) and finally chose a pair of frames. Sam & Ana are the loveliest people to do business with and there's no pressure and they are just very, very pleasant. They are now my go-to people for glasses and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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By: Earl S.
Gallant Eyewear
Horrible experience. They have a good selection of frames for kids which is why I went there. Went there Saturday to get lens and frames for my daughter and 1 week and a half later still haven't gotten them. The woman there keeps coming up with an excuse of the lens wasn't sent yet from the lab smh. I suggest anyone in that area just go to Rogot or go anywhere else to get your lens made cause their service is just horrible.
Tips & Advices
A regular eye exam focuses on the general health of your eyes, while a contact lens exam is focused specifically on how your eyes react to contact lenses. A contact lens exam tests how well you see while wearing contacts. Your eyes are also evaluated to make sure your tear ducts produce enough tears to allow you to comfortably wear contact lenses.
The cost of contact lenses depends on the type of lens being purchased and the vision problem that is being corrected. For nearsightedness, you'll be able to purchase a box of six lenses for roughly $25. Each lens needs to be replaced after a couple of weeks, which will require you to purchase 10 boxes of lenses each year, for a total of $250 per year. Contact lenses that treat other conditions like astigmatism and presbyopia are more expensive, and can cost $500-$700 a year.
Some people may experience certain side effects when wearing contact lenses. Dry eyes may result, and some people may experience eye or eyelid inflammation. Some contact lens wearers may also develop allergic reactions to the liquid contact lens solution that is used to clean and disinfect the lens.
The cost of an eye exam can range $50-$250 or more. The cost will depend on the tests that are included, and whether the exam involves a contact lens fitting. The cost of the test will also hinge on whether the exam is performed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist.
An eye exam typically takes 20-30 minutes. If additional tests are required, the process could take longer. Eye exams test your sight, but they are also used to make sure your eyes are in good health. During the test, your eye care professional will ask if you've been experiencing any problems with your vision. Your eyes will be examined using a device known as an ophthalmoscope, and the movement of coordination of your eyes will be checked.

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