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By: myreviewer
Five Boro Mold Specialist
After Hurricane Sandy took its toll on our neighborhood, my entire basement which had been flooded was riddled with mold. We lost so much in the devastation that the thought of having o gut and redo the basement made me ill. I was having so much of a difficult time already trying to get our insurance company to cover some of the repairs that we had to do to the house after the storm. Even though our damages were a lot we were still in better shape than some of my other neighbors whose houses were tagged to be condemned. Because of the length of time our insurance company took to come in and assess the damage our basement remained water logged longer than it should and as a result mold was everywhere. When we called Five Boro Mold Removal Specialist they immediately gave us the reassurance that our mold problem would be rectified. I really appreciated their commitment to doing a thorough job. They went above and beyond the call of duty just to give us relief. There are really no words to express just how thankful we are for the staff that took the time to come all the way down to where we lived and free us of the scourge. Your spectacular service was the best thing that ever happened to us right after Sandy. Keep up the good work that you are doing in helping those who have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy and those who are having issues with their insurance as well.
By: jonathanfalkin
Five Boro Mold Specialist
I had a lot of problems trying to find someone to come out to my home and check out the mold in my mud room because they all said that I was too far away, or out of their normal business route. I even offered one company $20.00 in gas to come out here and check it out but they refused as well. I have young children, toddlers, who walk around the house getting into everything. I do not want my kids getting into mold and becoming sick from something I could have prevented. I was very angry. If it was any of their family members – I am sure they would have been quick to come out and help me, but no, I’m just some random stranger calling them on the phone. I called Five Boros Mold Removal and they were extremely caring and genuinely concerned for my family. They didn’t treat me like a stranger and didn’t give me any “oh, well that’s really just too far for us to go right now”. After coming out and taking the tests and samples of the air and mold, they left. Usually you have to call a company back several times to get an answer to something like this, but they called me before I even considered picking up the phone and calling them for the results. They came back the same day that they called and helped me clean all of this stuff up. Now I do not have to worry about my kids touching the floors, walls and base boards.
By: therojasfamily
Five Boro Mold Specialist
I had a mold problem in my house about two years ago. There was a dreadful fragrance of sewer arriving from around the bathroom. I checked Five Boro Mold Specialist and they informed me that they can have someone come down to my home the same day. I took the information of all Five Boro Mold Specialist and they came down with two experts. They conducted a whole examination in less than half an hour and all at an unexpectedly reasonable cost. After the examination they promised to do the whole elimination on the mold problem for an affordable cost. I left my property and came at home about six hours later and the fragrance was gone, changed with an enjoyable feeling. It’s been two years and I haven't had that fragrance returning. They are most definitely effective experts to depend on in the issue of mold problem. They also run Hurricane Sandy Relief Charity programs that enable people who have been devastated by the storm to benefit from their services at no cost. Five Boro Mold Specialist can come to your aid even if you are not financially able to meet the full cost. They will restore safety to your home. This is our second review of this business as they have multiple locations in NYC, and have served our properties in more than one area...a tremendous lifesaving company....
By: Michael T.
Green Home Solutions
I called Green Home Solutions because a friend of mine recommended them. I had just moved into a new apartment and it ended up stinking like cigarettes and wet dog. Green Home showed up the day after I called and was able to fog the entire apartment for only $500. Next day at about 5pm I re-enter the apartment to no odor at all and even a tiny hint of citrus left over from their solution. Definitely recommend using them.
By: Mike C.
Green Home Solutions
I had mold in my basement that had been left to grow for several years. I finally decided to address it last week, and Green Home Solutions came in and cleaned the whole place up. In comparison to all the other companies I had spoken to, GHS was the cheapest and did a great job.
By: Nick A.
Green Home Solutions
Green Home Solutions provided me with an easy and affordable way to rid my house of the disgusting mold growing in my attic and the odor that came from it.
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By: Claribel B.
Habitat Safe Solutions
If this unfortunate situation happens again, you guys will be the first company we contact! You clearly know what you are doing.
Tips & Advices
Home insurance typically doesn’t cover mold inspection--mold remediation overall is a category that homeowner insurance rarely covers. If caused by a “specified peril” such as a burst pipe, household appliance overflow or flood, the insurance will cover expenses related to mold remediation.
Yes, mold can be dangerous to human health. The types of mold that can cause harm to humans are allergenic mold and the black mold strain called stachybotrys atra. Certain black molds produce toxins, and can be hazardous to respiratory health. There are types of green mold that cause allergic reactions in some people that can be as severe as black mold sickness.
Mold testing begins with a visual inspection, that is performed with specialized equipment, such as thermal imaging cameras. Once the top problem spots are identified, the mold specialist will get an air sample in the most problematic zone, and compare it to an air sample from fresh outdoor air. Follow-up tests--either more air samples or surface swab analyses--cost extra.
Black mold has become synonymous with toxic mold, but this is misleading. Black mold really just refers to the color of the mold, and there are many types of mold that present as black and are not toxic. The group called stachybotrys atra can produce mycotoxins, which are potentially quite dangerous to human respiratory systems.
A mold inspector should be called if you suspect there may be mold somewhere in the house, but you cannot find it on your own. It should also be called if mold is found, but it is difficult to assess what type it is.

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