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By: rosieyposie7
MAC Cosmetics
wow, who online today can say thatsentence!...as my momRECALLSgoing downtown from the BRONX & making a visitto the 3rd AVE EL @BLOOMINGDALESwhen she was only 10 years old,in 1933! JUST IMAGINE...BLOOINGDALESOPEN FOR BUSINESS IN THE GREATDEPRESSION!WOW...its almost the GREATDEPRESSION AGAIN!just for side story- that year mom say in 1933- BLOOMINGDALEShad a outside store front when you'd get off the 3RD AVE EL TRAIN, and there was a POT BELLYHEATER STOVE, right outside of BLOOMINGDALES STORE before goinginside, there was HOT COCO DRINKSis what mom recalls as a kid back then.And just for the record,I would like to find out--just WHAT YEAR BLOOMINGDALES DID OPEN FOR BUSINESS over there?makeCOMMENTS,thanks,DOROTHYrosieyposie7@aol.comcheck out my other RATINGSover at:HILTON HOTEL, NYNY HOTEL TRADES COUNCIL, 8TH AVE NYJOEL ABRAMSON, NYHB CHEVROLET, FOREST HILLSREMAX BENCH MARK,MIDDLETOWN NYBANK OF AMERICA, NYCOUNTRYWIDE,CA,TX,NY PK AVE SO,C21 AMIABLE, HOWARD BEACHREMAX LIBERTY, OZONE PARKJASA ADULT PROTECTIVE SERV, REGO PKCOLDWELL BANKER, FRESH MEADOWS
By: Michael C.
Guardhill Financial Corp
GuardHill Financial Corp. - Leaders in the Mortgage Industry.Pros:The best part about working at GuardHill is undoubtedly working with the steller team that has been assembled over the course of time. The group of Loan Officers at this company are some of the best in the entire industry, coupled with a truly exceptional back office.Cons:One must constantly be on their toes in an effort to keep up with changes in the market. There is a significant amount of content and knowledge that must be absorbed and retained in order to execute your specific job efficiently. It is a fast moving industry and one that is always changing.Advice:Senior management continues to do an excellent job in all facets.
By: Julia P.
OROGOLD Exclusive
Excited about Orogold. I was really worried about my wrinkles before I came across this brand. I also suffered from puffy eyes and dark circles and had begun to feel depressed because of how sad my skin looked. I wouldn’t say that Orogold has worked like a charm, because there is still a long way to go, but I have finally found some hope with this brand. After using the products for two weeks, I can actually see a noticeable difference and my wrinkles certainly seem to be a bit diminished. Looking forward to see what kind of results these products offer in the long run. But am definitely impressed by the service offered at the Madison Square flagship store. Really cool!!!
By: Diana E.
OROGOLD Exclusive
The perfect cosmetics store for your needs.Came across the flagship store of Orogold and found it to be super cool! The staff are very knowledgeable, very helpful and very courteous. They go to great lengths to ensure that you have a great time and the store is made in a way that you are bound to feel comfortable. Loved the product display and enjoyed my complimentary facial thoroughly. Really cannot imagine how one facial could bring about such a noticeable difference. They offered me a few product demonstrations and I was most impressed by the Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling. This product really is the best deep peel in the market.
By: Marjorie H.
OROGOLD Exclusive
Cool products, a cooler store. I went to NYC on a holiday with some friends and came across the Orogold Cosmetics store. Its stores like these that makes shopping in New York so exciting. Found the service to be awesome and the staff were really cool and helpful. I don’t think that I have had so much fun at a cosmetics store and I only have these guys to thank for that. Found the product displays to be really cool and awesome and the products themselves were super effective. They offer you with free demos of the products so that you can satisfy your doubts before you actually purchase them. Really cool stuff!!!
By: Ashleigh S.
OROGOLD Exclusive
The Madison Store is fantastic.Been using Orogold for a few months now. Was really excited to check out their brand new flagship store in NYC. I found this store to be the best Orogold store so far and the staff really made it special. Have come across a few overenthusiastic Orogold staff at another store, but the Madison Square one is just about perfect. Fanciful decors, superb service and what products. If you’re already hooked to Orogold, you know that these products are so effective that you forget everything else. And if you haven’t used them till now, well what are you really spending on your time on???
By: Catherine R.
OROGOLD Exclusive
Love their products. Was introduced to Orogold Cosmetics by one of my friends and I still keep thanking her every time I see her. I really didn’t think that a skin care brand could offer such wonders for the male skin as well. I have been using the Men’s Collection from Orogold and I am really in love the products of this collection. It is everything that a guy wants. Found out that their other products can also work well on a guy’s skin. Dying to try out that facial to see what the hype is all about!! Shall certainly ask for the complimentary facial the next time I go to the Orogold Madison Square Store.
By: aubreycrystal
The staff was great, perfect makeup artists that seem to belong in Hollywood LoL. Customer friendly environment. I normally prefer to do my shopping online, but was informed they had an in store sale on a few things I like.Also, a friend recently showed me a site where I luckily got a 40 dollar promo code to Sephora. I used it the other day to get my foundation and shadow. Anyways, I've been trying to get another code and it's not working, I guess they have a way of tracking you if you've already got one, I'm not sure. I'm out of luck on this, so I thought I'd share the link www.sephoradaily.com
By: Jordan A.
Guardhill Financial Corp
Working with GuardHill Financial showed me how a business can go from solely communicating over a phone or email, to a company that takes on the relationships with clients to a completely different level. I was able to communicate back and forth with representatives of the company regarding any questions or concerns that I had. In regards to creating the best possible loan offer for me, GuardHill Financial was able ensure the most competitive rates with the best service in the business. I was very happy that I choose GuardHill Financial to help me with my mortgage.
By: Peter M.
Olivos Property Perfection, Inc.
They are surperb. Great skillful people. I liked how they came to my house and before I said what could be the problem, one Spanish guy that drove the van first in my driveway, showed me the issues that me and my wife had. This company is experienced. They showed me they cared by always double checking my ducts and pipes. Good work olivos property perfection. I appreciate their fast work too. Good job.

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