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By: Victor C.
NYC Wholesale Diamonds
If you live in the tri-state area, there is hands down only one person you need to see if you're buying a diamond/engagement ring, and that's Keith...of everything I've ever bought, from a toothbrush to a flatscreen TV to a car, this was easily the best experience I've had. When I started looking into an e-ring, I spent an admittedly obsessive amount of time doing homework (if you're going to spend this much on something, only makes sense). I quickly realized how crucial the cut of the diamond is, and finding a diamond who's angles and specs fall within a very stringent set of proportions is top priority...problem being that most jewelry stores and jewelry sales people, even ones who have been doing this for years, know little to nothing about cut other than "well it says 'excellent cut', what more do you need?"After spending a considerable amount of time looking through diamonds in stores and online, and coming up with mixed results, I read some glowing reviews of Keith one afternoon and decided to check him out. Sent him an email with what I was looking for so he could narrow down some options for me, and went in that same afternoon. He already knew that I had done a decent amount of homework, so we got down to business. In my mind, I was thinking we would have to sort through a bunch of diamonds, and discuss, and narrow down, and go through some more, etc etc until we found one, but nope. Without wasting any time, he whips out GIA reports for two holy grail diamonds with the exact cut specs that I'd spent hours looking for...after glancing through the reports, he showed me the actual rocks, cause sometimes numbers on paper don't tell the whole story, but these diamonds were so shiny and perfect, it was like they were radioactive. Finally, I braced myself for the price, which I assumed was the final catch...I almost fell out of my chair when he told me, almost 30% less than what I was finding in stores and even online...how he manages to price competitively with the top online retailers, for a nearly perfect diamond, I have no idea...almost bought it on the spot but decided to take a week to think about it, which Keith was more than happy to let me do. Never tried to upsell, or give me a timeline or pressure me into anything...I came in so under-budget that I was looking for ways to possibly spend more, which he questioned the wisdom of (I took the advice). Came back a week later and bought the diamond, as well as let him handle the setting which he was able to design from scratch. To wrap it up, fiancé loves the diamond more than anything, and can't say enough about how great this whole experience was, recommend Keith 100% to anyone.
By: Beth I.
Diamond Buyer NYC, Inc
I wish I knew 2 weeks ago, what I know now ! I would have saved myself from chasing pavements ! As if having ' La tour de 47th street' is not difficult enough ..... all those foxes over there ... G-d works in mysterious ways .I let myself go there for the last time and try selling my jewelry . As if something guided me I turend towards Fifth Av. #580 , first. Not before I spoke to some guys and set some appointments...Thank G-d I have met Jonathan first , that day . I was so devastated by my 'trip' to 47th street so I was willing to sell without hoping , anymore , to get the best deal.Jonathan welcomed me so pleasently and with a deep understanding. He looks so young , but we are talking about a guy with over then 15 years of experiance .He gave me a good and fair number right away . I was surprised and happy and said that i'll think about it. He is in the business a fair amount of time so he knew that he gave me a good deal and said 'Look no further ', you won't get better than that ! I knew he was right cause I did my 'homework' the week before , with several traders on that well known street ...I was tempted to ask for $300 more ! ( I know that my jewelry worthed that ! ) Unlike the rest, Jonathan was fair and honest , also had a vision and knew right away what he is going to do with my piece of jewel ! He didn't want to 'lose' me and I didn't want to 'lose' him ....... He agreed ! I was happy and felt , for the first time that i'm not being mislead ! Don't they say that the best deal is being accomplished when both sides are satisfied , agree and shake a hand on it ? that's what happened ! And ... I got cash !!! Each one of us knew that he is getting something good , G-d did justice with me ! I just wished I knew Jonathan several weeks ago . Perhaps it was good that I have met him after meeting all those scums ... then I could really appreciate what I have !In this 'open market' you should be careful . I wish you would read my review and save yourselves a lot of time , agony and head aces.....
By: Faizan S.
NYC Wholesale Diamonds
Before meeting Keith, my fiance and I were completely overwhelmed by the engagement ring buying process. I had done a lot of online reading and been to a few stores in person but had no idea what I was doing and was really worried about being taken for a ride by a jeweler. All of that changed when my fiance and I met Keith with NYC Wholesale Diamonds. His complete understanding of the diamond market and calm demeanor immediately put us at ease.He gave us a thorough and easy-to-understand lesson on the 4 C’s which allowed us to make educated decisions on what was important to us in buying a diamond. Once we communicated our preferences on the 4 C’s to Keith, he searched through his extensive collection and was able to show us two amazing diamonds that were exactly what we were looking for. After making our decision, he continued to be immediately responsive via email until the ring was delivered. He walked me through how to buy insurance, provided an appraisal, and GIA certification (which he explained the significance of). He even insisted on us sharing our proposal news with him. We can’t recommend Keith highly enough and will be going to him for every diamond purchase we make for the rest of our lives.A couple of more quick notes on Keith:1. My situation was a bit atypical in that I went through the entire ring-buying process with my fiance. We both loved him right away.2. He never tried to upsell us on anything throughout the process, which was huge. This was the first diamond I had bought and was worried about someone trying to nickel and dime me as had happened at other stores but, in fact, Keith spoke with me about ways to minimize cost.3. His timeline was 2-3 times faster than anyone else. Everywhere else we went had quoted us 4-6 weeks from deposit to delivery; Keith had the ring to me exactly how we discussed in 8 days!4. No one was even close to matching in terms of price and quality. I did a lot of pricing research and no one was in the same stratosphere.
By: Erica I.
I figured if I was ever going to sell my engagement ring why not do it in the diamond district. Navigating through all the buyers isn't easy, so i read reviews on Yelp and put these buyers to the test. One quick lesson learned is that if you had something appraised you shouldn't expect anything near that price from a buyer, appraisal's are for "retail replacement value and for insurance purposes", besides, these jewelers need to earn a living. All of the reputable "buyers" I visited seem to have the same tactics, from telling me my diamond is out of style to asking me how much I want. If I knew how much i wanted I would not be asking for an offer! The offers I received ranged considerably which left me frustrated. I decided to take lunch before finalizing a deal and that's when a friend referred me to TRUVAL! At this point I already had 3 offers and figured why not- am i glad i did that!I met with Shlomi Shlomo at their buying facility, it's located upstairs which I prefer as it's more discrete. Working with Shlomi was truly a pleasure, I could tell right away that he was forthcoming, honest and a real diamond expert. He's also a gemologist and diamond cutter with all the tools he needs to assess your jewels right in front of you. He explained what affects the price of my diamond in a friendly and educated manner. I know he was telling the truth because I spoke with 6 other jewelry buyers before meeting with him. The biggest difference was their approach to buying, at Truval shlomi explained to me how he evaluates the potential to recut my diamond to improve its cut, clarity & even color. Finally he made me an educated offer based on real world market values which exceeded any previous offer I received from the earlier establishments. What makes Truval special is that they're not greedy like the rest of the unethical competition in the district. If you have any needs to sell jewelry make sure to visit them first or last, either way you'll be glad you did!
By: Andrew W.
Plaza Watch & Jewelry Exchange
I I was recommended to this place by a close friend. He told me they have the largest collection of new and vintage watches in the world. I frankly was skeptical, but when I went into the store I couldn't believe it. Although the store they have is quite small, they have more watches per square inch in any one could possibly imagine! As soon as I went in I was approached by a tall very friendly gentleman by the name of George. He asked me if there was anything he could show me. I told him I was looking for a certain style of Omega watch that I remember as a kid my grandfather had. He proceeded to show me multiple trays of the Omega watches that had virtually every style I could possibly imagine. He said they had over 1000 just Omega watches in their shop. After about an hour of being very patient with me, George found the exact watch I was looking for. It was a vintage omega from the 1950's. It was not gold, but rather stainless steel. It had an extra large round case with very fancy large tear drop lugs. It had a very unusual silver faded dial with black Arabic numbers. It came on a black lizard strap just like the one my father had! The watch was in new condition, even though it was about 70 years old. They gave me a 2 year guarantee with the watch as well. The price was about half of what I was expecting to pay if I even found he watch I wanted, which I was surprised I even found. This place tends to be very busy, so some times you may need some patience. Overall, I would say I was very satisfied & like my friend I would recommend this shop if your a collector of moderate to high watches and timepieces. I would also suggest you ask for George as he was the one who personally took care of me and answered all my questions and had a tremendous amount patience.
By: Ro D.
G Creations Inc
Solitaire Creations is absolutely fantastic!I had them make a custom engagement ring for my fiance (now wife) and the results were absolutely spectacular! I came in with a rough idea of what I was looking for and after consulting with Dennis, I felt absolutely comfortable with him, his abilities and his understanding of what I was looking for. He was thorough, thoughtful and helped me through many different choices of engagement rings (which can be overwhelming!) until we had the perfect ring. About a week and a half later, I had a mock up of the ring (with Dennis' insight) and then a few weeks after that, I had the finished product. The engagement ring Solitaire made was truly beyond words and they went absolutely above and beyond my wildest dreams. When I proposed, my wife was in absolute awe of the ring and Solitaire's work. We still get tons and tons of compliments on the ring and have been referring people back to Solitaire Creations constantly.We also had them make us our wedding bands, as well as fix a few other heirloom pieces of jewelry and I can say, without hesitation, that they are the most professional, honest, caring and thorough jewelers I have ever dealt with. Their knowledge of the products are unparalleled and their prices are excellent. We will continue to use them for all of our jewelry (and watch!) needs and they will absolutely be "our jeweler" for years to come.To Dennis and the Solitaire team, thank you and we look forward to seeing you again soon!
By: localgoldminers
Color Merchants
Greetings, Am Mr. Mike Koffi Nana CEO, koffinanalocagoldminning Company Ltd, we are located in the Western Region of Ghana, our Aim and objective is for all Foreign Investors to make Supply of Mining Equipments, for Gold in Return we here in the Mining Field is having a backdated Equipment that is very difficult to mine up to 20, to 50kilo Gram for a Month, so sir hear is our FCO. BELOW. PRODUCT: AU METAL GOLD DUST PURITY: min. 92% FINENESS: 22 CARATS (K) ORIGIN: at Buyer’s choice LOADING PORT: at Seller’s choice QUANTITY: 50kg ...500 kg (OPTION-1 or OPTION-2) ....1st. time TRIAL MAX.100KGASSAY: Final assay to be made by Buyer's choice of Refinery. Seller must allow Buyer to see and inspect the whole quantity of the product in person and is not allowed for a Third Party transaction.DELIVERY: CIF - to Buyers Destination PAYMENT TERM: Final payment within 72 hours after receipt of final assay report from Buyer refinery. OPTION-1: 1. Buyer and seller sign contract. 2. Buyer issue Pre-advice of BG or L/C (no SBLC) 3. Seller issue operative 2% PB. 4. Buyer issue operative 100%BG or irrevocable operative L/C (activated by Seller PB).*** 5. Dispatch goods on CIF basis to the buyer. 6. Buyer inspection at refinery with seller representative. 7. 100% payment within 72 hours. *** the LC or BG stays in effect for the duration of the contract.Localgoldminers.republicghana@hotmail.com+233244012253 Best Regard Mr. Mike Koffi Nana
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By: Lawrence R.
NYC Wholesale Diamonds
When I decided I wanted to propose to my now fiancée I did my fair share of research and shopped around at over ten different jewelry stores (both retail and boutique). There's no other way to put it, Keith was by and far the best jeweler I encountered. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about diamonds, but his familiarity with the diamond industry is unrivaled. In your first meeting with Keith you can expect him to walk you through the process of buying a diamond from the 4 Cs to GIA certifications. He will also have a selection of diamonds to show you, all in the comfort of a private office, that will more than likely be exactly what you described in your email exchange. In terms of professionalism, quality and value, I truly believe NYCWD cannot be beaten. Keith will go out of his way to find the absolute best diamond within your budget and will never try to push/force you to make a decision. Keith held my first choice diamond for me (1 week) while I finished shopping around and never once tried to talk me out of visiting another jeweler. Dealing with Keith felt like an experience, not a transaction. My fiancée is absolutely obsessed with her ring, from the diamond to Keith's custom setting. If you're starting your engagement ring shopping process, look no further! I will be using NYCWD for all of my jewelry needs going forward.
By: Hanna G.
Worthy Inc.
I think these people make their money by selling diamonds well below value so that they attract a high volume of buyers (resellers, not the general public). I sent my diamond and GIA papers to them for the possibility of selling. They gave me a value but after having GIA re-evaluate the stone they said it was only worth about 50% of that value. The problem for them is that their agent neglected to put me on hold while checking something, and I heard another agent tell another potential seller the exact same thing I had been told, in almost exactly the same words--it sounded like a prepared "so sorry it's not worth what we thought" speech.Finally, after telling me it was only worth $2200-$2700, when they returned it to me they insured it for $4500, the original value I'd been quoted and what a local jeweler, who took about a half-hour to study the stone, told me would be a good wholesale price for it.They seem to know a lot about diamonds. Unfortunately for the seller, it appers to me that they use their knowledge to attract a steady stable of bargain-hunting buyers rather than to get the best price for their sellers.
By: Maritza R.
Seans Diamond Jewlery Incorporated
I went to Canal St looking wedding ring and matching band. I was looking for something different. Which I can't find at regular jewlery store with out leaving thousand of dollars. This beautiful store caught my eye. I said to myself not to go in because I knew I couldn't afford anything in there. Well...was I so wrong. I walked in. I was a little intimidated with all the bling. I asked the gentleman when I walk in if the rings were real. Meaning if the were thousands of dollars. He never made his brand sound cheap. He just explained to me how affordable they were and why. The 2 guys and the lady were very nice. Jay took his time with me. 45 min later I was very happy and left with a beautiful set. I truly recommend this place. Moving foward if I'm looking for "fun" accessories this will be the first place I come. I'm getting married on October 2015 and these will be my rings to get married with. With the money I saved I can put towards my home. My rings do not symbolize anything in my future. My love for my future husband does. I'm happy with my rings and that's all that matters.

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