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By: rosieyposie7
New York Hotel Trades Council
OUR FAMILY is family at LOC 153and we'd be lost without the assistance from everyone at LOC 6 in manhattan, @the legal dept,as mom, now 85years on ssr/hotel pension has the best union team around the city in both the legal dept and in the health dept,here with the help the EXCELLENT LEGAL & HEALTH DEPTS STAFF ATTYS AND DOCTORS. MOM retired in late 1980s after working in nyc UNION HOTELS as a reservation agent over 30 years that began originally if I am correct at a time, when the UNION was kind of new in the business the 1950s.And now, after have a CANCER COLON TUMOR by UNION HEALTH doctors removed in 2000, my family had the good luck to LIVE CLOSER to nyc UNION HEALTH CLINICS/DOCTORS and the legal depts if need be.Mom sold her property upstateJUNE 2002, just to live closerto her UNION HEALTH CLINIC herein QUEENS & MANHATTAN.So, when we found a NEW CONSTRUCTION 2004 HOUSE in HOWARD BEACH QUEENS we was so happy to be home owners again! WE STILL LOVE OUR HOUSE VERY VERYMUCH, but we wonder if the LAW will be on our side >?as if was YES, you guessed it>COUNTRYWIDE HOME MORTGAGE lenderoriginally referred to my mom@LOCAL 6 JOHN PROM, that APPROVED her for a HUGE SUMOF CREDIT TO BUY her NEW CONSTRUCTION HOUSE that CLOSED ON A TEMPORARY CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY ON 12/2/2004*MOM, AND MY BROTHER ALSO ON GOVERNMENTINCOME THEN AND NOW-ONLY INCOME WAS THAT,BOTH EARNED INCOME TOTALED$ 1750.00 MONTHLYAND our question now is:UNDER THE NYS LAW OF WARRANTY OF HABITABILITY LAW*ANDUNDER THE NYS BANK MORTGAGE LAW*THE BROKER THAT SIGNED APPROVEDLOAN FOR $ 2972.56*AND MY MOM & BROTHER ONLY INCOMEFROM GOVERNMENT WAS $ 1750*WITH LIMITED CASH IN SAVINGS ACCOUNT TO LAST UP 2 YEARS MAX*TIME...JUST WHERE IS THE LAW ON THE BUYERS SIDE > ?THIS LOAN SHOULD OF NEVER BEEN APPROVED FOR SUCH A HIGH MONTHLYMORTGAGE , CORRECT>?anyways, our builder made aBREACH OF CONTRACT on 10/2005 thru jan 24, 2006 our house was FLOODING ALL THE TIME ON ROOF* AND IN BASEMENT*we had no other choice but to VACATE IT...AND MOVE OUT...AND PUT IT UP FOR SALE ON3/2006 THRU 12/2006NO SHORT SALES WE SAID,ALL 3 ACCEPTED BIDS BUYERS WALKED LATER AND OUR ONLY THING HOLDING STEADY NOW IS THE VALUE ASSESSMENT@ $ 540,500 BY LETTER DEPT OF FINANCE DATED 1/22/2007*MOM LAST MORTGAGE PAID WAS AT2/1/2006*AFTER THE 206 POLICE & HB FIREDEPT REPORTED TO US AT HOUSE OUR HOUSE HAD OVER 100 COUNTS OF CARBON MONIXODE IN BASEMENT-THAT IS WHAT LEAD US TO PUT OUR HOUSE ON MARKET BECAUSE OUR BUILDERREFUSED TO INSPECT OR REPAIR BEFORE AND AFTER THAT DATE*****WE OLD COUNTRYWIDE THIS INFOON THE 800 LINE,NEVER GOT A REPLYOUR ATTYS NEVER GOT A REPLYTHE FORECLOSER DEPT DID NO NEGOTIATIONS OUT OR AT COURT CONFERENCES SINCE IT BEGANJAN 22, 2007 ONE YEAR NOW...ALL THIS TIMEWHAT IS KEVIN BUTLER TALKINGABOUT TO OUR UNION ATTY....?ALL WE REQUEST FROM OUR ATTYS,AND GUARDIAN IS NOWFREEDOM OF SPEECHAND IF I PERSONALLY MUST WRITEA LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATESSO BE IT...SAD, but HOPEFULL UNION FAMILYAT HOWARD BEACH QUEENS,LOC 153 MEMBERSELIZABETH FREEMAN, on deed/mortgDOROTHY FREEMAN, not on deed/mortgDAVID FREEMAN, on deed/mortg.rosieyposie7@aol.comcc: ratings POOR for:countrywide/ca, tx, fh, nycc21 amiable on the bay, hb nyGOOD Ratings:remax liberty, ozone parkcoldwellbanker, fresh meadowsEXCELLENT Ratings:nyc hotel trades council, nycjoel abramson, atty, nychb chevrolet, fh nyc

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