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By: Judy G.
27th Street Kickboxing
Almost a month ago, I was a member at the gym Lucille Roberts. I was a member there for almost two years. Although I was noticing progress in the structure of my body and a decrease in weight, I was forcing myself daily to attend the gym and work out for at least an hour to two hours at least three to four times a week. I was getting tired of the same routine while at the gym, having to force myself to go to the gym when I really didn't have much desire to do so. Naturally, I am a very athletic person, I love to work out for the mental and physical benefits. However, my gym at the time just wasn’t fun anymore. So, I decided to search for some exciting gym classes that I could take that concentrating in a specific style. I came across I love kickboxing.com. At the time, they had two amazing offers, three classes for $19.99 or five classes for $30.00. My sister and I decided to try it out, registering for the five session classes and see if we would enjoy it. I also shared my findings with one of my co-workers who also signed up for the five session classes. On our very first day, we had such an amazing experience; I immediately signed a contract right after my initial class. I love kickboxing offers so much more than just kickboxing. You start class through warm up drills and cardio for the first half and then move on to the kickboxing in the second half. Much of the kickboxing is limited to beginner forms and drills, but the idea is to understand and appreciate the technique. Although the classes can be very repetitive, you will get a good workout with the routine they do. The friend that I recommend this gym to also had a positive experience on her first day, signing a contract right after her first class. The instructors at I love kickboxing are great. They are very friendly, energetic, and encouraging.I have been attending this gym for almost a month, and their workout regimes are insane, but tons of fun! I have yet to weigh myself, but I know I lost a few pounds and inches, and can see my body structure changing. What’s also so great about their style of workout is the fact that it encourages you to learn different techniques at your own pace, challenges you to push your body in ways you didn’t think you could, and gives you so much energy. I am definitely happy I found this gym, I no longer have to force myself to work out, and instead, I look forward to going to the gym and feel amazing when class is over. I attend the gym at least four to five times a week, and love the fact that I can attend the gym on the weekend as well, sometimes doing more than one class. I highly recommend signing up with I love kickboxing and you can save $100.00!
By: Dominique U.
27th Street Kickboxing
If you want to shed a few pounds and get into shape I suggest you join ilovekickboxing today ! Don't keep putting it off. ilovekickboxing has some amazing deals to start off your weight loss journey. You can buy 3 classes for only $20 or the even better deal of 5 classes for $30. Wait theres more! On your first day of class you can save up to $100. SAY WHAT ! The kickboxing instructors are absolutely amazing. Their goal is to get you to where you want to be so they'll push you to your limits.In all honest ilovekickboxing gave me the best workout I have ever gotten. Prior to joining ilovekickboxing I was at planet fitness for almost a year. I saw very little results and lacked the motivation to go achieve my weightless goals. I had to force myself to go to planet fitness and sometimes I wouldn't get much out my workout. At ilovekickboxing the experience is so much different. The instructors are full of energy and liveliness. They motivate you and believe you can do whatever it is that you want to. The instructors make it their duty to know your name and try to connect to you on a personally level in order to create a better and more healthier you. I've been at ilovekickingboxing for almost month now and I already see my body transforming. Ilovekickboxing offers so much more than kick boxing. The first half of the class consists of warming up, cardio, and stretching. Then after you get into the fun part of bag work and end off with partner drills. ilovekicboxing is a place I look forward to going to after work. I never makeup excuses of why I shouldn't go to the gym. I even attend weekend classes. I go to the gym at least four times a week, sometimes staying for two classes.Join ilovekickboxing today ! Not tomorrow, not next week, but TODAY. You won't regret it.
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By: Cheryl L.
27th Street Kickboxing
I love ILKB!! I definitely recommend it. It is a really good workout and makes you feel totally badass! If you love movement and working out your body, then this place is definitely for you! The classes are high energy and intensity--so prepare to sweat. The instructors are amazing and not boring at all. They really motivate you and make sure that you learn the moves. I initially started going because my sister heard from her friends that this is a good kickboxing site, and linked us to a very good kickboxing deal on Groupon. When I first arrived my first impression of the place is that it is wide, spacious, clean and just really good looking. First class have to be there thirty minutes early for orientation. Then you get a free pair of boxing gloves which are really high quality by the way!! I was really impressed and happy with them. Then the class starts with great music and a very tough warm up, about 20 minutes of the class. Then goes onto my favorite part of the class with the punching and kicking of the punching bag, about 30 minutes. Makes you work out your entire body and is a real de-stresser. Last but not least goes the post workout stretches which are fun and really stretches your muscles yoga-ly.Overall, I feel that ILKB is pretty damn cool. I approve and recommend anyone who would like a challenge to your regular gym/workout classes. This is that stepped-up. At the end, you feel proud that you survived the class.
By: Ani N.
27th Street Kickboxing
I've been looking for a kickboxing studio to stop being a lazy bum. Gym was not an option because I just don't like it, and I sort of feel uncomfortable around muscle maniacs. I stumbled upon a Groupon deal for ILKB and decided to try it out, especially since the place was down the block from my job.The first class was a killer. The first 20 minutes or so is very intense cardio and conditioning. You will be sweating as much as you would in hot yoga. Then comes the best part: punching/kicking the bag to your heart's desire. The instructors are really (and I mean really) energetic and great at motivating you. Every class they teach you different combinations getting you to work out your entire body. After my first class I ended up signing up for a whole year! It's really fun and really hard at the same time. The instructors really make it their goal to push you to your potential, and help you reach your fitness goal.The staff there is so nice and so helpful. They are always ready and willing to help in any way, shape or form if you need it. The facility itself is gorgeous, neat and very tidy. The locker rooms even have everything you could possibly need. All you need to bring is a towel, water bottle, a lock, and yourself!They don't call it ILoveKickboxing for no reason... I pretty much go every day now.
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By: Liv R.
27th Street Kickboxing
This place is AWESOME. I decided to try kickboxing because I need to do something active and engaging to get fit. My first class was at 6:30am - and I am by no means a morning person. But my life really has changed since I've started coming here. I actually wake up excited at 5:30 am to get to classes which is such a change from my usual waking up at 930 for work. But I feel so much better throughout the day. I was going to the gym for a while and not seeing any changes in my body but in the few weeks that I've been coming here I've lost a few pounds and I just feel generally awesome!The trainers are so enthusiastic, encouraging and helpful. There are certain exercises that I cannot do at all because of lower back pain and they are great about modifying them to make them less painful for me. And they never make me feel bad for not being able to keep up with certain exercises or having to do them differently. It is also very apparent that they love what they do and their enthusiasm makes me push myself even more.I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to have fun while getting fit. The staff is awesome, the studio is clean and orderly, and you will have the time of your life!
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By: Sarah H.
Fly Fit NYC
Scottie and Mustafa (the gym's co-owners) are fantastic trainers who will push you to be stronger than you thought possible, but they'll also give you plenty of support and encouragement along the way.They meet you as you are, without judgement or intimidation. I started there barely being able to do a pushup and joking that I only ran for cheesecake or a zombie apocalypse. A few month's later, I'm lifting weights 5 days a week and running in 5 and 10k races for fun!They also put way more focus on your long term health over your short term looks. I don't work out to fit into a smaller pair of jeans. I do it because this body and this life are the only ones I get. I want to make the most of both, to do the work I love, to go on adventures with my husband, to have children and grandchildren I can run around with and watch grow up. Your reasons might be different, but if you're anywhere near East Harlem and looking for a place to get healthier,I can't recommend FlyFit NYC enough!
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By: Tati A.
27th Street Kickboxing
I love everything about this kickboxing gym in Chelsea. First of all you feel very welcomed the moment you arrive. All instructors are extremely friendly and very inspiring. They would explain to you every little thing and make you feel like you belong to a family. Fit family! The workouts are awesome . Highly intense, let you work out each and every muscle. I felt sore after my first classes but it's more of a pleasant pain. It's like the best pain you want in your life. Then you get used to it and learn more and more about the kicks and punches as well as become stronger. As for me after each class i start liking it a little bit more)On your first training you will be guided by the trainer individually. Then you will always work out in a group. I personally love even share the bag because it doesn't allow you to stop and take a break. It doesn't change you unless it challenges you, right? Always try to come 15 mins earlier, evening classes are usually really crowded.
By: Abby G.
27th Street Kickboxing
I joined IloveKickboxing in January. I felt like I was hitting a wall with my normal fitness routine, and I needed something to change things up! Since joining, I’ve noticed major changes in my body – more muscle definition, more stamina, and I just feel BETTER and more energized. Even better than the results are the amazing trainers: From the start, everyone made me feel super comfortable. They are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, motivating, and insanely enthusiastic – not to mention the great music that they play! It was important to me to find a gym that would accept me where I am at in my fitness journey, and I really feel like I’ve found that at ILoveKickBoxing. The facilities are also pristine – the actual mat area, the locker rooms – the staff really works hard to keep the place in top condition. Thanks to everyone at ILoveKickboxing for making my fitness journey challenging and fun at the same time! I couldn’t recommend this gym enough!
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By: Brittany D.
27th Street Kickboxing
Okay so they got me on the first day after I worked out for an hour. I've been wanting to get back into shape after I let myself go throughout the year and immediately after my first class, I was so sore! I was in so much pain but it was for a great reason! The instructors definitely worked my behind off. The more intense the workout became, the more I got into it. Literally, no pain no gain! The staff is so nice and you can feed off of their energy to pick yourself up. Some may feel intimidated by the way they yell but they only do it to motivate you. I'm about to go to my third class tomorrow and I can't wait!If you are someone that needs to become more motivated and need instruction, come to ILKB! You will not be disappointed! I ended up signing up for the 11 month deal. I cancelled my other gym membership. I'm ready to see the change and be the updated old me.
By: Jessica F.
27th Street Kickboxing
I've been trying desperately to find a good gym routine that balances weight training and cardio, but sometimes I don't find enough time for both. That is - until I stumbled upon ilovekickboxing.com. I have always heard that kickboxing is one of the best full-body workouts, so I wanted to give it a try. After riding out my 10 groupon classes, I was absolutely sure that I wanted to commit for an unlimited year membership because a) it's an amazing, constantly motivating workout, and b) it's fun! This is a class that I will never get bored of (like what happens after a few days of running on the treadmill), and the instructor are super inspiring. I've already gotten a few friends hooked as well! I could go on forever about how much I love this place, so let me just leave you with this advice: Do it. You'll love it. You'll get in great shape. The end.

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