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If you're in the mood for something sweet and tangy (and fried), BarKogi's Korean fried chicken wings won't disappoint. Not your traditional chicken wing; it's crispy shell is not like any other fried chicken batter. Soy garlic or spicy soy garlic (quite spicy) are both excellent options and great as an appetizer for the whole table or can serve as the main course.Although famous for their wings, they also offer the usual of Korean fair -- korean bbq, bibimbop, korean taco, and other usual Korean dishes but the wings are their specialty.Service is curt and efficient. So if you're looking for the red carpet treatment or a chatty waiter who'll give you their recommendations, you may have to look elsewhere. Or, just have faith go with your gut, pun intended.
By: Lou F.
Feast & Fetes Catering Inc
I want to thank you Feast and Fetes for overseeing what was the most extraordinary dinner party I have ever been to - the fact that it was in my home makes it even more special. Everything about the event was perfect. The staff was beyond excellent, the food presentation like a work of art while the food was truly beyond belief. All of us have eaten numerous times at DANIEL and enjoyed these dishes at the restaurant, but they were better at my home. This is not just my view but also the unanimous vote of all twelve who attended. Mr. Lepicart and Daniel should be very proud of their ability to produce such a very high-quality outside of a restaurant where all is in your control. Bravo !
By: Anthony B.
Feast & Fetes Catering Inc
What grace and elegance Feast and Fetes brought to our wedding! My wife and I are so thankful to Jean Christophe Lepicart and his team for a magical evening of premiere service and astonishingly magnificent food.Our guest have complimented every aspect of their work from the appetizers and their trays, in whose tastes and beauty our guest lost some themselves, to the dinner courses and perfectly matched wines, which kept them entertained and aestically sated, and to their bar service and set up which was so gracefully systematic. All was as we dreamed it.
By: Erin M.
Mark Fahrer Caterers Cafe
The staff was amazing, the bar set up you created was beautiful, the food was perfect and plentiful. But you guys went so far beyond that, handling all rentals and vendors, doing our graphic design for the menus, I still can't believe how beautiful your centerpieces were, it would have really lacked without them. They were just so inventive! The venue manager said they were so pleased with your kitchen and how your staff cared for the space.
By: ek2013
Indiana Market & Catering Inc
Such a pleasure working with Indiana Market - their team flawlessly executed a series of events based around several of our employee conferences. Each day included breakfast, snacks, a cocktail party and a plated dinner - all for 200+ of our guests. The staff was incredible and the food was amazing. We will definitely be hiring Indiana again in the future
By: Richard L.
Todaro Brothers
When I want to save budget, I shop here at this store. They have low prices when it comes to bundles. That is the best thing for me.
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By: Vivi P.
Todaro Brothers
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By: Waqas A.
Todaro Brothers
amazing restaurants really want to visit this place ever in life. to save budget we shop from this store
By: Mark P.
Roast Homestyle Chicken
Amazing Food and Great service. Front manager was really sweet to my kids when I came in with my family.
By: Katrina S.
Providing great take away services in city very nice customer services. Deleivery on time awesome !!

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