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By: Yoseph K.
Cloister Cafe
Fittingly, the decor inside Cloister matches what you would expect to see at a church. The pleasantly sacrilegious ambiance for smoking hookah and drinking fine wine adds to your inebriating experience.Cloister is a term ingrained in the Catholic church, if you're curious regarding it's meaning, check out Wikipedia. I'm here to preach, not to teach.The pride and joy of CC though is the outdoor garden. When the weather is warm and the vineyard has grape leaves draping over slivers of sunlight, you forget that you're still in New York. The ambiance is amazing and the patrons can be very pleasant, even striking up a conversation with your table.The pricing is often ridiculous, and sometimes when our lovely waitress brings us "shots on the house" I swear we've had them show up on our bill. This adds to the charm albeit stings the first two times you see the bill. It's very European how they handle their business, complete with real Russian waitresses!So yea, Catholic stain glass, Mediterranean garden, New American cuisine, Turkish Hookah and Russian staff. It's not ideal, in fact it's all over the place in terms of brand identity. Given that I'm a regular, they treat me a little better than a first timer (My real rating for this spot would be a 4 by the way, but I want to counterbalance the bad ratings)On a wintery night, I came here with a friend, we were both sick and we asked them to make us honey mulled wine, they did it. They charged us whatever they wanted because it's not a standard menu item, but the fact remains, they do care about their regulars. Like many places in NY, you have to know when to come and when to avoid this spot.Some tips if you want to have a good time:- Come during warmer weather and sit in the garden.- Start drinking here, continue at your club/lounge. Not the other way around.- Order a pitcher (or 2) of Sangria rather than drinks for groups smaller than 4- Order Hookah with a mix, always keep one part leafy (Mint, Jasmine) with one part smooth (Vanilla, Apple, Coffee).- Practice self control when ordering shots.If you follow these steps, you'll have a good time
By: sgt.tee
Benjamin Restaurant & Bar
2 Steps forward, 1 step back. You know how there are certain restaurants that go the extra mile and seem like this business is their lifelong calling? Well, unfortunately this is not the 1. In fact, ironically, those places often go out of business, but I digress. This is not 1 of those places. It has potential. The thin, tall sundress woman who greeted us seemed like she was up for the challenge. The menu is rather thin and my dinner guest said that their steak was only okay and certainly not worth the inflated price. I asked for a taste of avocado with my dish. The big boys typically give this to you as a courtesy or an obligatory $1. Benjamin's whopping $4 took my meal up to the next price bracket. I liked the diversity of the 2 light skinned minority waitresses. When I complimented the Manager on her kimono, she practically lectured me on how it was not. When I asked the waitress for an orange slice, in addition to not having any she got too familiar asking me what I needed it for. What ever happen to the customer is always right, even if my fashion jeopardy was slightly off. I actually wanted to like this place more for the several 2 steps forward, but I would be disingenuous to not warn people of the several 1 steps back. I read both the favorable and unfavorable reviews of the restaurant on this site. I figured I’d pay them the solid of letting them know of the site so one of them could perhaps write a response to any unfavorable reviews that were just miscommunications. The male manager who answered said he would get the female manager that I described only to return as if screening her calls. He was otherwise very polite cordial and professional. When I suggested that someone in his camp might want to write retorts to negative messages posted about the restaurant, he was not interested. Oh well.
By: Will I.
I love Malachys! I have been going there for a while now and have got to say that this place is so comfortable that it has become a regular after-work or pre party spot. The bartenders are awesome. The drinks are cheap. The clientele is friendly. Buy-backs happen. What's not to love?Well... If you are looking for a club or lounge or some other hoity-toity establishment where drinks cost 14 bucks, then don't go. I can't make this clearer: This is an Irish Pub! An old one at that. And that's what makes it feel like you just stopped by your friends place for a drink after work. Bring friends and get your drink on.Here's what you NEED to know. The drinks are great! The food is great (get the burger, chicken fingers, mac-n-cheese, or ribs are favorites)! When there is an event at the park or later on the weekends, the place gets packed.Now for my Favorite part: Dorian!!! She's the bartender on the weekends and is amazing! Besides making one of the best darn Irish Coffees this side of the pond, she is hilarious and should have a column in some major publication. You can never get tired of her welcoming smile and the "How you doing sweetheart?"Go early, Stay a long time!Welcome to Malachy's!!!
By: kevin.louie
Momofuku Ssam Bar
First off, I'd like to make a point that this page is about Momofuku Milk Bar, not Noodle Bar, or Ssam Bar. Majority of people here are posting about noodles and pork buns. You are all in the wrong place. Milk Bar is a small place that only sells baked goods and desserts. Before making reviews, pay some attention to the place you're posting about. Frankly, it's pretty embarrassing to read someone post negative reviews on pork buns at a place that doesn't sell pork buns.Review:I've been to Ssam, Noodle, and Milk Bar. Milk Bar is unique in their desserts. Their crack pie is amazing and literally like crack. You won't be able to stop eating one even though you should because it's mainly butter and sugar. Their compost cookies are also really good. Their cereal milk, which is what they're known for, is a unique idea, but at the same time a bit overrated. It's pretty pricey and is just sweetened milk pretty much. Overall, the place is very unique and the desserts are pretty tasty, just a tad bit pricey.
By: Lauren D.
Dave & Buster's
I went last Saturday to the establishment in the Palisades Mall in NJ. I had coupons and they wouldn't accept them. I wouldn't have even been angry about that except the person at the counter got the manager who was very snotty and rude(for absolutely no reason). They were making a bigger deal about them than I was. I wasn't happy my coupon didn't work but I just wanted to move along as the line was becoming very long behind me. The manager asked me where I obtained the coupon, I told her and she replied with a very nasty attitude that they didn't work with that website.When we went in, the place was crowded. That didn't bother me, as I had expected it to be. I was less than impressed with the items they had to redeem tickets for. That area was extremely over crowded and dirty. I didn't eat there or have drinks this time but I did the first time I went (about 1 year ago) and the food was good.
By: Fanny0657 B.
Cloister Cafe
I LOVE CLOISTER! Have been here a good number of times and have always been satisfied. Okay so. Here are some things to note about Cloister:1. It has a large outdoor section which is PERFECT for the current New York summer weather. Came here with a friend yesterday; we were both in comfortable summer clothing, it wasn't too hot nor cold (there was a light breeze), hookah was delicious-smelling, drinks were nice and cold, it wasn't too loud etc etc etc...super chill and SERIOUSLY a great way to spend a summer night.2. Hmm perhaps I said it all in 1. Oh oh. I like the the peach and watermelon combination for the hookah itself. Apple and grape was good the first time I tried it.3. Best place for conversation. I ALWAYS enjoy the conversations I have there...there's really something about Cloister. It always leaves me happy! Haha. ALRIGHT. See you there guys.
By: Collins M.
Cloister Cafe
I've been here many a times, and I know I'll keep coming back. I love this place, but, my experience here always varies. Sometimes, when the stars align and they seat you in a nice section, the hookah is strong enough and the waiter is kind enough to keep changing the coals, I have a great time. It has character, it has good hookah ($20 per hookah) and a nice vibe. The music is upbeat and their hookah flavor list is extensive. You can even mix flavors! The drawbacks are that some areas of the place are nicer than others, the service itself can vary from good to terrible, you have to keep buying drinks to for them to keep changing the coals, and they limit one hookah per four people. Also, the food is expensive, but hey, that shouldn't be what you go here for. Overall, this is a good go to place for hookah that you might find yourself returning to.
By: caos1110
Corner Bistro
Yes, you are coming here STRICTLY for the burger. Don't expect some fancy schmancy high class place because it is most definetly NOT that......but....BUT....the Bistro Burger is worth coming here at least once...I went yesterday with my girlfriend, and we were given a table very quickly, no lines at all....the tables are all scratched up, and the benches are straight up wood, the burger is served on plastic plates...lol but again it is sooooo good. Not the best place for a first date...lol You might even meet some characters, as we did yesterday with the drunk hockey fan from D.C. who ordered us a round of lemon drops and was just hilarious to listen to....but back to the burger...lol yes it's that good.
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By: alessandro.luis.904
Doc Watson's
Doc Watson's is one of the most popular gathering places for residents of the Upper East Side. The restaurant is the perfect blend of an Irish pub and American dining. Live music and an outdoor dining area make eating at Doc Watson's a unique experience. The menu is full of fresh salads, sandwiches, entrees and more. The delicious Irish Breakfast is served all day, and it includes bacon, Irish sausage, eggs, black and white pudding, baked beans and a grilled tomato. If you are not in the mood for Irish food, the burgers, which are all made with grass fed beef, are fabulous.
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By: Bruce F.
Ciao Vineria con Cucina
Got seated right away took our order rather quickly never came back to check on us food took over half an hour another couple left because after waiting for 40 minutes they were told there's no more lasagne.Food was okay I ate with my daughter if I was going out with my wife I would have been very disappointedFood was okay portions were okay but not very flavorfulBrought bread that was not very fresh after I had asked for it and they told me our food would be another 5 minutes

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