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By: Mark R.
Verizon Wireless
As a wireless customer, I switched to Verizon about a year ago after being with AT&T for about 14 years where I was paying $50/mth (including taxes) for years for just cell phone service, no text or data plan and I realized I was paying too much.In this past year, there is something that Verizon does regularly than in my view leads me to feel they have not earned my business. AND, there was two times a specific Verizon customer service rep on the phone had ticked me off. Because of this, I have looked for other prospective company to switch to, but I recently got a MiFi service with a 2 year contract which because of the high cancelation fee, I am not planning on terminating at this moment.So, to be a public service of justice, it is my pleasure and duty to report to the WHOLE public of Americans and beyond a few annoying things that Verizon does or has done leading this customer to believe they do NOT deserve my business.First, every month, just a week after the monthly bill due date, Verizon sends me a text reminder of NEXT month’s bill due. The first time I received this (on 2nd month with Verizon) and realized that this next bill is not due for other 3 weeks, I realized this company Verizon operates on so much FEAR and DISTRUST of their own customers that they feel they need to send out these text reminders shortly after the previous month’s bill due date. This alone led me to feel that Verizon does NOT deserve my business.The two specific things Verizon customer service reps ticked me off, one of them I believe was actually a manager. Earlier in this year, after getting regular texts from Verizon when I do NOT use my phone to text (I do NOT text, if I can avoid it), I replied to Verizon to “stop texting me.” Sometime shortly after that day or the next, I was on the phone on an important issue and needed to get my password reset, and had to wait several minutes to get through to the Help Desk, after finally Help rep answering and listening to the issue, Verizon was calling me not once but twice, but I could not answer since I needed to get this password reset (and I knew it was Verizon from the caller ID #), and just as the Help was about to give me the long-awaited password, Verizon rep cuts my connection off with that major computer company which so ticked me off, irritated me, in order to speak to me. I know it was Verizon who did it because the person on the other phone (like an operator) after the other line was disconnected was a Verizon rep.The 2nd incident was just last. Before my MiFi account I started less than 2 months ago, my Verizon bill was NOT billed a month in advance. But getting MiFi joined with my existing cell phone account led them to change it to a month in advance, for reasons they don’t explain. At the time I got the MiFi, I did not remember that I was NOT billed a month in advance, so it was not a concern, per se, until last week, when I looked at a bill before MiFi. I was billed for the current month, not a month in advance. So I called Verizon to ask if they could NOT bill a month in advance which led to my current bill having 2 months on it. I knew they would not make it easy, but it does not hurt to ask. Customer service rep. put me on hold a few minutes to speak to a manager. When he got back, as soon as he said, “Sorry to keep you waiting…” suddenly the phone connection was disconnected. Because he was in mid-sentence, I don’ think it was the rep. that disconnected the line. I believe it was a manager who had changed his/her mind on whatever he told the rep. I of course have no proof who actually hung up the phone on this customer, but it appears clear enough that Verizon hung up the phone on my for just asking not to have to pay for 2 months on one month’s bill.VERIZON does NOT deserve my business and perhaps also millions of other American’s business.
By: danag411
Churchill Tech Support
I cannot say enough about the incredible service I received from these guys! I was having trouble with my Windows based laptop, which I have owned for about 4 years, and was reluctant to bring it into a retail computer shop (Staples, Best Buy, Office Max, etc.) knowing it would cost more to repair than to replace. I was referred to Churchill Tech Support through an acquaintance in the Murray Hill area, and made an appointment with Ryan around my busy schedule. I met with him at his office, but he was willing to travel to my home to troubleshoot the issues (which is incredibly helpful if you have a desktop versus a laptop). I explained the issues I was having in very laymen terms: computer slow to start up, incessant pop-ups, constant freezing, unreliable internet access, etc. He listened intently and assured me that he would be able to repair the issues and have my computer running like new in less than 24 hours. Not only did Ryan hold true to this promise, he explained, in terms even I could understand, the issues that were plaguing my computer and walked me through the additional features he installed (free of charge!) to prevent these same issues in the future. All in all, he completely surpassed my expectations and my laptop is running even better than it did 4 years ago! I highly recommend Churchill Tech Support and Ryan for all of your computer and tech related issues; he is reliable, professional, knowledgeable, patient, has references available upon request, and works with both Windows and Mac operating systems.
By: Bryan L.
Churchill Tech Support
In our search for an experienced IT Professional to help out with computer, cloud, and connectivity issues, we could not of had a better find than the guys at Churchill Tech Support. Not only were they extremely professional and candid in their approach and ethic, but they came off as very personable, easy-going, and full of advice for inquiries and issues unrelated to our initial consultation. Within 2 hours flat of them showing up at our office, all issues were fixed and the work environment was not inhibited in anyway. They were even able to help with a hardwired installation to ensure effective and efficient connectivity. I would highly recommend Churchill Tech Support for any IT based issue you or your office may encounter. Price is hard to beat as well!
By: Anne H.
Churchill Tech Support
They had me at "We stand behind our work." I don't know any other company that does not charge for coming back and fixing something that went wrong after they worked on my computer. Suffice it to say that I am blown away...and I'm not easily impressed. I have tried them all with varying degrees of satisfaction, and, although I've only needed CTS's services once, they top my list. Professional, courteous, easy to work with. Knowledgeable. Didn't waste time. Could not resolve every issue, but found a workaround. Planning a second session ASAP for other issues, and, believe it or not, I am actually looking forward to it!
By: chandlerc
My laptop died on me when I was visiting New York City. I found this place to be very close to my hotel and went there hoping to get it fixed in the same day. Unfortunatelly for me the laptop needed a new mainbord, part that they did not have stock. They offered to transfer my files to an external device, but I needed an working laptop. So I went to J& R,bought a new laptop and took it to Mac PC NY. In 2 hours all files were transferred and most importantly my Outlook was set-up, so I was able to send and recive emails. Thank you so much guys!
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By: Jeigh N.
Dynamic Cellular of 6th Ave
This Metro Pcs store is tucked out of the way, and is a real gem. Metro PCS is great service at a great price to begin with, but the owner got me a new number I never thought was possible. He told me if I waited a couple of days, the number I wanted would become available and to call him back. It was all done over the phone, and two days later, I had a new number I never would have gotten elsewhere. That's the pinnacle of customer service if you ask me. Highly recommended!
By: It R.
Willpower Infotech Limited
Our sales and marketing team jointly selected my selections as our Web Design Company after a long 40 days of research and discussions. The decision paid off handsomely and we now have the best website in the industry. Thank you willpower infotech limited and keep up the good work, our expectations from you on the SEO services is high, however, I am watching our rankings rise steadily, already.Thanks Once Again for all willpower infotech limited Team.
By: Saul L.
Ah Wireless and Services
This is the place to go if you're looking for a true personalized service from an experienced and knowledgeable team in the cell phones and wireless business. These guys rock! They also offer a variety of other reliable services that one can benefit from. If you're nearby the NYC uptown area, I would highly recommend you visit this store!!
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By: Rialyn talaro A.
Willpower Infotech Limited
-Creatively designed website was our quest for presenting our niche services in the crowded software domain. willpower infotech limited delivered the creative website we wanted successfully. Capable team and efficient execution of good, original ideas can be expected from the team at willpower infotech limited.
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By: Scott C.
Must be out of business - we purchased software that cannot be activated, the phone has been disconnected, the web site no longer displays . . . .UPDATE - I received a reply to my email with a key that activated our software - thanks greeensoftwarestore.com. Changing from one star to four.

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