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By: Tara C.
Amazing service!!G he is the employee there very knowledgeable and prompt helped me out in the best possible way Highly recommend this place
By: Kirl B.
Wireless Solutions
Walked in with no appointment and the young man replaced my iPhone 5 battery in five minutes- awesome! Thank you!
By: Mark R.
Verizon Wireless
As a wireless customer, I switched to Verizon about a year ago after being with AT&T for about 14 years where I was paying $50/mth (including taxes) for years for just cell phone service, no text or data plan and I realized I was paying too much.In this past year, there is something that Verizon does regularly than in my view leads me to feel they have not earned my business. AND, there was two times a specific Verizon customer service rep on the phone had ticked me off. Because of this, I have looked for other prospective company to switch to, but I recently got a MiFi service with a 2 year contract which because of the high cancelation fee, I am not planning on terminating at this moment.So, to be a public service of justice, it is my pleasure and duty to report to the WHOLE public of Americans and beyond a few annoying things that Verizon does or has done leading this customer to believe they do NOT deserve my business.First, every month, just a week after the monthly bill due date, Verizon sends me a text reminder of NEXT month’s bill due. The first time I received this (on 2nd month with Verizon) and realized that this next bill is not due for other 3 weeks, I realized this company Verizon operates on so much FEAR and DISTRUST of their own customers that they feel they need to send out these text reminders shortly after the previous month’s bill due date. This alone led me to feel that Verizon does NOT deserve my business.The two specific things Verizon customer service reps ticked me off, one of them I believe was actually a manager. Earlier in this year, after getting regular texts from Verizon when I do NOT use my phone to text (I do NOT text, if I can avoid it), I replied to Verizon to “stop texting me.” Sometime shortly after that day or the next, I was on the phone on an important issue and needed to get my password reset, and had to wait several minutes to get through to the Help Desk, after finally Help rep answering and listening to the issue, Verizon was calling me not once but twice, but I could not answer since I needed to get this password reset (and I knew it was Verizon from the caller ID #), and just as the Help was about to give me the long-awaited password, Verizon rep cuts my connection off with that major computer company which so ticked me off, irritated me, in order to speak to me. I know it was Verizon who did it because the person on the other phone (like an operator) after the other line was disconnected was a Verizon rep.The 2nd incident was just last. Before my MiFi account I started less than 2 months ago, my Verizon bill was NOT billed a month in advance. But getting MiFi joined with my existing cell phone account led them to change it to a month in advance, for reasons they don’t explain. At the time I got the MiFi, I did not remember that I was NOT billed a month in advance, so it was not a concern, per se, until last week, when I looked at a bill before MiFi. I was billed for the current month, not a month in advance. So I called Verizon to ask if they could NOT bill a month in advance which led to my current bill having 2 months on it. I knew they would not make it easy, but it does not hurt to ask. Customer service rep. put me on hold a few minutes to speak to a manager. When he got back, as soon as he said, “Sorry to keep you waiting…” suddenly the phone connection was disconnected. Because he was in mid-sentence, I don’ think it was the rep. that disconnected the line. I believe it was a manager who had changed his/her mind on whatever he told the rep. I of course have no proof who actually hung up the phone on this customer, but it appears clear enough that Verizon hung up the phone on my for just asking not to have to pay for 2 months on one month’s bill.VERIZON does NOT deserve my business and perhaps also millions of other American’s business.
By: Ne S.
Alm Wireless
We were scammed in exactly the same manner as the other reviewers. The misrepresentation at the store in my opinion is intentional and a deliberate attempt to defraud unsuspecting customers especially tourists who will find it practically impossible to follow through on their complaint and obtain a refund.Our money has not been refunded and no one responds to phone calls, texts or Whatsapp numbers shown on the receipt. I tried to contact the website (www.simplemobile.com) listed on the receipt but apparently they have nothing to do with the store. We had taken a picture of the Consumer Affairs License displayed in the store and looked it up (which notably was different from the one listed on the printed receipt) and looked up the license number and found another phone number associated with the business owner on the NYC site (http://datagovnyc.com/business/2037429/alr-wireless-inc). I called that number and spoke to the owner (who probably did not expect a customer would have that number answered the call). As I had mentioned that calls to the store are not responded to, he stated that they are so busy and that I should have called him earlier. He indicated that the money that had been erroneously charged would be refunded and it would take 3-7 business days. Obviously that never occurred and none of my calls and texts were being responded to. I then texted the company and owner summarizing my issue and that he had indicated that the money would be refunded at which I received a text message (from the owner’s phone) that I should contact the store directly and all my future communications will go to the spam folder. I have been advised by friends to contact the NYC Consumer Affairs [nyc.gov/consumers; Phone: 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675)] or even consider contacting a NYC based TV station to help resolve the issue http://abc7ny.com/7onyourside/
By: Murat K.
Alm Wireless
my wife and me were tourists in U.S. on 05/26/2016 we bought sımcard for internet from one of your branch for my tablet in NEW YORK CİTY. we paid 25 usd cash for it. after the same store they asked me dou you have credit card? i said yes and they charged 399,99usd from my credit card. this has bothered us and we called one black woman police .we again turned back to store.we said to calcel the operation.they said they couldnt if they cancel they make some interruption.after they said polıce and us this is a store credit operation they woudnt charge this money unless we want additional service at that time they gave us another credit card receipt. it was written there customer will not be charged for any fee of 399.99usd as long as customer doesnt contact the store more services you see above simple mobile 3 and 4 pdf. after we waited for 30 days for service ending.one month passed and we saw this money was charged from us. we are shocked they lied us as soon as we left the store we take off sımcard and didnot use it anymore. you see simple mobile 1 pdf ALR wireless 05/26/2016 .399,99usd. we made our objections by our bank to their bank. but it took six months and they refused to charge back the money.we did not call anybody for more services we even did not use sımcard any more when we left the store.everyhing is recorded from simple mobile company you may check and control.wee need your help. this store workers are not good people.we are disappointed very much. that sim card is still with us. SİMPLE MOBİLE İS RESPONSİBLE TO SOLVE THİS TROUBLE.we are victims because of this. WE WANT OUR 399,99 MONEY BACK
By: Durai M.
Alm Wireless
I have purchased a Samsung s5 used one for $199. additionally they have charged $349.99 and didn't advise on reversing after 6 months. they mentioned it is just a block temporary. But, they have deducted it and when disputed through my bank, they have advise it would take 180 days/6 months to refund. they are not reachable on their numbers now. I am outside of the country and checking with my bank. not sure if my bank would reverse it after 180 day/6 months. date of transaction is June 2016. its 6 months now and not got the refund yet.
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By: Eddie O.
R.S.B.Y. Wireless Inc.
This place is the worst. I paid my cellphone bill here and they never processed the payment. When my phone got disconnected I had to pay it myself and they feed my bull crap saying they'll credit me the money for next month. Never happened stay away is all I can say.
By: Kathryn B.
Alm Wireless
Do not purchase a 6 day Prepaid Data Sim from this company. We are now disputing a $499 charge on our credit card with our bank. They are claiming they told us it would take 6 months for the charge to be removed from our account - this was not advised to us. We were told the charge would be removed after 6 days.Our bank informed us that this is a known scam in New York and they have received numerous complaints from many other tourists.
By: Carmine G.
Mobile Guru 2
Kumar was awesome. Not only was he knowledgeable but he used his expertise to make sure I maximized my services at the best price. I would highly recommend him for help at verizon.
By: Maya P.
I just needed my Samsung Galaxy screen replaced as it had cracked. These 2 shady-looking guys were working there and told me it would be 30 minutes. After opening my phone they tell me there's more serious damage and it would take an hour longer to repair. I was very suspicious because my phone had been working just fine before this. These crooks messed up my phone! Then this guy says he'll deliver it after fixing it. 2 hours go by. I finally go by and pick up the phone myself. The guy lies and says he tried dropping it off with my doorman but no one there. This is the biggest lie because I live in a luxury building with a minimum of 2 doormen at the front desk at all times. I confronted them on this lie, and they continued to lie about it. They charged me an arm and a leg!! For lying to me and probably breaking my phone. I want to report them to the Better Business Bureau. Save yourself a triip and go to a reputable place, not to these lying crooks. They should actually be arrested.

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