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By: Terrie S.
Domino's Pizza
The Customer service is Amazing! When I asked about the $2.50 service charge, I was abruptly cut off. When I asked why he just cut me off like that. He said I just don't want to go far when I was saying that it could interfere with the delivery persons tip. Being so rude about it made me lose taste for this place. Sams Pizza is right across the street. A local Mom and Pop that will certainly be where I'm getting all my Pizza from. Large chains don't care about the single encounter because the run a business based on volume and that's just not good enough for me, especially after tonight. Farewell!
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By: dfwdean
I do t give 5-stars normally, so this is an exception and with it being out of town for me even more rare. The waiter bumped my beer placing the appetizer on the table, not much was spilled really although it did get on my hand a little, and the dude just bought me a full replacement. I was fine with his apology really, but that was classy.The apple/nut crostini appetizer was delicious: the meatballs pizza was equally delicious, the cheesecake with a scoop of Vanilla and scoop or Strawberry ice cream was also delicious.I really like this place.
By: cyclopstoast
Dough Boys Pizza
It's crazy that this place doesn't have more customers. Oh well, I enjoy that it's not crowded. Food is really good. They got more than just pizza, lots of authentic Italian, even though I don't think the owners are actually Italian themselves. But who cares? Good food is good food. I have a weak spot for pizza. Definitely head back when I'm in the Bronx again.
By: baxtronlife
Antika Pizzeria
My husband and I have eaten at Antika pizzeria twice. The first time I had one of their spinach salad which was totally satisfying. We tried two different pizzas there and neither has disappointed. One of the best parts about Antika is there family-friendly environment. They also do delivery which we have yet to try out, definitely plan on doing soon.
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By: dfwdean
Champion Pizza SoHo
So this was not a destination but the others had long lines so as we drifted in the area we stumbled on this place.Shot gun style restaurant layout, this place actually services very yummy pizza: thin crust, crispy edges, good sauce and the right amount of toppings.And the place is just cool to sit in and stare at all the pictures on the walls.
By: jstinehelfer
I found this place to be a great place to eat. I love their pizza and I only come here to eat. My only other option is to make pizza at home using great recipes I use at home.<a href="http://0a07ba04t08-5ubzz5l3y73z3k.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=PIZZA" target="_top">Click Here!</a>
By: Shannon S.
Patzeria Perfect Pizza Inc
Great pizza and quick. Very small storefront with no seating but perfect to grab a quick slice on the way to or from the theater. Last weekend we did both, because the first slice was so good. Selection depends on what they have ready, but no better way to feed a family of 4 for under $20 in Manhattan!
By: dpedron28
Carbone Ristorante Italiano
This place is amazing. I have been here a few times and each time was eaqually impressed. The food is great, the owner is hilarious, and I always feel so comfortable when im in here. I really like this place and highly recommend it to anyone in the area, or looking for a nice place to dine.
By: Kristy W.
Delizia 73
There are SO many pizza places to choose from, but this is my favorite! It's classic thin crust New York style pizza, but something about it puts it above the competition. They also have fab garlic knots! If you find yourself in the Upper East side, head over to Delizia.
By: Corina L.
Cucina Bene
Best pizzeria I've been to, hands down, no competition! The slices of perfect, the cheese is delicious, the sauce is to die for. I literally go there every day for lunch! I'm from Brooklyn, so trust me I know what a good slice of pizza is and Cucina Bene got it!

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