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By: francinew
Bar, David
I had two major foot surgeries with Dr. Bar David. He literally saved my feet. I was only 29 when I had my first foot surgery and 30 for my second. I had pain in my foot every single day until I had it fixed. He literally saved me, I felt too young to be having so much pain and I am athletic so it was hard to deal with. I am back to gym full time and have 0 pain. He was sp honest about recovery and even spoke with my bosses so they knew what to expect as well. The surgery was NOT painful-wish I did it years ago. I have a Bunionectomy in-case anyone is curious-and I would recommend just getting your feet fixed with him-the horror stories from this procedure deterred me from getting them fixed....GO TO HIM, NO PAIN. I promise. The horror stories may be due to a bad doctor? Not mine. Love him! Highly recommend.
By: soulful61
Brennar Hillary
Dr. Brenner has been taking care of me for a while. On Thursday she performed surgery with much success. She took such good care of me and the follow up care is above anything that I have had done to me by any other specialist. I will continue to see Dr. Brenner for any other procedures or just a check up.Vickie B.
By: springfield21
Spellman Dean
I had an awesome visit here. I had a stress fracture in my right foot and Dr. Landman did an excellent job of helping it heal. His tactics and preventative measures played key in a quick recovery. His staff was very friendly and helpful through out the whole process as well. Thank you very much!
By: Cheryl T.
Adler Footcare of Greater New York
Since coming to Adler Footcare, I have gotten so much help and feel a lot better. The doctor is amazing and even if he is not available to answer questions when I call, every one else knows their stuff too!
By: weloveboston980
Adler Footcare of Greater New York
I know at Adler Footcare I get top quality care. They really care about their patients, they go out of the way to do the best job that can be done. I really couldn't ask for a better podiatrist.
By: Elizabeth G.
Adler Footcare of Greater New York
I used to be very embarrassed to even wear sandals in public, but thank goodness for Dr. Adler I don't have to be anymore. My surgery went very well and I am happy with how it all turner out!
By: Kelsey L.
Adler Footcare of Greater New York
Dr. Adler is sure to have the latest and greatest technology on hand, and during my treatment in 2010 I was absolutely given the highest level of expertise and my foot was healed completely!
By: Jay W.
Adler Footcare of Greater New York
The doctor, the staff, and everyone else at Adler Footcare are amazing. They know how to handle patients and it makes me feel very comfortable and trusting of them. I highly recommend them.
By: kellyann67
Adler Footcare of Greater New York
Very high quality of customer service, very friendly environment. Especially after surgery, Dr. Adler called to see if I was OK. I am very pleased, what other doctor would do that?
By: Vally R.
Adler Footcare of Greater New York
Dr. Adler really takes time to ask questions and understand your needs and problems. I think that is why his quality of care is so high. He is great I highly recommend him.
Tips & Advices
Examples of podiatric specialties include orthopedics, primary care, sports medicine, surgery, podopediatrics​, and wound care and management.
Podiatrists can perform surgery on the foot, ankle, and related lower extremity structures. These procedures can range from noninvasive to reconstructive.
Podiatrists can provide stem cell therapy, custom orthotics, foot and ankle surgery, and treatment for toenail fungus, common foot issues, and ingrown nails, among many other services.
Every visit with a podiatrist varies depending on the condition and the amount of discussion and treatment necessary. Initial appointments can last up to 45 minutes, while subsequent routine meetings take at least 30 minutes.
In most cases, foot and ankle services that podiatrists provide are covered by health insurance. Not all podiatrists participate in all health insurance plans, however. Consult your specific coverage to better understand its podiatry offerings.

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