By: Stan N.
Chase Bank - Corporate Headquarters
Subject: New Branch Manager Andrey Puzanov. I met him the first week of his taking over Chase Branch at 71-41 Main St. Kew Gardens Hills, NY 11367. He is so determined to help each and every customer he could who was waiting on line. He stood at the front of the line and guided each person personally. Whenever I am in the branch and he is walking by, he comes over to ask if I am being helped. He does it with sincerity, professionalism and you know he wants to help you. I notice he does this with not just me but any customer who is wondering around. He approaches them and ask them if they need help.I told him "You look hot why don’t you open your tie and shirt and take off your jacket" He said it's not allowed" and he needs to maintain a professional appearance. I only wish your other branch managers over the years had his ambition, passion and energy and his sincere desire to give each customer the best service. I hope he is recognized for his hard work.Stan Norwalk
By: Grant G.
They were very fast processing my application and I was approved without any issues. The funds were available to me much sooner than I ever expected so they get 5 stars from me without a doubt. The application process is very simple and can be submitted online. The application was then reviewed and approved and I was notified in less than 24 hours. It was so much easier than I ever expected it to be. They offer short term and long term loans. Funding is available soon after approval of application. They have flexible terms for repayment so you figure out what works for you and I'm sure they will be able to figure something out that makes everyone happy. The easiest application process and the website is user friendly. Also, they have a live chat feature for anyone who would rather be helped by a person. Or you can call them. But the online tools are excellent.
By: Janet T.
Amazon Accounting and Tax Services
I have known Marya for many years. She is a really good person, honest and trustworthy. It has been such a relief not to have to do my own tax returns. She knows all the latest regulations and laws. She sends a questionaire which covers everything she needs to know and makes it super easy to know what info is needed. I know my return is in good hands and will be submitted in a timely manner with the maximum return.
By: Ian O.
I would definitely work with this company again. We were in a pinch and needed funding right away. Jeff Smith stayed in contact with me through the whole process and closed the deal within 48 hours. He returned phone calls in a timely manner and called me every morning to give me updates. He worked diligently for us and made the deal happen. Definitely will come back to him if the need every arises again.
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By: Krista C.
Chase Bank - Corporate Headquarters
Someone from your Davis, CA office just called my husband to wish him a Happy Veteran's Day, and thank him for his service. Not to sell him anything, just to simply thank him for his service. I can honestly say I haven't seen him smile this big and feel so proud in a long time. Thank you Chase, from the bottom of our hears. That was such a sweet gesture. We will be banking with Chase for life!
By: Cedric D.
Fast and available working capital can be true thanks to 800fund.com. After a couple of communication glitches between Rep Nicole and myself, the process went smooth and they delivered just what they said... Factor rate is a little high but is expected for fast and available. Good for businesses that have a plan to increase revenue and need a cash infusion to accomplish the plan.
By: Yoshiro S.
I dealt with a Cash Advance Specialist by name Nicole. She was very helpful and professional answering all of my questions.The whole process was very pleasant. I'm very glad that I made the decision to go with 800fund.com and I'm looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them. Thanks again for everything
By: Tara H.
Golden Pear Funding
Excellent company for legal funding. Staff is very knowledgeable and understands the logistics and structure of legal cases. Company is young and has a good review history this far. Excellent alternative to Peachtree and Oasis whose track record is a tad bit sketchy from the consumer's perspective.
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By: Sean F.
Chase Bank - Corporate Headquarters
They did decent job when I had account with them during my Radio City days.But they need to drop MSG as sponsor,due to racial discrimination at Radio City.US district court has my case,Judge Debra Freeman assigned to case.Suing for 10 million award damage,backpay.Was 11 years as security officer
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By: Shawn W.
Chase Bank - Corporate Headquarters
I Want give appreciation to a Bank Manager in Costa Mesa CA. A lil problem with looked at like trash.lm saying why do banks judge. U went. Two banks NEAr in area,it was sad from start total negative towards me on sight.leaving both locations mad a sincerty never in both locations. As a custone

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