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By: Ami S.
Food Merchants Catering
I have been using Food Merchants (FoodMerchantsCatering.com) for ALL my catering needs in NYC for the past 4+ years. (approx. 6-8 events per year). As Tech Events Manager for a large university, I utilize Food Merchants for EVERY event I do because they are consistently reliable, the food is amazing, and their prices can't be beat. I have in fact taken to NOT using a venue if they don't let me use my own caterers. Once in 2015 and once in 2016 I held events at venues that required using their caterers and it simply reinforced my belief that Food Merchants in simply the best. They have done everything from $2,500 orders to $25,000 orders and everything in between. Once a month we host a hackathon at our university, Food Merchants provides our Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for these weekend events. Students are amazing to be getting Shrimp Orechiette and Crab Cake Sandwiches, Kale Crunch salad, Quinoa, and more. But their prices are so amazing, it actually costs LESS than the basic options from other caterers. The fruit on the breakfast trays is fresh, the roles are an assortment of grains, many healthy options including vegan and gluten free. Peter is my guy at Food Merchants, and I truly cannot say enough good things, I have NEVER been disappointed. As an event planner, the one thing I know that I never need to worry about is the food. Peter and his crew are amazing. We have also used them for conferences, networking events, and more.
If you're in the mood for something sweet and tangy (and fried), BarKogi's Korean fried chicken wings won't disappoint. Not your traditional chicken wing; it's crispy shell is not like any other fried chicken batter. Soy garlic or spicy soy garlic (quite spicy) are both excellent options and great as an appetizer for the whole table or can serve as the main course.Although famous for their wings, they also offer the usual of Korean fair -- korean bbq, bibimbop, korean taco, and other usual Korean dishes but the wings are their specialty.Service is curt and efficient. So if you're looking for the red carpet treatment or a chatty waiter who'll give you their recommendations, you may have to look elsewhere. Or, just have faith go with your gut, pun intended.
By: Lou F.
Feast & Fetes Catering Inc
I want to thank you Feast and Fetes for overseeing what was the most extraordinary dinner party I have ever been to - the fact that it was in my home makes it even more special. Everything about the event was perfect. The staff was beyond excellent, the food presentation like a work of art while the food was truly beyond belief. All of us have eaten numerous times at DANIEL and enjoyed these dishes at the restaurant, but they were better at my home. This is not just my view but also the unanimous vote of all twelve who attended. Mr. Lepicart and Daniel should be very proud of their ability to produce such a very high-quality outside of a restaurant where all is in your control. Bravo !
By: William T.
Royal Grill
The couple that owns this fantastic halal cart are the nicest people I have ever met in my life!!!!! The food is always fantastic with a wide range of dishes to choose from, that other carts in the city just do not have, this cart is the place to go when you are looking for the best halal food in the mid town Bryant park area I work a few blocks away and I find myself always walking the extra few blocks to eat from this cart passing over 15 on my way to see them. The prices are the most reasonable out of all the carts in the area. I suggest you give them the opportunity to make your lunch They are located on 44th and 6th ave right infront of the TD bank
By: noellem
La Esquina
Maybe next time I'll take someone else's suggestion and order from the taqueria instead of reserving a table because the service was reallly slow. Not to mention, I felt like we were packed in there like sardines. I could literally reach my arm across and grab the centerpiece off the table beside me which meant we were also totally engulfed in the loud conversation from the party beside us. The food was great, but it felt like a tease when I saw how small the helpings were. I could have literally eaten three of my meals to myself. I wouldn't recommend coming here if you're A. starving and B. in a rush.
By: Anthony B.
Feast & Fetes Catering Inc
What grace and elegance Feast and Fetes brought to our wedding! My wife and I are so thankful to Jean Christophe Lepicart and his team for a magical evening of premiere service and astonishingly magnificent food.Our guest have complimented every aspect of their work from the appetizers and their trays, in whose tastes and beauty our guest lost some themselves, to the dinner courses and perfectly matched wines, which kept them entertained and aestically sated, and to their bar service and set up which was so gracefully systematic. All was as we dreamed it.
By: Louie C.
Patron Mexican Grill
Stopped by this place this past Saturday actually on the way to another place,the music lights and fantastic hostess got me and my 5 friends in instead.we all ordered appetizers to do like a family style meal and try everything,guac and nachos were off the hook yummy!!had a fishbowl,a 65 oz Long Island ice tea and many margaritas and shots from what I could remember lol,great fun upbeat place with great drinks and service was friendly,will be back and will recommend to others.p.s get cherries!!!����
By: michaelreyes
I love this place, I go often and never had a problem. On ocassion especially on the Music nights it can get a bit loud but the food is amazing. I recomend you try the pork shoulder.I have had countless business dinners in this resturant even when it has been super loud they were all sucessful. In fact I inked a huge deal at Sofrito because they loved the ambiance. I would recomend the Pork Shoulder or the Fish. Love it!Their Mojito lacks a bit of alcohol though.
By: Erin M.
Mark Fahrer Caterers Cafe
The staff was amazing, the bar set up you created was beautiful, the food was perfect and plentiful. But you guys went so far beyond that, handling all rentals and vendors, doing our graphic design for the menus, I still can't believe how beautiful your centerpieces were, it would have really lacked without them. They were just so inventive! The venue manager said they were so pleased with your kitchen and how your staff cared for the space.
By: bobhag
The staff here are extremely friendly, efficient and caring. You will have the most remarkable night. If you need a personal touch on your special event or night. Book your reservation and you and your group will have the best time. The staff and the service is top notch and the place is absolutely beautiful. The atmoshpere is very good and nice lighting, a great crowd of party goers and the Djs are awesome.

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