By: Michael B.
Dunkin' Donuts
We drink a lot of coffee at The Law Office of Michael Block. This shop is down the street from us. Dunkin Donuts coffee helps us fight Traffic Tickets! We need our coffee to win traffic tickets for our clients. Dunkin Donuts helps us get there.
By: Tracy B.
Westside Donut
All I can say about this store is that they are really cool because of the variety of donuts they sell. Unlike other shops, this one is unique in its own.
By: Matt W.
Doughnut Plant
If I have to choose which donut store I will put in my top 10 list, this will definitely make it in! Fresh donuts, varities and great athmosphere.
By: Angela J.
Westside Donut
I love donuts, and that's the reason why I keep on coming back at this store. They offer varities, which is so exciting for me as a customer.
By: Patricia K.
Westside Donut
The chocolate flavored donuts are my favorite ones. I make sure that if I ordered a dozen, it includes three to four chocolate variants.
By: Wilfredo J.
Westside Donut
Don't look anywhere else but here, that is if you are looking for freshly fried donuts! You will love them I am pretty sure.
By: Christina A.
P 2 G Donuts
Freshly baked donuts at a fraction of the price of other donuts. This is the best place to be for all donut lovers like me!
By: Mark S.
Westside Donut
Their dozen donuts is cool! The promos are really amazing! Ask the manager about their latest promos. You'll be happy.
By: svengali
Doughnut Plant
I rarely eat doughnuts, so it has to be special for me to splurge. This was special, and I want another one soon.
By: Saj W.
Doughnut Plant
I like their donuts, specially their flavor for the month. I would like to come back for more if I have time.

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