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By: Jason L.
Dr. Michael J. Wei, DDS
There isn’t much more to say about the “Dr. Wei experience” that hasn’t been said already. Dr. Wei and staff exceed all the standard requirements of what you want in a dental office and then some. Of course you get a friendly and courteous staff, accurate scheduling, (I never wait), clean office, state of the art technology (the needle vibrates to mitigate pain, watch a movie during dental procedures) and very reasonable pricing for the high quality of work.But what makes Dr. Wei a great dentist, in addition to his precise craftsmanship and desire for perfection, is he is a great person. His demeanor and warm personality which can only come naturally, literally takes away the entire anxiety of a dentist visit. You don’t feel like you are visiting a dentist, you are visiting a friend that does dental work.Additionally, despite his often full schedule, his attentiveness always makes me feel like I am his first and only patient on every visit. Examples:Knowing I needed extensive work and that I travel 30+ miles from work for each visit (worth the trip), he immediately calendared me in for multiple future visits and precisely calculated the procedures he’d perform each visit so to minimize my visits. Of course, each visit went according to plan.He knew I had a wedding to attend thus needed my cracked veneer replaced (cracked veneer was from a FORMER dentist), concerned that the veneer would not be shipped to his office in time, Dr. Wei went out of his way on his day off to pick up the veneer from the lab so that I would have it in time for the wedding! I am quite confident that none of my previous dentists would have even considered doing that.Lastly, the customer service provided by the staff is First Class. As of the very first visit, they said that I would receive reimbursement from my dental insurance within 2 weeks and though I forgot about them (I am skeptic with insurance companies), it was a pleasant surprise the checks arrived! The team is also very diligent with following up the very next day on any procedures performed to ensure I am comfortable. They never miss a beat.As such, my search for a dedicated, punctual, reliable, flexible, honest, knowledgeable, caring, pride in their work, quality, dentist has ended at Dr. Wei and team. Like others, I highly recommend Dr. Wei. If you are skeptical, just chat with him for yourself.
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By: Paula M.
Dr. Michael J. Wei, DDS
First let me start by saying i am a very honest reviewer and live my life by reviews for everything i do so this is my honest opinion.Dr Wei and his staff are so amazing!! I went to several dentists to make my decision about who is going to do my Veneer procedure, as I was SO embarrassed of my smile for years! For me this was a big decision since it can get very costly depending on your needs. After seeing around 8 different dentists i decided to go with Dr. Wei I did as much research as i could on him and found with his credentials and the way he presented himself at my consolation won me over. Dr. Wei has a trusting caring way about him that made me so at ease from my first consultation up to the last day of my veneer procedure he offers different financial options that can help you pay for treatment and he ALWAYS works with your schedule. Dr. Wei is so gentle and makes you feel so calm you wish you would have found him years ago as that is how I feel. Also Amanda his assistant is so wonderful with your needs. If i had any needs or concerns they would fit me in the same day with no problem just to make me feel happy and satisfied. My new veneers look so beautiful and natural it will really amaze you to see the before and after. I am no longer embarrassed to smile as i was or covering my mouth when I talk I am so much more confident and I can really cry when i think of what Dr. Wei corrected that i was most self conscious about. I will continue to see Dr. Wei even if my dental insurance wont cover anything ! That is how amazing he is. If you are having any hesitations with who you should go see please go at least for a consultation with him, you will not be disappointed and i know you will LOVE him! And he did veneers , cavities, cleaning and much much more with the time frame i gave him and finished before my BIRTHDAY as i asked even with his busy schedule!!! He honestly made me so happy. I cant thank him enough. Thanks Dr. Wei & staff!
By: Allie M.
Dr. Michael J. Wei, DDS
After 3 different dentists botched up my veneers three times, I was reluctant to go ahead for the fourth time. The time, the energy, and pain of those three times almost made me throw in the towel and I went to Dr.Wei to see what he could do. I found Dr.Wei online and found him impressive with the many awards and positive reviews.I went in for a consultation and starting from his receptionist to his dental assistant, I felt that they were very professional and I was comforted. Dr.Wei came to go over my teeth and he was very thorough with the exam. After the hellish experience of getting veneers done 3 times I did not want to do veneers again and I asked him about lumineers. He advised that it would be better for me to get veneers even though I was insistent that I get lumineers. While he was understanding about my previous experiences, he explained to me the reasons why he would re-do the veneers. Our conversation gave me the confidence that it will be okay and I went ahead with the veneers. I'm so glad I did!Dr.Wei is a perfectionist. He does not want you to look anything but fabulous. He is very caring about his patients and his work. My case was quite difficult because I had missing teeth but the end result is positively amazing! It looks natural but very nice. I had headphones the whole time and I wasn't in pain at all. Dr.Wei does a thorough job but he's quick so I didn't feel like it was taking forever. Honestly, I've never felt so comfortable at a dental office before.On top of all of this, his prices are very reasonable. You would think for such an in demand dentist in a prime location it would cost an arm and a leg to do veneers but I didn't find that to be the case at all. Thank you, Dr.Wei!
By: Adam E.
Charles M. Marks, DDS
Having moved from London UK, I had many bad experiences in the past with negligent dentists. As a result I went to Dr Marks with several procedures requiring attention: 3 dental implants with crowns, 4 porcelain crowns, 3 veneers, and 3 or 4 root canal treatments. I also had my teeth whitened and regularly cleaned. It has been around a year and a half since we began undertaking all of these treatments and I can tell you that I am absolutely delighted with the service I have received from Dr Marks and his associates. They were always flexible with my appointments, but what was the most important thing for me is that all the work has been completed to a very high standard in a friendly environment. Every procedure has been explained to me in full, sometimes even with diagrams, the positives and the negatives explained, and any fees have always been explained to me BEFORE doing any treatment, they also accepted my dental insurance (Cigna) with pleasure. Dr Marks has a fun manner and friendly manner in the way he approaches his work and this is very welcome for me. The implant work is flawless, the crowns are flawless, zero complications. Dr Marks even fitted me with 3 veneers and color matched them to my natural teeth perfectly, no one can tell the difference. He could have easily recommended that I veneer the whole front but he was honest and always has been. He gave me the treatment that was necessary. Is it cheap, no of course not, but quality never is! For the first time in many years I have a flawless mouth, flawless smile, no headaches, no worries, and I can not recommend Dr Marks highly enough. Yes this is a real review, and if you contact me you are welcome to come and look at my smile as well.. Adam El-Hout
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By: Ivy S.
Dr. Michael J. Wei, DDS
I never write reviews for people; not only that I do not have the time, but also I never had any strong urge to share the experience to anybody else. I have bad teeth genetic. I have been to many different dentists, and I have done all kinds of dental work ever since I was four year old; however my experience haven't been pleasant and the works were done poorly. I started to avoid going to dentist, until I finally had no choice and started to do some research about New York City top rated dentist. Exactly one year ago I met Dr. Wei, first impression he was extremely nice, warm and caring, especially with someone extremely nervous like me. He took an X-ray of my teeth, and examined with me together. He explained everything in detail, works that need to be done, and works that suggested to be done. I was overwhelmed by the complications that I have. He told me that we can start with something small first, such as cavities, and when I feel more comfortable he could go further from there. I love how he is never been pushy and hard on his patient, you can work everything out with him, financially and time wise. I started to built trust with him immediately, from the works he had done. Dental works are never pleasant, but I felt comfortable with Dr. Wei. It's been a wonderful year, and I have finally decided to the smile makeover. My mom with impressed with how perfect the temps look already, and I have dreamed for this beautiful smile ever since a little kid. I can't thank Dr. Wei enough, for everything that he's done for me. I'm writing this from the bottom of my heart, and I promise that you will never regret visiting him!
By: Ann H.
Dr. Michael J. Wei, DDS
The Best Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist in New York City! Having not been to the dentist in over 10 years, I knew I was in need of some serious dental work. I knew I needed a great cosmetic dentist and was referred to Dr. Wei by my friend. I just want to say that Dr. Wei is truly an amazing dentist who ensures that the work he does is the best that it can possibly be. He is professional and his equipment is up to date. He is meticulous and perfectionist on his work thus I knew that I was in greatest hands! Thanks to his skill and expertise, I now know that the health of my teeth. Dr.Wei genuinely cares about his patients, you will feel that in the way he treats you. His bedside manner is fantastic and his staff are excellent.I am so glad that I found him. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and I highly recommend him! Dr. Wei is someone you can trust which is hard to find in New York City. The happiness of his patients is his number one priority. He provides excellent dental care with a state of the art office and a staff which is always extremely professional and courteous. Dr. Wei discovered several deep cavities underneath the old porcelain crowns of my front teeth because the crowns started to move away from the gums due to poor installation and bad work from previous dentist. However, Dr. Wei performed a miracle! He gave me a new beautiful white smile and healthier teeth. I love my new smile. Thank you very much, Dr. Wei. I give Dr. Wei a 5-star rating across the board and shall continue to recommend him highly!
By: Krissy S.
Dr. Charles Marks
My first appointment with Dr. Marks was after I chipped my front tooth on a holiday weekend. I left a message with his answering service and he called me back personally within 15 minutes and booked me an appointment for first thing the following day. While discussing how to repair my chipped tooth, I expressed that I was unhappy with other aspects of my smile and Dr. Marks outlined various options for me. I chose to cap both of my front teeth and bond two others. He was very thorough, clearly took pride in his work, and was intent on making sure that I was satisfied and happy with the results. And when all was said and done, my smile is now straighter and better looking than ever before! I’m extremely happy that my friend recommended Dr. Marks. His staff is friendly and professional and I enjoyed my visits to his office so much that I will miss spending time there now that I only need to go in for the occasional cleaning. I highly recommend Dr. Marks for all of your dentistry needs!
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By: Chris E.
Dr. Michael J. Wei, DDS
I used to fear going to a dentist as a child, but Dr. Wei has truly made those childhood fears disappear. He is so professional by being extremely informative and sensitive to his patients. I've been to some dentists in the past who do not seem very caring, but he definitely makes sure you are comfortable in every situation, whether it be a teeth cleaning, cavity filling or something more serious. During procedures, if you feel the slightest discomfort he informs you to raise your hand immediately and stop, but during my cavity filling everything was smooth and perfect.His staff is just as kind and their service is great. I got to my appointment at 5pm and I got taken care of right away with no wait. You can't substitute for service like that these days. I know how difficult it is to find a good dentist considering how many people fear it, but I am so thankful I found Dr. Wei. I not only plan on going to him in the future, but I am also looking forward to future appointments!
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By: Cheryl C.
Dr. Michael J. Wei, DDS
I am a nurse and I chose this profession because of my passion to provide optimum patient care. So needless to say, when the table is turned and I become the patient, I am the worst critic because I expect nothing but excellent care from my clinician. Dr. Wei has shown me that and much more. I have suffered from periodontal disease for the last 15 years and have made many visits to dentists for a rather uncomfortable procedure that takes about 45 min and requires getting numbed up. Dr. Wei is by far the only dentist who has made this process comfortable for me. Being in the healthcare field, I am always surrounded by healthcare professionals so I know a great provider when I see one. And Dr. Wei is indeed the best! He is passionate about dentistry and genuinely cares about his patients. I have complete confidence in everything Dr. Wei does and have always been satisfied with my experience. - Cheryl
By: Samantha T.
Usa Dental
I currently am visiting from Europe and I had a dental emergency. I was walking down the street and their dental sign caught my eye. I walked into the office and the front staff greeted me so promptly and in such a friendly and welcome manner. They accommodated me straight away and advised I can be seen by Dr.Fendrich that same day. After not even waiting 5 minutes an assistant called me in the room. Assistant was very nice and knowledgeable about dentistry. Dr. Fendrich entered the room and was so welcoming and friendly.. He explained in full detail what was causing my emergency and also showed me from x-rays and pictures what was going on. He made me feel at ease and also made me aware of how important it is to follow up on dental visits. I recommend everyone to go and visit Dr. Fendrich. Apart from being very very knowledgeable about dentistry, he is also a very down to earth dentist.
Tips & Advices
  • Pick Your Plan: Most people purchase three main varieties, usually through their employers.
    • An indemnity or fee-for-service plan means you'll have to pay for annual deductibles and co-insurance payments out of pocket.
    • A preferred provider organization is less costly, and you choose from a network of dentists. However, PPOs have some limitations and accompanying deductibles.
    • A dental health maintenance organization plan limits you to just a few choices of dentists, and one doctor handles all of your oral care needs. However, these HMO are usually much less costly.
  • PPO plans and dental HMOs work with only a select number of doctors. While that usually means fewer costs, it also means you have less choice in the dentist who can treat you Before purchasing the plan, you'll receive a list of dentists in each network. From there, you can then pick a plan with doctors who meet your standards and requirements.
  • When picking a plan, you need to look at just how much you'll pay for each and every service. For instance, some plans won't cover your fillings or X-rays, while others may charge more or less for a crown or tooth extraction. You don't want to be caught off-guard by unforeseen charges.
  • If you're truly comfortable with a dentist and you feel he or she can be an ally in your ongoing oral care regimen, then consider signing a plan to just keep that dentist available. That means potentially deal with costs and other insurance-related factors that you might have wanted to. If need be, you might be able to work with the dentist's office to address some of the plan-specific concerns.
  • Ask family, friends or colleagues for recommendations. They will be able to provide details about a dentist's demeanor, operating style and approach to patient care
  • Meet with any prospective dentists to ask about what treatments they perform most often, procedures they're not as familiar with, what accreditation they have or any organizations they belong to and how their offices handles insurance and payments.
  • Consider driving distance, location and office hours.
  • Check With Your State Board: The state board can outline what requirements your dentist must meet and offer information about any discrepancies in the their background and if he or she has faced any disciplinary actions.
  • Remember Your Angles - When brushing your teeth, always place the brush at a 45-degree angle..
  • Don't Forget the Tongue – Your tongue is the largest source of bacteria. Brush it front to back and don't forget the sides.
  • Floss Everyday - Each time you floss, have at least 18 inches of floss available. For optimal control, hold the floss between your thumbs and forefingers.
  • Watch What You Eat - Sugar, alcohol and coffee contain phosphorus. While some can prove beneficial, too much of this chemical can eat away at your teeth and gums.
  • Keep in Mind the Mouthwash - Mouthwash can be helpful if used to supplement proper brushing and flossing. Most mouthwash brands contain chlorine dioxide, a chemical that targets the majority of oral bacterial strains.
Yellow teeth are the result of a number of bad habits, mainly smoking, drinking too much coffee and improper nutrition. Many dentists will treat with a whitening procedure.
These painful bumps are the result of irritation to the soft tissue of your mouth. These sores can make brushing almost impossible. There are a number of different causes for sores, including anemia or a vitamin B-12 deficiency. Your doctor will have to examine the bump, find its cause and then develop a specific treatment plan, including the use of corticosteroids to reduce inflammation or antimicrobial mouthwash.

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