By: tony.guo.5872
Fei Yang Travel Corp
I booked a round-trip air ticket at the agent recently. The initial specs they emailed to me were correct, but the ticket they produced had my returning date moved way ahead of the schedule. Because the ticket has tiny fine print that states "Traveler and all accompanying companions have read and confirmed all itinerary information", I had to pay a penalty of $250 for changing the date back, since it had more than 24 hours passed. But what's their responsibility for changing my returning date without my authorization? Worse, when I got to their office on the same date, they demanded that I had to pay $291, instead of $250 they stated in their email three hours earlier, and that I had to pay it in cash, even I did not have that mush cash without me. This is highway robbery!P.S. It happened when the manager was on a trip overseas. They brought the so-called penalty price back from $291 markup to $250 later, but still ignored their responsibility for having changed my returning date without my authorization. I have raised my rating of the agent from 0 or 1 star to 2 stars.
By: Goza L.
Sahara Soul Travel
My wife and I were looking for an exotic honeymoon experience. I knew that she had always wanted to visit Africa. As for me, I knew very little about the African continent, and it had always been a place of mystery for me. I had no idea where to start. After much asking around, and searching on the internet, I looked up a few travel agencies around Manhattan, and found Sahara Soul Travel to be very helpful and reasonable in prices. They answered all our questions, and booked us a very hassle-free honeymoon (We took the ultimate Morocco plan). For those of you who have visited Morocco, I don't need to say much, but if you haven't, this will be one of the most amazing adventures of your life. I strongly recommend Sahara Soul Travel.
By: Sylvia v. W.
The Mileage Club
I haven’t really had a chance to go on a trip using frequent flyer miles yet (too young) but I am saving up for one after graduation. Right now, I just visit The Mileage Club website to see what deals they’re offering as I plan my trip and I regularly read their blog. That’s what currently has the most utility for me. They have got information on miles, how to use them, etc. that’s really helpful if you’re still navigating the waters. I know for sure I’ll be a customer when it comes time for me to buy miles because I have had family and friends use The mileage club and they were satisfied with the entire process.
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By: Omer A.
French Way Travel
I have been booking my flights with Frenchway Travel for the last 3 years and I have never been disappointed. They booked me a business-class ticket to Israel last April 24 hours before departure (which is virtually impossible for the price they found)Service is always very friendly and I am very appreciative they got people there to give you customer service at all hour. They are the best and I am paying 15% less than what I would pay booking at a random website. 2 thumbs up for Frenchway...
By: leener1983
To find a mover in NY is not a problem and it is really so especially if you look for a moving company in New York via the Internet. But the issue is about the price. Actually, it may vary from $50 till even 1K! For sure, much depends on the distance but anyway there should be at least some mutual regulations... It turned out that A-Z Moving has been a company that might not be as familiar as for instance Moishes or flatrate but they are practically 5 times cheaper and the result is the same!
By: Lubna S.
Dawn Travel
I would advise anyone, who is planning to travel with Dawn Travels that they should travel with this company to perform Hajj and Umrah and better focus their trip rather than focusing on others opinion. I found this company during Hajj 2016 Eco-Friendly, guide well enough Hajj steps during hajj and well organized people, they know how to handle Hajis, Once you book your Hajj and Umrah Tickets then you have no worry Inshaallah, we strongly recommend Dawn Travels to Muslim USA.
By: seomagus
What I like about AZ Moving new york company is that they know what they are doing and they do it fast. We all know that it is time that matters when there is a necessity to move stuff from one place to another. Though it is written somewhere that AZ Moving just operates in NYC - the company also moves stuff in Long Island... anyway, you just need to make a call! All other things will be done by themselves.I do recommend dealing with them as they stand for their words!
By: Huang Q.
E-World Travel & Tours Inc
Just finished the tour with eWorld. For my family, we have 4 people and get the discount when we book the tour. We took the 3 days Niagara falls and Washington DC tour and joined all the attraction. It is really nice experience that we saw and learn a lot. The tour is really well-organized and the tour guide had the good time control considering we have limited daytime and some people still late in every attraction. .....
By: Alisha A.
The Mileage Club
I always wanted to go to Ireland. But never in my dreams did I imagine that I would eventually fly in business class to the beautiful Dublin. While I was hunting for an economy class ticket, I somehow stumbled across the mileage club. I purchased the miles and managed to bag a really cheap business class ticket. Flying to my dream destination in a business class cabin was a truly wonderful experience. Thanks guys!
By: Syed A.
Dawn Travel
I performed Hajj 2016 with my whole family with Dawn Travels. One think I would like to mention that I was my first ever Hajj in life, even though my ill mother with me and I was quite confused before Hajj that how I would manage things, but Alhumdullah having Dawn Travels, I couldn’t face any trouble throughout the journey. Once again think to provide us such a remarkable service.

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