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By: Jemmy H.
Rice to Riches Inc
If you want simple ice cream done right, Cones is the place for you. Sure, they'll venture out a little and provide flavors such as corn and peanut butter caramel, but they do basic well. Together my friend and I had the tiramisu, honey cinnamon, dark chocolate, and vanilla chocolate chip. The first three were all really good, that we couldn't really choose a favorite. I wish the chocolate chips were blended in better as it only really tasted like vanilla - just a minor complaint though. You won't get friendly, full of smiles employees here, but they are generous by not limiting the amount of samples.
By: Sarah G.
Serendipity 3
Everyone told us as we are planning our trip to New York that we had to go here. We were warned about long lines. We ended up not really waiting very long even though it looked like we would. The man working the front desk was rather rude. He didn't seem to really like his job. I tried the frozen hot chocolate. It was pretty good. The rest of my family got different desserts. Everyone enjoyed what they ate but didn't think there was anything extra special to it.... Especially for what it cost! We've been there and done that. But probably wouldn't go back when we return to New York!
By: noellem
Max Brenner
Well if you can get past the wait in this place you'll be in good hands. The food here is delicious, but I found it hard to concentrate on my dinner with the fumes of melted milk chocolate. I can see why people end up coming here for just dessert and skipping dinner all together. The dessert selection is probably more than one person can handle! I would say make sure you come here with two empty stomachs ready to delve in deep! I rate this place an A+ on their desserts, and the service could improve. The wait time was something ridiculous like an hour just to be seated.
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By: Anna S.
Shark Bar Restaurant
Hmmm.I've heard a lot about the SHARK BAR. I came in to have dinner and some wine. My meal had no order to the appearance as to the way it was placed on my plate.The garnishing were all wrong.The taste was fair. I should have fully enjoyed my meal.The wine was good. My server needs to take several lesson in serving.My bill - for what consisted of my meal - overpriced. But hey, I don't pay then I wear these metal cute cuffs and get escorted downtown.My ice-cream was EXCELLENT. but then again, how can you go wrong with Haagen-Daaz.
By: whitedove44
Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery
Believe it or not, watching TV tonight on how knishes was made, up popped Yonah's Bakery. Sir I'll have you know, that when I was hungry, you fed me. I ran away from home at 16 in 1961, I think that was the year, and I lived on your knishes. and slices of pizza on 42nd street. I LOVE knishes, haven't had one since 16. would love to make some. Thank you for being there for me. Hadn't thought about them in years. so filling esp for a hungry kid God Bless You
By: baxtronlife
Max Brenner
I went to MAX Brenner for a girls night out. Everything we ordered was delicious my only complaint was that a server cleared one of my friends plates while she was in the middle of eating off of it without even asking if she was done. I had the max Brenner turkey burger and also an order of onion rings and they are my favorite onion rings so delicious. We had the peanut butter euphoria ice cream sundae for dessert- cant go wrong there!
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By: dfwdean
Buttercup Inc
Cupcakes: sure you can get them everywhere, and your homemade versions are probably more delicious, but how about those funky flavors you see on Pinterest and cooking shows: who ha stone to make all of those flavors at once just to try one? That's why you come here.Ordered a six pack to go, total variety: my favorite were the Twinkie and Choc Banana. But we ate all the others too, nothing went to waste.
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By: jessica h.
Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit Co
if you come in with a hankering for a sundae, a real sundae, it's not the spot. but if you have food limitations and are on the healthy side, you may see this as a satisfying alternative. i appreciate the vision of the "crunchy salty sundae." the warm peanut butter and chocolate with the pretzels are what i needed to make up for the fruit juice ice cream. i'm just a van leeuwen ice cream kinda girl.
By: James C.
Da Silvano
If you want to see celebrities and be seen this is the place! However, the most important thing other than the ambience is the food. It is always good and served with a smile. Jaded New Yorkers hardly notice Yoko Ono and son at the next table. The pastas are excellent. Al dente. There is a wonderful wine selection, but a bit steep. All in all it's a welcoming place! Go! Eat!
By: Christine C.
Da Silvano
Sitting outside watching people go by while enjoying a wonderful glass of wine and a delicious entree - what could be better? The prices could be lower. Well, because the food is so good and the staff is polite, it is worth it. The presence of the owner with the affable personality and pony tail makes you feel welcome and important. Celebrities flock to this restaurant.

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