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By: nancy a.
The Grey Dog
I got together with my companion Sabra E. at The Gray Dog for espresso when I was around the local area. I picked it for immaculate accommodation, yet it was a charming spot, alright with a clamoring, warm, villeinage vibe. We got a table and requested up at the counter. The barista was pleasant.I got a major mug of cappuccino, and it hit the spot on a drizzly day. I'm not a periodic espresso consumer, but rather I thought it was a decent glass, and I do love me some milk froth. Sabra requested a club sandwich and wasn't excessively content with it. It's conceivable this spot is preferable for espresso over for nourishment. It did feel more like a café than an eatery.Anyway, I was content with The Gray Dog and would visit again in case I'm ever needing an espresso place in this some portion of town. I preferred my cappuccino and had a beautiful time unwinding and making up for lost time with my companion.
By: noellem
Coffee Shop
They call it the Coffee Shop because it's really no more than that in appearance. It's like your typical diner type environment except they hire a lot of "model-type" servers to make it more appealing. It's known in town as the place where models work. If the models aren't working at Abercrombie & Fitch most likely you can find them here. I have to say it does add to the atmosphere. As for food I wouldn't say there's anything that really stands out on their menu. But I will say you can't go wrong with their sweet potato fries and their burgers are nice too! The service is so so. Sometimes I come and the waiters are really polite and friendly and other times I've been here the waiters won't even so much as smile. It's a hit or miss in that department because their wait staff is always changing.It's a good place to come if you're looking for a quick bite with some familiar items on the menu.
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By: Jane O.
Bibble & Sip
My friend and I were looking for a coffee place to sit at after lunch and aftera lot of Internet-ing around came across Bibble and Sip. Decided it wouldn't be a bad place to try, so we headed over after lunch and got a matcha latte and lavender latte. The matcha was good, but not what we were really in the mood for. The lavender on the other hand was sooooo good. Sooooooo good that even a month later, we're thinking about it. lol :))We only got the drinks and resisted temptation to buy the pastries and panna cotta. Now we kind of wish we did, because of how delicious they looked. But based on that lavender latte alone, this place is pretty good.
By: Rubby A.
Ferrara Cafe'
My favorite thai ice cream in the city, they have the quickest machines and freshest ingredients. The main reason I like ICENY above all the rest is it's not overly sweet. You ever wanted ice cream, buy a cup, take 5 bites and couldn't have anymore because it felt too sweet or heavy so you force it over to your bf/gf or throw it out after holding it for it awhile and forcing a few more bites? well not this place, it's balance just right so you can finish the whole thing and you actually want it again and again to try all the variations and combos of all the flavors.
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By: Nishi S.
Union Square Cafe
Very nice cafe. his is one of the most beautiful cafés I've ever been too. The pastel colours, beautiful crockery and the fresh food will bring all kinds of nostalgia back. This is a perfect place for sitting alone with a book in hand and coffee in another. A bit pricey but the food and the ambience more than make up for it. Went again and it was still good
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By: jessica h.
Cafe La Cerra
$4.00 for a small iced coffee? did it taste good? sure, but that price can't be rationalized. unsure why it's necessary to manually punch in a credit card number to then sign off and ask if you'd like to add gratuity? for a coffee? i know fika does this and it's off putting there too. i want to like you, café la cerra!
By: Alex B.
The Grey Dog
Nice location and great menu.We went in for breakfast. I had the Grey Dog breakfast which tastes amazing and is the perfect portion! The fries had a great spring onion seasoning, it came with a good healthy serving of fruits, the eggs and the sausage patty were perfect and the pancakes were great too!!
By: Olivia G.
Hit Cafe
This store is amazing! I love the breakfast special and the hot and cold buffet. During lunch I always order and they deliver the food quickly. The food is very fresh and the price is affordable. I would definitely recommend trying out this store!!
By: Christine C.
Caffe Novecento
Lunch at Novecento with a friend and good memories inundated me. No madeleines needed! The food was delicious, spinach sautéed to perfection, a veggie salad, all very satisfying. The waiters were friendly and attentive. Comida con Amor!
By: R G.
Le Cafe Coffee
I always like to explore for new coffee shops because drinking a cup of coffee is one of the things I enjoy more. I loved Le Cafe because the coffee quality was great, the staff were very friendly, and the shop was impeccably clean.

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