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By: jessyraves
Washington Deluxe Bus Services
Recently I boarded a bus from NY to DC and I was quite surprised with the whole experience. Washny’s super deluxe buses are truly remarkable and ecstatic in terms of facilities and luxurious. I experienced a very comfortable journey all the way to Washington D.C and I have decided to always take washny’s bus whenever I visit my hometown in Washington DC. Washny in a way has revolutionized bus industry. People usually think twice when it comes to traveling by bus as comfortable travel is something one of their major concerns. Washny has changed this situation with its wonderful super deluxe buses. I strongly recommend Washny’s services whenever you want to travel to and from NY and DC. You don’t have to think twice about booking your bus tickets when it comes to Washny. I thank the concerned authorities for providing me a wonderful travel experience and I assure them to always use their services when I travel between NY and DC.
By: belgin
Washington Deluxe Bus Services
Washnys services are truly remarkable by all means. I was certainly impressed by their super deluxe buses when I traveled from New York to Washington recently. Much to my surprise, I did not expect these kinds of features and facilities. In fact I have never come across a more versatile and comprehensive bus services ever in my life until now. The buses were truly ecstatic in terms of the features it provided. It included highly comfortable seats that could recline up to 180 degrees, Giant LED screen in the front where favorite movies of common preference where played throughout the trip, WI-Fi facilities for Internet surfing, Power outlets for charging various gadgets and highly clean and tidy rest rooms. The bus was more like an exclusive RV for me. If I ever do plan to travel to Washington again via bus, I am certainly bound to use Washny again.
By: antonyleo
Washington Deluxe Bus Services
In my lifetime I have never had this kind of experience, recently I travelled from Washington DC to New York on an official matter. I had a fear that this last-minute program will not work out and this is goanna chuck me with the dreadful travelling ever. But believe me; I had a tremendous experience travelling their super deluxe bus. Washny’s deluxe bus services between NY to Washington D.C are simply incredible and I had the most contented journey I ever have experienced in my life till now. The facilities provided were simply amazing. It is one of the best upgraded bus services I have ever had. Though I had to force myself to take in the services of Washington deluxe it left a remarkable experience.
By: andersonwilsar
Washington Deluxe Bus Services
On a scale of 10, I would rate washny’s services as 8. The super deluxe buses were truly remarkable with all the facilities you would ever need while traveling and the ride was certainly comfortable. I’m a guy who is actually quite fussy and I hate to compromise over comfort by all means, especially when I am traveling. I am a guy who believes no matter what the price of the journey might be, you still ought to be treated with care, and responsibility and one should find the journey at most comfortable. I thank the authorities for such wonderful services. And I would strongly recommend their services especially when you want to travel between NY and DC. They give you the best journey possible.
By: josephletzelter
Washington Deluxe Bus Services
When it comes to travelling we all expect to travel in the most comfortable yet economical way as a part of it we have several deluxe buses but not all buses match up the services of washny. Their services are simply superb and I had a great time travelling with them. All-round complete services are provided and they look after us so well that even time flies. Amazing services!!! Certainly it is one of the most top class bus services and in case if you want to travel between ny to dc then make sure that even you take up Washny’s services for they are great.
By: janeanderson
Washington Deluxe Bus Services
Warning; be alert! If you are going to take up the services of washny, then be alert for you will be signing up for their services again and again. Yes! A wholly unbelievable bus traveling experience can be gained when you sign up for the services of washny. Overall, it was an ideal and amusing ride; completely trouble free journey. I have suggested to all my colleagues and friends and after taking the services they have left a positive feedback and thanked me for having shown something that really works... I wish them all the very best.
By: David Y.
Washington Deluxe Bus Services
I went to NY this week and found the bus to be clean and everything to work well including the charging stations and wifi connection. The following day, I returned to DC on this bus and was surprised to find this bus even better than the first one. The driver was both helpful and courteous. Both trips exceeded my expectations. I can't say enough good things about this Bus line! Thank you so much for making this trip so comfortable.
By: philipgreenspun
Washington Deluxe Bus Services
I found washny’s services to be truly excruciating when I boarded a bus from NY to DC. Although there was a minor issue or stoppage due to flat tire during the journey and we reached our destination half hour late, which is understandable, their representatives were really patient, caring and professional. Besides, I had a luxurious and comfortable journey of my life. I strongly recommend Washny for bus journeys.
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By: Camilla C.
New York Charter Bus Company
Some friends and I hired New York Charter Bus Company for a trip to Atlantic City. And it was absolutely wonderful, the pricing was very affordable compared to a few other charter companies we contacted for a quote. They came approximately 30 minutes prior to us leaving, which left us ample enough time to get everyone on board. Friendly drivers and exemplary service. Would most definitely hire them again.
By: janekajanine
Washington Deluxe Bus Services
Absolutely Beneficial to all……. Ticket arranging was also very easy and, on the whole my household knowledgeable a lot visiting in bus. I would suggest this to any of my environment for I would like even them to encounter this. Many thanks to you individuals and holding out to discover more by getting up your solutions. My best desires to the crew!

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