By: Gwen P.
This was one of three stores visited, and the only one that had the product I was looking for. They were helpful, friendly, and knew their stock inventory. I will recommend this hair supply store to all my friends.
By: Taylor l P.
Have ordered Retail Items from MrDolly.com and Love the Quality shipping and Service... MRDolly is an Entertainer and Retailer of Drag Artist Photos,.. All in Fun,.. But Life embraced "Love One Another"
By: Rick G.
Gift Shop
Thank you so much for the wonderful support you have shown when I went there at your place to shop for gift items. I was truly satisfied with the items I got and would surely return.
By: Alex R.
Gift Shop
I would like to visit this gift shop soon to prepare for upcoming holiday season. I've already made a list of people I'm going to give gifts to.
By: Ethel G.
Gift Shop
If you are looking for rare items to give as gifts for your lovedones, there's no other place to be than here. They are really great!
By: Claudia J.
Gift Shop
If you are looking for a gift shop to buy something for your lovedones this coming christmast, this is definitely the place to be!
By: Nicole G.
Eve's Garden
I would be shopping here on holidays. I love the things they are selling, most are rare products you can't simply find elsewhere.
By: James B.
2mro Gift Shop
I love the discounts! I'll be saving lots of money from my budget If I do my shopping here for Christmas. I really love it here.

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