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By: Melissa N.
Gabriel Shimunov Hair Salon NYC
All around a 5-Star experience. The price is right too!!Gabriel always handles my appointment booking needs and makes sure there is plenty of time dedicated to me and the service being done. Then his colorist works her magic on my hair. They pay attention to the littlest of details.. The Salon is always clean and has a sexy urban atmosphere. Always a fine selection of music and when I want to indulge a little, the wine is delicious too. I LOVE this place! From the second you're greeted at the door, to the tender care of the stylists, this place is Top Shelf. Everyone is conversing and laughing, it truly feels like a family. GS salon is the best hairdresser in the City! Why? Because the service there is great, the people who work there are great; they're fun, lively, positive and always on the look out what you're going for. They always aim for the best and proceed with caution which makes the money so worth while! They actually do acomplish what you are looking for; weather it comes down to a haircut or dying your hair. They have a heart of hospitality and are always helpful! The first time I got my haircut, I loved it, it turned out to be exactly how I wanted it and it grew out smoothly; people always need a good haircut if you are wanting to grow your hair out. If you're wanting to dye your hair or wanting to get a very specific haircut, I would recommend this salon to go and experience the heart of it! The first time I got my hair dyed there, I was surprised because it was exactly what I was going for and they accomplished it to my willing. The second time I went to get my hair dyed the same thing happened, with caution and patience. Both colors turned out great and I wouldn't know any other hairdresser who are just as good with specific colors or haircuts. The first time I got my haircut I love it and it wasn't too short, it got cut exactly how I wanted it. The second time I got it cut, it was done again with caution and patience. And inbetween both experiences they would show you why the length is either uneven or if the haircut you got beforehand wasn't cut right for the type of hairstyle that you want. That helps because they know what they are saying and it becomes even a bigger success! You will not be disappointed. I would recommend this salon to visitors and locals! Great team, lot's of attention and great hair!
By: Isabel J.
Gabriel Shimunov Hair Salon NYC
This is my favorite salon in town. Gabriel is an amazing stylist, and always patient with my questions. I love that I can book and be seen so quickly, as this is not always the case at upper-end salons. The environment is awesome: Had a hair emergency!! I called Gabriel Salon on a friday at 4:00pm to see if they had any openings. I had never been to salon before but knew it was uptown close to where I work. I spoke to the recipitionist (who was darling) and asked if they had an opening that afternoon. She said she would see what she could do to get me in and asked for a call back number. She called back at 4:30pm saying that they could fit me in if I could be there at 4:45pm. Which was perfect! Dana had come into work just to take care of me, the customer service was amazing before I even arrived at the Salon! Upon my arrival I was greeted and immediatly introduced to Yelena (who is amazing). After several minutes of dissecting the monster that was my hair Dana asked what I wanted. I had already decided to go dark and Dana made up the most luscious, dark, chocolatie formula for my hair. I was given my choice of beverages (coffee for me) and a Vouge to read, it was a lovely experience. Dana not only dyed my hair, she also cut and stylied it. I left looking amazing (no more spotted monsters for me) with my next visit book six weeks out with Dana. I have found that elusive something most girls only dream about, my dream stylist.Gabriel's salon is small enough to be intimate and the decorations bring to mind a high end, european boutique. All the ladies were fun conversationalist and location could not be better if you work uptown. I will be returning again, infact I don't plan to get my hair done anywhere else. Now price wise I think it was more then worth it, I didn't spend anymore at this salon then I have at any other salon in town.
By: Adrianne V.
Gabriel Shimunov Hair Salon NYC
5+ stars! Had wonderful experience. Just had my hair colored and cut by Ashley. She is wonderful. My hair was extremely thick and heavy. I swear I get headaches just walking around with my hair down. She did an awesome job thinning it out for me. I feel 2 pounds lighter! My roots were showing big time I made an appointment for a different change. The receptionist who squeezed me in last minute - I called in on a Friday morning and booked an appointment that same Friday afternoon. I LOVE THIS PLACE!! Very clean and modern interior gets you excited. Again, I can't help but rave about the decor and the service - the receptionists at the front greet you warmly, all the assistants make sure their clients are well taken care. Ashley recommended ombre. I really love how I can just go in with no idea of what I want, and Ashley knows exactly what to do to make her clients look good. She is so personable: she's like that long lost best girlfriend you always want to chat and catch up with... and yet she is so focused and professional about her work. You can tell she has integrity and high standards - she is so detail oriented as she constantly checked on my hair to make sure the right color was coming out. Overall, it was just an amazing experience and I would highly recommend everyone to book an appointment with her. I have nothing but good things to say about this place. :) Thank you, Ashley
By: Melissa H.
Gabriel Shimunov Hair Salon NYC
Good scalp massage. fantastic customer service, I felt comfortable right away. Gabriel was lovely to talk to and was very knowledgable about hair, I am a person that plans and researches everything! When I finally decided I was going to get the Brazilian Blowout I read everything about it. I googled hair salons in my area and the first link that came up was Brazilian Blowout By Gabriel. I then proceeded to read reviews for this place and this guy "Gabriel" Every review sounded to good to be true and my first thought was that he probably had his staff or even he wrote about his wonders. I still called and made an appt for the next morning at 8 in the morning! That's right folks 8 in the morning. He understood that I'm a morning person and didn't want to spend my whole day at the hair salon. (breath of fresh air) My hair NOW is silky and looks 100xs healthier, had a great experience. Wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be he has a cool summer promotion going (a haircut is included) He made the whole experience awesome! I would highly recommend him to my family and friends! So all you Brazilian Blowout first timers or repeats contact Gabriel. Very happy with my results.
By: Alexandra F.
Gabriel Shimunov Hair Salon NYC
I love this place. It's quick and affordable. I came in today without an appointment. I was very thrilled and enlightened that such a new and exciting salon has made its way to Midtown. Actually, I have not heard of this type of business before; therefore I was intrigued to find out about it. I was pleasantly surprised with the total ambiance of the shop. The owner is delightful as are his stylists. Jessica was my stylist and she was great. Prior to starting any applications, we talked for a few moments regarding the styling, as I am a very fussy person. She was "right on" with what I was looking for! Gabriel good luck to you and your salon!The Salon is clean, cute and perfectly decorated
By: Christine M.
Gabriel Shimunov Hair Salon NYC
I had the Brazilian Keratin Treatment done about two week ago at Gabriel's Salon. This is the first product that does what it says. My hair is straight shiny and not frizzy. Before the treatment my hair was very curly and frizzy whenever I got a blow out my hair would friz up and not last. The treatment was done by Gabriel he did an amazing job on my hair and since then I had my sister and cousin go and get it done and they both love their hair.
By: Michael Z.
Gabriel Shimunov Hair Salon NYC
I recently moved to NY and really needed a hair cut and color. I tried this salon based on the glowing reviews. I was scheduled with Gabriel and I am not kidding when I say this was by far the best cut, color, and blow out I have ever gotten. The receptionist is always wearing a smile when i walk in the door and is always so kind! She always remembered to call to remind me about my appointments and asked if id like anything to drink!
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By: Caroline A.
Gabriel Shimunov Hair Salon NYC
I'm so glad to find this place, I was looking for a good place to get my Brazilian blowout after searching & searching on Google I found good deal and after that I checked all the yelp reviews and I decide to try this place. Honestly I'm impressed Gabriel Shimunov owner was awesome, so sweet and did such a great job. Really I loved the place & for sure will be back :)I had such a pleasant experience today.
By: Monica W.
Gabriel Shimunov Hair Salon NYC
Gabriel Shimunov is a great salon - the staff is super cool and super friendly. They play a fantastic mix of fun music - not lame lounge music, So they recommend me some soft layers, very playful but elegant and in my face also some long soft layers to cover my round face shape.And the color was also perfect. I didn't want warm color, but as natural as possible. Best hair salon experience I've ever had!!!!
By: Olivia K.
Gabriel Shimunov Hair Salon NYC
I love this place! Such a breath air, it's so original. Great deco, fantastic atmosphere and most importantly a really good team of hair and make up artists. Dana cut and coloured my hair and I was really happy with the results. I'll definitely be making this place my permanent hair salon and can very happily recommend it to everyone.

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