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By: floridagirl80
Tread Trendz
My car overheated when I was dropping a friend off to her place of work. By the Grace of God there was a mechanic shop in the same Plaza. I had never heard of them nor did I know there was a mechanic shop in the same plaza. I was approached by a young, clean cut professional man, after discussing what needed to be done, he gave me an estimate which I thought was reasonable, my husband on the other hand who was not with me wanted me to call another auto mechanic place he was well aquanited with.I did. I won't mention the other place of buisness but lets just say there estimate was DOUBLE! I returned to Tread Trendz with the okay to start the job. They were both efficent,curtious and fast. These guys are legit .No monkey buisness here. If you ever need a reliable, honest mechanic ......Go to Tread Trendz!
By: Keith B.
Earl's Quality Transmission Inc
My son and his friends drove my Ford Windstar on spring break and the transmission failed and stranded them in New Smyrna Beach - 1000 miles from home. I called Earl's on Monday morning, had the van towed there and they had it on their lift early that afternoon. They sourced the replacement transmission and had everything put back together by Thursday evening. The bill was reasonable and my son and his friends were able to return home on schedule. I had to manage all of this over the phone - and I can't say enough good things about Earl's . I only hope that if I ever have another transmission issue on any car - it happens in New Smyrna Beach!
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By: Patricia S.
New Smyrna Glass & Design Center
We had a glass emergency on July 20th. Our glass in our kitchen door cracked like mosaic. Our called numerous places android most of them said they couldn't come out possibly until Monday. Then I called New Smyrna Glass and Design. Talked to Kirk. He came to our house the same day. Ordered what we needed on Thursday, and was here Friday afternoon installing it. The 2 young men did a great job. Kirk was awesome! In the future we want to replace some windows and we will not hesitate to calling Kirk at New Smyrna Glass and Design. And very happy to support a local company! Thank you guys! Georgeand Patricia Smith
By: Ralph M.
Stuarts Car Care
Be careful of people wearing sunglasses giving honest reviews. I live in Ponce Inlet and have had a lot of service on my cars, even the dealerships. By far, Stuart's Car Care in New Smyrna Beach is the best independent, and knowledgeable shop to get expert work done! Everyone there is friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, and will do the work right! Their saying on their print material is very accurate, "You're Riding On Our Reputation", that says it all! Not cheep, and neither is there work, it's right the first time.
By: Steve M.
Stuarts Car Care
We love Stuarts Car Care. They are so honest and do the work right the first time. Ever time we go some were a little cheaper we come back to get it fixed right. Thanks folks your great.
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By: Josh S.
Earl's Quality Transmission Inc
Rebuilt my transmission in three days and was only 300$ over the estimate. Quick and good service. Would recommend.
Tips & Advices
Ceramic brake pads are made from dense, durable ceramic. They are favored for their relative silence while driving compared to metal or organic brake pads. They also have little wear and tear on the overall brake system and are very reliable. However, they are more expensive than metal or organic brake pads. Additionally, their performance deteriorates in extreme driving conditions.
Brake rotors typically last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles.
Brake shoes are used in drum brakes--rather than disc brakes--which is the original braking system designed for vehicles. Just as brake pads are the friction component of disc brakes, brake shoes are the friction component of drum brakes. When the brakes are applied, a wheel cylinder pushes the brake shoe against the brake drums, which spin while the vehicle is in motion, and causes the vehicle to stop.
A squeaking or squealing sound when applying newly replaced brakes is normal. It comes from the rotor vibrating against the new brake pads. It should quiet down after about 250 miles, and should be more or less silent by 750 miles, when the brake system has had some time to synchronize itself.
This depends on the car, the brake system, and the car owner's driving habits. Typically, a car's brakes should be replaced after about 50,000 miles, but some car's brakes may last anywhere from 25,000 to 70,000 miles. Car owners shouldn't wait for a magic number to replace their brakes. They should check them regularly, and pay close attention if they hear any weird noises or if the car feels shaky while braking. Brakes are a critical safety component of a car, so it's important to stay on top of brake maintenance.

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