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  • Taylor O.


    Four years ago I took three cocktail dresses to Golden Cleaners. They lost all three garments. They also implied that I was lying about having even brought them in.

    In January I received a coupon (I know, I know... weak sauce!) and decided to give them another shot. We make a trip to the cleaners about once a month. January - fine. February - fine. March - not so much.

    On March 19 I dropped off three white oxford shirts and two blouses. I returned three weeks later to pick them up. This is how my interaction went...

    Me: Hi! Picking up for Taylor Oertling.

    Mrs. Hattie: We aint got no order for you.

    Me: Would you mind checking again? I know I brought in five garments a few weeks back.

    Mrs. Hattie: I'll check again. But we don't got it.

    *a few minutes later Mrs. Hattie returned with two of my blouses and one of my oxford shirts.

    Me: Oh look! There it is! Great. Thanks.

    * I looked over my garments.

    Me: Oh! It looks like we're missing two white oxfords. One is a "lived in" shirt, its all cotton and the other is a more tailored dress shirt.

    Mrs. Hattie: (motioning to the garments in my hand) That's all we got for you.

    Me: Would you mind checking again?

    *She rolled her eyes and shuffled off to the back. Upon her return...

    Mrs. Hattie: I told you we don't have it.

    Me: But I'm certain that I brought them in.

    Mrs. Hattie: We ain't got it. But give me your name and if I run across it, I'll call you.

    Me: Ok... Thanks, I guess.

    * An hour later I called back to speak with the manager.

    Me: Hi, I brought in five shirts back in March and...

    John: Yeah I know. Hattie was just telling me about that. We don't have your clothes.

    Me: Well, you had the other three garments. Why wouldn't you have the other two?

    John: You must not have brought them in.

    Me: I know I did.

    John: Do you have your ticket?

    Me: No sir, I admit that I lost it.

    John: That's what I thought.

    Me: Excuse me?

    John: You don't have a ticket. I don't have a ticket. How do I know that you brought them in?

    Me: Wow. Is your implication that I am lying?

    John: I just think you're confused.

    Me: I'm certain that I brought these garments in. And I'm certain that I brought them in on the 19th.

    John: Yeah, but you have no ticket.

    Me: Really? That's it?

    John: I don't know what to tell you. There is nothing that I can do for you.

    Me: You all did this to me about four years ago. Do you remember that? You lost several of my cocktail dresses back then and...

    John: So you can remember something that happened four years ago, but you can't remember to bring back your ticket...? *he laughed*

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I won't be going back. Period.

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