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By: Crystal E.
Bippo's Place For Smiles
I saw the previous rating and felt this place deserved a better rating. I've used Bippos for both of my kiddos and have always loved them. My oldest had a few cavities when I first brought her in. Because of her age and the fact that she was freaked out I opted for her to be strapped down. The facility does not do that without your signed permission. My daughter was crying a lot, so was I, but if she got too bad they stopped, unstrapped her and let me cuddle with her until she calmed down. They also played a cartoon show or movie for her while they were working on her teeth. They only capped 1 tooth then because it is too much for the child to do more at once so I had to bring her back abother day to do the other. My kiddos love the play area in the lobby. They love the little toys and balloons they get to choose after they get their teeth done. The girls who clean their teeth and all are very friendly, play and laugh with them, they even tell them each step they are going to do in a way that they will understand. The only issue I had was being told they could do everything the hospital pediatric dentist could do for my other child who is autistic. When I brought him in I found out they could not. That can only do a cleaning for him if he will let him but if he needs to be sedated or anything I had to bring him to the hospital pediatric dentist. If I had known that I would have brought him there in the first place. Although I was disappointed about that I still highly recommend Bippos Place. Would love to see more of them around. I drive from Chalmette to there.
By: Brittany M.
City Park Dental Care
City Park Dental is beyond amazing ! Dr. Linhuber and his staff are wonderful, they make you feel comfortable and at ease. I’m a mother of a 7 year old and had a horrible experience with my son having work done in the past at another dentist office. What I saw happen to my son in the dentist chair had me traumatized. [(Traumatizing experience) as a mother you want the best for your child and to protect them. My son had to be strapped down in a restraint jacket after he told the doctor he felt pain. He was crying, chocking, and sweating profusely. I felt so helpless because I couldn’t do anything. I never let him go back there again.] I told the staff at City Park Dental what we had already been through in the past and how I won’t let my son go through that again. City Park Dental gave me different options on things they can do to make the experience as comfortable as possible, they were not pushy and didn’t forced me to make a decision right away. My son had to have a dental crown put in and that experience was amazing, I was able to let go of my fears. They really made us feel like family.
By: Ivy S.
Jolly Rupa Dr
I am new to New Orleans, moving from Wisconsin. I had been going to the same dentist my whole life and I was in desperate need of a cleaning. I have no dental insurance so I looked up dental offics and found NOLA Dental Care. I was able to make a cleaning within the week I wanted. When I got there, I was able to have my parking validated, which they told me about when I made the appointment. I was called back right away and filling out the new patient papers. Carrie was the hygienist and she was terrific!! Dr. Jolly came in and did her exam and looked at my x-rays. I did not have any cavities! YAY! She did a fabulous job and we chatted for a couple minutes about my hometown and she told me some great places to eat in the city. When I went to check out, Trish told me about this membership program they have for patients with no insurance. I definitely signed up for it because it is awesome! I already have my 6 month cleaning scheduled and will be there!!
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By: Debrone B.
Kool Smiles
Brought my daughter in to receive to caps. In my mind, I was thinking, "this is going to be a long and boring wait", didn't go that way. I only had a 15-20 minute wait, while I waited, my daughter was aktually having on The Little Slide or whatever you Kall it. Once we were kalled to the Bakk, the shorty, Edwrione, was Kool as ever, from Beginning to End, she kept a smile on my daughter's face, she's a Bigg Kry baby, her Hilarious Personality was very helpful. She kept a smile on my face, she aktually held a nice konversation with me, I never attended any of my daughter's appointments, but I definitely do not Regret going today, I Like Her. There's another appointment Koming soon, hopefully, she takes my Little Girl as a patient again ! She's Wonderful Yo, Foreals !
By: irishchannel
Dr. Gordon E. Fletcher, DDS
Dr. Fletcher is patient, thorough and conscientious. He was totally responsive to my needs and willing to work with my particular situation-- namely being 8 months pregnant. Most dentists wouldn't even see me, but he was happy to put in a much-needed crown and a filling quickly and skillfully.He was totally nice about working at an incline that was more comfortable for me and the baby, and his nursing support staff are awesome. I've seen the sign on Claiborne Ave forever, but never thought to see him until he was recommended by another dentist who wouldn't treat pregnant women. I'll never go to another one. Plan on bringing my kids here.
By: Chanell S.
Kool Smiles
I have been to many dentist offices around New Orleans and I have to say this is the best kid friendly office I have ever encounter. The dental assistance interact with the children and explains what's going on today with the their visit. There's one Dental Assistant who I notice that's great with children and also willing to help her name was Jill Coleman. When I was there with my children I notice she was moving around a lot helping with front area and helping other dental assistance. She also explained to my child what she was going to do and ask if they had any questions I was also ask. . KOOL SMILES IS THE PLACE TO GO.
By: joe.narcisse
Parker Dental Center
Dr. Parker and his staff is the best members of the dental field I have encountered. Dr. Parker is knowledgable and compassionate; moreover, he shares his schooling with his patients to keep them in good dental health. Since Katrina, the office has been updated with the latest equipment. Watch TV while getting your teeth cleaned. *He was constantly concerned if I was experiencing any pain. I wasn't; he had properly sedated the area. Great place. I can't say anymore, but go go go. You won't regret it. - It's on N. Claiborne Ave. *= Number one for me.
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By: Jamika H.
Kool Smiles
I've visited Kool smiles a few times. I bring my daughters here to recieve their cleanings. My daughter was scheduled for crowns and was really terrified. Edwrione the dental assistant helped my daughter to feel really comfortable with the procedure. She went above and beyond and gave her plenty of attention to make sure she was comfortable. She did so by Making her laugh telling her jokes, they sung songs and discussed cartoons. Just by doing so Edwrione helped my daughter get through the procedure. Thank you Kool smiles for employing someone who takes their job serious enough to go above and beyond.
By: Hazel C.
Nola Dental Care
Dr. Jolly and her staff are true professionals! I’ve been going to her since 2009 and every time I go in for a visit I am treated respectfully with all of my questions answered. I recently had a dental emergency and was worked in the same day that I had called. After discussing things with Dr. Jolly and my hygienist, I was given options with no pressure do anything that day. Dr. Jolly’s office also has affordable solutions that take advantage of new technologies. Beautiful office and super friendly staff…this is a dentist office that I enjoy going to!
By: Jack C.
City Park Dental Care
My experience is favorable. I have seen Dr. Linhuber for the past 3 years and find him and his staff caring and efficient. I like when he uses his mouth camera to show me things he wants to talk about that may be of concern. I also like that it does not hurt when he fixes my teeth. The laughing gas helps me to forget about the strange noises when my teeth are filled. I do wish that the office was open on Friday afternoons, but the early morning hours are ok. All in all a good choice for me and my family.
Tips & Advices
While going to the orthodontist can be difficult, sometimes it's necessary. If you are concerned about tooth alignment, feel your jaw shift, or are experiencing problems like difficulty chewing or grinding your teeth, it's time to see an orthodontist.
There are generally three types of braces patients can be fitted for at the orthodontist:
  • The more traditional option, bands, wrap around most of a patient's tooth.
  • Brackets are the most popular, applied directly to the tooth in metal or plastic form.
  • Lingual braces are brackets attached to the back of teeth.
People of all ages can wear braces to straighten their teeth, but it is most common to be fitted for these adjustments between the ages of 10 and 14. This is the time when teeth are better able to be straightened because the head and mouth are still developing.
The American Board of Orthodontics recommends finding a dental specialist that is board-certified, offers free or reduced-price consultations, and displays qualities such as trustworthiness, ability to communicate effectively, and attentiveness.
Orthodontists must complete a four-year undergraduate program to gain admission to dental school. After earning a Doctor of Dental Science degree at an accredited four-year dental program, students must then either complete a post-degree training program or one to two years residency in orthodontics. Then they need to earn a state license in order to practice. Certain states also require board certification.

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