By: David H.
Dorsey Insurance Agency Ltd
This has been my insurance agent for about 4 years. The staff is exceptional. They will go out of their way to help you. Their rates are also exceptional. Very professional agent and staff.
By: Amos L.
Jimmy Champagne: Allstate Insurance
Allstate is one of the top two insurance companies in the nation, so I really trust them. But Jimmy helps make that big national brand feel more personable and local.
By: Hunter M.
Jimmy Champagne: Allstate Insurance
I've been with Jimmy since I was a first time homeowner and that was 25 years ago. Working with him has been great and I look forward to the coming years.
By: woods89
Jimmy Champagne: Allstate Insurance
Been with Allstate for probably 30 years or so. I bought a house in 1988 and started with Ryan's dad, back when I started driving. Great service.
By: Benjamin G.
Jimmy Champagne: Allstate Insurance
Jimmy Champagne is the best insurance agent in Louisiana. He's reliable, and always takes care of me when I need it. I highly recommend him.
By: Jackson T.
Jimmy Champagne: Allstate Insurance
I have had no problems when filing a claim. When we had a hurricane come in we were told everything would be taken care of, and it was.
By: Kent M.
Jimmy Champagne: Allstate Insurance
I've always had a comfort zone with Jimmy because I've known him since we were kids. He's very professional when it comes to business.
By: Joshua R.
Jimmy Champagne: Allstate Insurance
I've been with Allstate and Jimmy do so long that I feel like I'm part of a family outside of my own and it feels good to have that.
By: Jayde P.
Jimmy Champagne: Allstate Insurance
Allstate always follows up with me and answers my questions if it's for a claim or just a random question I thought of.
By: Julia H.
Jimmy Champagne: Allstate Insurance
We had to file a claim with Jimmy after Hurricane Rita hit. He and Allstate did a great job and we were treated fairly.
Tips & Advices
Yes, most roadside assistance coverage plans offer towing services. There might be certain restrictions, however. For example, the plan may only cover towing services for a certain number of miles. Drivers should check with their providers for details.
Which cars are covered depends on the roadside assistance provider. AAA services are available to members and not specific to any vehicle. As long as members pays their dues and have their membership card on hand, they can use AAA for someone else's car. Generally, auto insurance plans cover the car itself, not the driver, so people can't use their roadside assistance for another. However, details vary between providers, plans and local laws. Drivers should consult with their insurance providers to see whose cars are covered.
Roadside assistance coverage varies depending on the provider. However, they generally include:
  • Tire change
  • Battery jump start
  • Towing services
  • Locksmith service
  • Minimal mechanical labor
  • Delivery of oil, fuel, batteries or other parts
If a driver has a flat tire and no spare, roadside assistance services can deliver a new one. However, these services will not pay for the cost of the tire. That will be the driver's responsibility. Based on the location, some will tow a car to a tire dealer.
Most roadside assistance plans offer gas delivery and service. However, clients are generally responsible for the cost of the gas.

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