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By: Joshua H.
New Carlisle Chrysler Jeep Dodge
I purchased a used vehicle from this dealership. While shopping for used cars from dealerships one thing I was looking for was a dealership that actually inspected and serviced their used car inventory, and not just their *certified* pre-owned inventory. David Brown, the salesman I dealt with, assured me they did, and in fact the car I was interested in had just had its steering rack replaced. When I test drove the car I noticed a squeal upon ignition, and a slight squeal on sharper turns. David told me this was due to the new steering rack and would go away as 'oil redistributed.' We haggled over the price, and David left me three times to 'consult his manager' but for all I know he was laughing about me with other salesmen by the watercooler. They have you sign 'as-is' agreements before buying, acknowledging things go wrong with used cars and they cannot be blamed. There is no warranty. No recourse. After buying the car, the squeal grew quickly worse, and I determined the drive belts were at fault. Replacing them fixed the squeal. Three weeks after purchasing the car the front flex pipe developed a leak. I emailed the dealership to express my disappointment that they either lied to me concerning the squeal, or were merely ignorant. Which scenario is worse depends on your point of view. While it is possible there was no visible sign the exhaust system was about to fail, I still expressed my disappointment that before a month was up, my supposedly inspected & serviced car had cost me so much money. The dealership did not even bother to respond. They also took three weeks to send me my title, when they told me it would be two. When I had only 30 days from the time of purchase to take care of that paperwork, leaving me that little time is rude.
By: Shannon J.
New Carlisle Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Great buying experience for my new Jeep! I will definitely buy from them again!

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