By: Kaitlin M.
I'll be honest - I didn't actually ride in the cab. I really only called it for several of my managers and gentlemen they work with, but I have to give the cab driver credit. He was awesome. By the time he arrived, the managers and the other men were all in a huge argument, and the cab driver was forced to wait nearly an hour to take anyone anywhere. But he was incredibly patient and even walked right into the fray to see if the people needing the cab were ready. Had I been the cab driver, I would've gotten rather impatient (especially since there was uncertainty as to whether he'd have clients in the end or not) and left. I didn't catch the driver's name, but he was insanely nice and patient. Even though I didn't physically take a ride with them, I would definitely use AAA Taxi in the future.
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By: Bill G.
Allo Taxi
I have been using this company for 7 months every day to get me to and from work. The people answering the phone are very professional, and the drivers are even better. I've used them 20 times a week to get me back and forth, there is no surprises. When you go with larger companies you do not get the same experience. Allo taxi cares about every single customer they have.
By: marke34
I love it This is the only company that they have Mobile application I Downloaded their iPhone application And Made a reservation and in a matter of seconds they get back to me confirming my reservation I was going to the airport and they are the only company with fair price :0)
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By: Soubhagya P.
Allo Taxi
I have used this taxi during my recent stay in USA. Good convenient . I have used them in my previous saty also. Used them to pick me from Airport and drop at office and different places. All the drivers are good and courteous.
By: Nossa B.
Great Service i called them in rush hours they were the only cab agreed to pick me up i called other companies they want me to wait 40 min to get to me .
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By: Shane S.
Allo Taxi
Very good company. I use them all the time. Always on time and the drivers are very nice. Cars are very well kept.
By: julian.assaad.3
Yellow Cab-New Brunswick
Highly Recommend! Love the Service. Cab #34 was nice and clean!!
By: julissa.clase
Yellow Cab-New Brunswick
GREAT Service!! I have used them everytime for many years!
By: pseudomaniac
Allo Taxi
On time, friendly guys, safe journey

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