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By: Geronimo V.
Loddie F Roeder Jr MD
When we arrived at Dr. Roeder’s office, my wife and I were greeted with the warmest reception we had ever experienced. This made both of us feel so at ease and comfortable like we were part of their family and since that day we did become part of their family. When Dr. Roeder came and got us from the waiting room, (I was nervous once again) he gave my wife and I a tour of the facility and we met with him in his office (that he calls the library because he does not want people to feel that they are in trouble when he asked them to meet with him there). Dr. Roeder explain the whole procedure to us very thoroughly, and the reasons why to be very careful after the procedure was performed. Dr. Reorder made me feel very comfortable before, during and after the procedure. The whole process too about two hours but it did not feel like it. Don’t get me wrong he took his time in making sure the procedure was done correctly. After he was done with the procedure he took us the library for the Post-Op, Dr. Roerder was very thorough and made me feel at ease and some tips on how to speed the healing process. Dr. Roreder is so nice and down to earth that we mentioned to him that the trip he had made to Texas, we made it a weekend getaway trip that he even recommended so great places where to get Texas BBQ and places that we could go and visit. After saying our goodbyes I walked out form this procedure like nothing had happened, on my way out there was a another guy in the waiting room and I put him at ease and let him know that he was in good hands. The day after my procedure I had to return to Dr. Roerder to make sure everything went well, I was a little sore and that was it, This experience was much better than when I first had the vasectomy performed. After the Dr. checked me out, my wife and I went to the river walk in San Antonio, and the following day we went to Austin. It has now been 9 days after my procedure and I feel like I did before, I was very nervous about getting my vasectomy revered, but became of Dr. Roerder and his staff they made this very nerve wrecking experience into a positive and comfortable experience. I would like to thank Dr. Roerder and his for the wonderful care that you guys provided to me and my wife. If I had to do this all over again, I would chose Dr. Reorder and again and again. Dr. Reorder thank you for making us part of your family, we will visit when our new bundle of joy arrives. They are the best and we are truly great full for the information and hospitality.
By: Ray n mandy C.
Loddie F Roeder Jr MD
I had a vasectomy 9 years ago thinking I was done being that I had 2 children already. 3 years ago I met the love of my life and soon realized I wasn’t as done as I thought I was! My wife and I did our research and having read all of the positive testimonials about Dr. Roeder and his staff, we decided Dr. Roeder was the one for us. Speaking to Tammy and Dean on the phone to set up my procedure was both comforting and reassuring. Meeting them in person truly put my wife and I at ease. They made us feel at home and explained the procedure in great detail. Dean’s great sense of humor definitely made a big difference! Thank you for that Dean. Meeting Dr. Roeder was a pleasure. Words can’t describe how passionate he is about his ministry. My wife and I were pleasantly surprised that during the procedure Tammy announced that one their patients had just called and said they were expecting! Furthermore, the following morning at my post-op appointment, Tammy informed us that they had received two more calls from expecting parents who had had their VR’s done earlier in the year. My wife and I just looked at each other and smiled. The procedure went very smoothly with virtually no pain. We were able to fly home to California without any complications right after my post-op visit. We want to thank Dr. Roeder and his staff for such a wonderful experience. We will keep you posted!
user avatar
By: Corby B.
Loddie F Roeder Jr MD
I don't typically write reviews for business however I think it would be counted as robbery if I did not write a review for Dr. Roeder and his staff (Dean and Tammy). They are the most caring individuals I have come across in quite some time. I must say from day one Tammy has been on point there was nothing lacking in her communication skills any and everything that was needed prior to my office visit was provided in a timely manor and on the day of the surgery she embraced my wife and I as though we had known each other for years. Dean was awesome from the Ice breakers to the humor during the procedure. It allowed me to relax an know that my jewels were in good hands (as long as I didn't say "I felt that....prick"). Dr. Roeder was magnificent!!! the procedure went as expected without any issues and he provided such wisdom regarding the post op process with these two words "ReDo" and "RePay". I assure you after that pep talk all post op procedures will be followed. in closing I must say this has been the best experience I have had with a doctor office.
By: Grayden B.
Loddie F Roeder Jr MD
On May 7th 2015 went and saw Dr Loddie Roeder and his staff for a reversal of my vasectomy. My wife and I went and visited him about 2 months ago for a consultation and right from the start they make you feel so at ease about the whole process and that you are one of the family. Then came the waiting period to get the procedure done, I had terrible anxiety leading up today. When we got there the staff was incredible to bring my fears to ease. I decided to go with the local and during the whole procedure his bed side manner was incredible, with both my wife and myself. Dr Roeder is very open and easy to talk to when you ask questions, since you are unable to see what is going on and talks you step by step what he is doing. Always making sure that you are OK and not in pain. I would suggest if you are looking to start a new life Dr Roeder and his team Dean and Tammy are the way to go. Now my wife and I have to just wait to heal and see what the future brings. Thanks for everything. GB
By: Crystal H.
Loddie F Roeder Jr MD
Dr. Roeder and his staff are EXCELLENT!! Tammy is absolutely awesome. She realized the sense of urgency I had with setting the appointment and she made it happen. She initially told us they had no openings until March but then called back within an hour to advise of a cancellation. Dean did an outstanding job of explaining the process to my husband and I with plenty of jokes to set our minds at ease. We had no worries once we met Dr. Roeder and it was time for surgery, which was under 3hrs. My husband complained of no pain during the procedure and was just fine once was it complete. It is now 2 days after the surgery and he is still talking about how he was treated. He's not one to go on and on about anything but I can tell that he really appreciated the treatment he received. He's been taking it easy so we will not be going through a "redo" nor "repay"!!
By: Robert S.
Loddie F Roeder Jr MD
Just had my reversal done on 12/01 and I couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience. Care, consideration, and compassion is what this provider is all about. The entire team was awesome. I decided to stay awake during the procedure. All the fears and pain that I had with the vasectomy went away within the first few minutes. Dr. Roeder is meticulous in his delivery and care. No pain during surgery, minor discomfort afterwards. In fact, Dr. Roeder, Dean (Surgical Tech), my wife, and I laughed at the jokes were making the entire time. I love a doctor with a sense of humor and can match whatever tools you have to get over your anxiety. I would highly recommend using Dr. Roeder for you reversal.
user avatar
By: Lavanah B.
Loddie F Roeder Jr MD
5 years ago my Wife and I decided for me to get a vasectomy due to her being a high risk pregnancy. Finding our true way with G-D and reading The Bible we came across the scripture where it states that G-D open and closes the womb and at that moment we realized that we made a grave mistake and we decided to get a reversal. My wife and I did extensive research and came across Dr. Roeder's practice and loved all the reviews that we were able to fined in various baby websites. The practice was very professional, loving, and made us feel like family. I would recommend anyone who is planning on getting a reversal to go to Dr. Roeder, he is a true blessing.
By: pt5150
Loddie F Roeder Jr MD
An overall great experience. Never have I been involved with a more caring or professional team of people. I would use the term "team" interchangebly with "family." From the time I setup the appointment, to the procedure itself, to the followup, I was 100% at ease and confident that I would be cared for as an individual. Everyone involved- Tammy, Dean, and of course Dr. Roeder made my experience extremely positive. The procedure itself was very easy to tolerate and almost painless. I had all questions answered and was comfortable throughout. Dr. Roeder and his office are superb
user avatar
By: S F.
Loddie F Roeder Jr MD
I have read all the reviews on here and couldn't agree more. Dr. Roeder, Dean, and Tammy are the most caring and wonderful people we have ever met. They treat you like family. I walked in extremely nervous but after a short while Dr. Roeder and his staff put me at ease. Everything was explained to us before and during the procedure. Dr. Roeder does everything he can to make you feel comfortable with the least pain possible and just like they promised I walked out on my own as if nothing had happend. God bless him and his staff!
By: Kelley A.
Loddie F Roeder Jr MD
Dr. Roeder and his staff were fantastic. They write "Welcome to the family" and your name on a white board in the operating room, and that mind set was very apparent in everything they did from consultation all the way through post-op and recovery. They even recommended places to eat. Dr. Roeder and his staff blend professionalism you can trust with with a genuine friendly concern for you and your family as individuals. Dr. Roeder runs his practice as a ministry and that is very obvious! Thank you Dr. Roeder, Dean, and Tammy!
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